Erommy Review 2023 – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

So, you’re considering buying from Erommy, huh? Well, I don’t blame you for being skeptical. After all, we’ve all seen those ads promising the world, only to end up getting scammed. 

But fear not, dear reader! I’ve done my research on Erommy, and I’m here to spill the tea. I’ve dug deep to find out if Erommy is the real deal or just another online scam. So, before you whip out your credit card, sit back and let me tell you everything you need to know.

What is Erommy?

Erommy, a supposedly high-quality online shop founded in 2017, claims to offer a wide range of outdoor products, including Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor Sunshades, Gardening Supplies, Outdoor Storage, Outdoor Cooling & Heating, Outdoor Recreation, and so on. But can they really be trusted?

Their website allows customers to browse a vast online selection and select their favorite items with ease. But at what cost? Erommy may offer affordable outdoor supplies, but what about the quality? Are they cutting corners to keep their prices low?

According to their website, Erommy provides customers with high-quality and affordable outdoor supplies ranging from outdoor furniture and sunshades to elegant party gazebos. But can they really deliver on this promise? Or are customers getting what they pay for – low-quality products that won’t last?

It’s time to ask the tough questions about Erommy’s business practices. Don’t be fooled by their low prices – there may be more to this online shop than meets the eye.

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How to Contact Erommy’s Customer Service?

If you’re in need of assistance from Erommy’s customer service, they claim it’s as easy as pie. But can you really trust their word? Here are the contact details they provide:

Tel.: +86 18358260971

Email: [email protected]

However, who knows if you’ll actually get a response or if they’ll even be able to help you with your issue.

Shipping Policy

It’s important to be aware of’s questionable delivery policy. Before your order is shipped, they claim to process your order and put all your items through strict quality control tests. But can they really be trusted? Their Total Delivery Time is different from shipping time alone, which is suspicious in itself.

They break down the delivery time into two components: Handling Time and Shipping Time. The Handling Time is a vague 1-2 Business Days. Who knows what they’re really doing during that time? The Shipping Time is also questionable, with a lengthy 5-6 Business Days due to COVID-19. Are they using the pandemic as an excuse to delay your delivery?

To make matters worse, if your order contains multiple boxes, they will be shipped separately. This means you’ll have to keep track of multiple shipments and potentially wait even longer for all your items to arrive.

Now let’s talk about shipping costs and tax. While offers Free Standard Shipping on all items, they conveniently fail to mention that you’ll still be hit with California state sales tax. The tax rate can be as high as 10.25%, depending on your local sales tax jurisdictions. It’s also concerning that collects tax for city and county tax officials. Who knows where that money is really going?

The only silver lining is that there’s no sales tax on any delivery outside the State of California. But can you really trust to handle your delivery with transparency and honesty? It’s up to you to decide whether their dubious delivery policy is worth the risk.

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Return & Refund

Erommy has released a statement outlining their refund policy. However, upon closer inspection, it seems that their policy is not as accommodating as they make it out to be.

While Erommy promises a full refund including shipping for damaged, defective, or mis-shipped items, they make it clear that returns without any reason will not be accepted. In other words, they won’t take back a product simply because you changed your mind.

Even if the item has quality issues, Erommy will only provide a replacement or refund after confirmation. And if the return is related to non-quality issues, the customer will only receive an 80% refund of payment. It’s a wonder if the remaining 20% covers the company’s so-called “excellent customer service”.

What’s more, Erommy’s policy is clear that they will not accept returns or refunds after the warranty time. This means that if the product breaks down after the warranty has expired, tough luck!

If you paid for an item but decided you don’t want it or purchased it in error, Erommy will not cover the return shipping fee in the refund. And if the product has multiple boxes and you want to return the whole set because one box is damaged, you will not be refunded for the boxes in good condition and will have to pay a 20% restocking fee.

Perhaps most suspiciously, Erommy does not process return requests caused by subjective assembly issues unless the customer provides clear evidence or pictures to confirm the item is defective. It seems that Erommy is not willing to take the customer’s word for it and will only solve customer cases based on what they deem to be “objective reasons”.

In conclusion, Erommy’s refund policy may not be as customer-friendly as they claim it to be. Be wary when purchasing from them, as returning an item without “objective reasons” may not be an option.

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Where to Get the Best Alternative?

Listen up folks, I wouldn’t trust Erommy as far as I could throw them. Lucky for you, I’ve done the research and found plenty of alternatives on Amazon that are much safer bets.

Let’s face it, you never know what you’re going to get with Erommy – but with Amazon, you can count on secure shopping and a massive selection of products.

Plus, the delivery is lightning-fast and returns are a breeze. Don’t take unnecessary risks, stick with Amazon for all your shopping needs.

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