Elysium Health Review – Scam? Ingredients Exposed!

Dietary supplements from Elysium Health Inc are designed to support NAD levels, which dictate the speed of aging. The brand is able to bypass the lengthy trial period associated with anti-aging products by marketing its products as supplements that may have anti-aging properties, rather than anti-aging products themselves.

Despite this, the company does not skimp on its research. In our Elysium Health review, we discovered that the brand adheres to strict pharmaceutical-quality production standards, it has formed research partnerships with Harvard, Oxford, and MIT, and it has eight Nobel Prize winners on its advisory board. 

The New Yorker, Time Magazine, Psychology Today, Wired, Scientific American, and Business Insider have published articles featuring Elysium Health. The mentions are not all complimentary, however. 

The Elysium Health Matter review in Good Housekeeping left the founders’ claims intact, while an Elysium Basis review in the MIT Technology Review in 2017 criticized the product for its opacity and questionable efficacy. 

The bottom line is: Does Elysium Basis work? Is Elysium Health a scam? As part of our Elysium Health review, we’ll answer these important questions as well as give you a comprehensive look at the company’s other anti-aging products and subscription options, so you can decide if it’s the right anti-aging option for you.

What is Elysium Health About?

In 2014, Elysium Health LLC was founded in New York City by Leonard Guarente (chief scientist), Eric Marcotulli (CEO), and Dan Alminana (COO). Through groundbreaking scientific research, the company seeks to bring anti-aging solutions to consumers. 

NAD+ plus is the brand’s primary focus. On the Elysium Health NAD plus info page, the company explains how cellular energy and proper function depend on this coenzyme, which declines with age. By increasing these levels, aging can theoretically be slowed.

Researchers at Elysium, whose founder Jack Szostak won a Nobel Prize for his discoveries, have also demonstrated that protecting chromosome ends further slows cellular aging.

In collaboration with prestigious academic institutions, Elysium Health conducts research trials for prototype treatments for aging-related skin, microbiome, mental, and muscle problems. Then, once the treatments are successful, they can be packaged into products that are easily accessible. 

Basis, the company’s main product, contains two ingredients: nicotinamide riboside (NR), a B3 vitamin that is a precursor to NAD+; and pterostilbene, a substance commonly found in plants. You will find information about pterostilbene on Elysium Health’s pterostilbene information page, which discusses how pterostilbene can support healthy cell function.

The sirtuins research at Elysium Health has further indicated how these proteins function to regulate cell homeostasis, making them part of the Basis formula as well. Additionally, the NMN information page for Elysium Health outlines how, although it is not an ingredient of Basis, it could potentially be used in the future.

This Elysium Health review will start out with a general discussion of the pros and cons the company has to offer.


  • Scientists, academics, and creatives work together to research Elysium products rigorously
  • Elysium Health has research collaborations with multiple prestigious institutions, and its 25-member scientific advisory board includes eight Nobel Laureates
  • Incentives for referrals 


Some media reports claim that the products can slow aging, but it has not been conclusively proven

Matter and Basis are dietary supplements made by Elysium, and Index is a kit that tests biological age at home. 

With the support of the University of Oxford, Matter is a daily supplement that supports long-term brain health. There are various subscription rates available, with a monthly supply costing $60. 

Basic is a daily supplement proven to promote healthy cellular aging by increasing NAD+ levels by 40% on average. A month’s supply of Matter, sold individually for $60, offers varying discounts based on subscription options.

You can subscribe to the Index for $200 off and save up to $499 on the individual price of $499. Subscribers to Elysium can choose from two types of plans: the traditional prepaid option of six or twelve months, or the “Pay-As-You-Go” option.

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Basis Cellular Health & Optimization 

Taking the daily recommended dose of two capsules every morning, with or without food, of this Elysium supplement has been clinically shown to increase and sustain NAD+ levels by 40%.

An important coenzyme involved in many metabolic processes in the body, NAD+ is targeted by the Elysium Basis supplement. NAD+ is one of the bodies’ main energy producers, but it is not limitless; in fact, its level declines as we age. Basis can help with that.

To increase and sustain NAD+ levels, Basis combines nicotinamide riboside (NR) and pterostilbene (PT). The result is that it promotes healthy cellular function and preserves cellular energy, helping to prevent the premature degeneration that results in the common symptoms (and feelings) of aging.

As an individual, you would have to spend $60 for a month’s supply of Basis (60 pills), but you will save money if you subscribe with Elysium Health. By prepaid subscription, the price falls to $40 per bottle; by 6-month subscription, it drops to $45; and by monthly subscription, it drops to $50.

Matter Long-Term Brain Health 

Matter is a dietary supplement developed in partnership with the University of Oxford. The supplement contains B-vitamin complexes that aid in slowing the process of brain deterioration that comes with aging. As well as promoting memory retention, this also enhances other fundamental cognitive abilities that we often overlook.

It’s not true that “little grey cells” are permanent: we can lose up to one fifth of our brain volume with aging (even those of us who don’t indulge in liquid or chemical indulgences). Matter is therefore recommended as part of a long-term daily health regimen at Elysium.

The cost of one month’s supply (60 pills) of Matter is $60, but there are sliding scale discounts available if you get a subscription.

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Index Biological Age Test

At-home genetic testing kit Index measures your unique biomarkers (rather than your chronological age) to determine your biological age (rather than your chronological age), based on your lifestyle and genetic background. Do you know why this is important? As a result of knowing your aging rate, you can identify and address the factors contributing to your aging. 

Then how does it work? To start, you take a saliva sample with the Index. After that, you send the sample to the Elysium lab, so that your DNA can be extracted and analyzed for age determination. They’ll provide you with a detailed report in six weeks, along with advice on how to slow your rate of aging.

You can get the Index for just $299 if you’re a Basis subscriber, but if you’re not a subscriber, you’ll pay $499.

How Does Elysium Health Work?

In this Elysium Health review, we mentioned that the brand offers three innovative products that can be purchased individually at full retail prices or discounted depending on how long a prescription is valid. A longer prescription results in a larger discount. 

The regular price for Matter and Basis supplements is $60 per bottle, but if you choose one of the subscription options below, that price can be reduced to $40 per bottle: 

  • Monthly: $50/month (save 17%)
  • 6-month supply: $45/month (save 25%)
  • 1-year supply: $40/month (save 33%)

On the product pages for both supplements and in the Elysium help centre, you will find a list of subscription options by clicking the “Buy Now” button. All three options include Elysium’s monthly delivery and a 30-day reminder that your subscription is due for renewal. 

As many as five individuals can be provided with a monthly supply under a personalized plan. If you wish to change the number of bottles in your plan, please contact [email protected] Pricing depends on the number of supplies – there is no “family discount” for larger orders, but there is a referral program available.

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How Much is Elysium Health?

According to our Elysium Health review, you have three subscription options to choose from: one-time purchases, one-year subscriptions, or an annual subscription. Below you will find a breakdown of prices, starting with the cheapest to the most expensive:

  • 1-year prepaid subscription: $480 (save $20 per bottle)
  • 6-month prepaid subscription: $270 (save $15 per bottle)
  • Monthly subscription: $50/month (save $10 per bottle)
  • One-time purchase: $60 (full price)

Subscribers can also receive discounts on the Index biological aging test. You can purchase Index for just $299 if you are a Basis subscriber. Non-Subscribers will have to pay $499.

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Is Elysium Health A Scam?

Elysium Health is not a scam.

Our Elysium Health review is here to help you make a more informed purchasing decision. Because we always strive to put our customers first, we can’t answer exactly what happens when they take NAD+ supplements from Elysium Health.

In the end, as with any supplement used medically, you should consult your doctor if you have concerns about the use of Elysium supplements. Despite this, the brand website has all information about its products clearly laid out, including articles about the research behind its products.

The best way to find out if Matter or Basis is for you is to try a bottle first, but according to customer experiences, the benefits may not be evident immediately. At the end of the day, your decision to try Elysium will depend on how much trust you place in the body of experts that Elysium has assembled.

Elysium Health Promotions & Discounts 

Subscriptions to Elysium products allow you to save money when you invest in them for a long time. Based on the information above, you can save from 17% to 33% per bottle or more when you subscribe to Basis and Matter. You can also save $200 on the Index test when you subscribe to Basis.

Elysium offers a refer-a-friend incentive as well. With a 6-month or 1-year subscription, your friend gets an additional bottle while you get $50 in Basis credit, which is good for one bottle at the monthly rate. If you have ten friends who subscribe to Basis, you receive an additional $100 credit. 

Physicians are not eligible for wholesale discounts at this time.

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Sign up for Elysium Health

You can sign up for an Elysium subscription in just a few minutes. In this Elysium Health review, we’ll show you how:

  • The first step is to choose the product you would like to receive a monthly delivery of: Basis or Matter.
  • Below the product, click on the blue icon. You can see in Basis that the icon reads “Starting at $40/bottle”; in Matter, the icon says “Buy Now.”
  • You’ll be directed to the subscription options page.
  • If you would like to make a single payment, click on the “Individual Purchase” box, or choose your subscription from the following options: 1 year prepaid, 6 months prepaid, or paid monthly.  
  • Please select 1-5 people from the “Monthly Deliveries” box below.
  • You can easily access your account information by registering your email.

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Elysium Health FAQ

What is the location of Elysium Health? 

Elysium Health has its headquarters in New York City. In partnership with Harvard, the University of Oxford, and MIT, the company conducts its research in cutting-edge labs.

Who is the founder of Elysium Health?

Leonard Guarente is the chief scientist for Elysium Health. The company is owned by CEO Eric Marcotulli, COO Dan Alminana, and COO Dan Alminana. In addition to Guirente, Marcotulli and Alminana have also worked in venture capital firms, including Sequoia Capital and a former J.P. Morgan exec.

What is in Elysium? 

Each product is lab-researched and clinically tested, as stated above in the Elysium Health review. Pterostilbene and nicotinamide riboside (NR) are naturally occurring compounds found in the major elements. B-vitamin complexes and omega-3 fatty acids are the two primary ingredients in Matter. 

The Elysium help centre has a list of all the products’ ingredients, including the inactive ones.

What is the price of Elysium? 

The prices of products at Elysium vary depending on whether you are purchasing a one-time purchase, or subscribing to one of the discounted subscription packages. Below you will find a detailed breakdown of how much Elysium Health costs.

What is the process for canceling an Elysium Health subscription?

Please contact [email protected] to cancel your month-to-month subscription plan any time before it is shipped; prepaid subscriptions are final sale. If you wish to cancel your Elysium subscription, contact [email protected]; this will remove the auto-renewal from your account when your subscription expires.

Elysium also offers the option of suspending your subscription or adjusting your delivery schedule by contacting them and specifying the date when you would like shipments to resume.

What is Elysium Health’s Shipping Policy?

Based on the review by Elysium Health, Basis and Matter can only be shipped to the United States and Canada. As of now, Index is only available in the United States. 

Elysium ships via Standard shipping within 5-7 business days. Express shipping via FedEx is also available. Orders placed by 2:00pm EST will be delivered the following business day. 

What is Elysium Health’s Return Policy?

The products sold by Elysium are final sale. Elysium describes in its terms and conditions what products are included in each purchase.

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Elysium Health Contact

Elysium customer service can be reached at 888-220-6436. The customer support team is available from 9am-5pm EST, Monday through Friday. 

Customer service can also be reached at the following Elysium Health email address: [email protected] The customer service from Elysium Health has been criticized at times for being unresponsive.

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