EarthNutri Energy + Focus Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Are you looking for a EarthNutri Energy + Focus review? Is EarthNutri Energy + Focus a scam?

Do you find it difficult to stay focused on your work? Are you feeling fatigued after waking up from a restless sleep? People typically stick to bananas, nuts, and coffee after coffee for energy and cognitive health. 

The former two are needed in large quantities to last throughout the day, and caffeine only leads to nervousness and jitters. 

Is there a way to maintain one’s energy levels and cognitive health while at the same time inducing relaxation and peace? EarthNutri Performance offers Energy + Focus.

Forget about unknown ingredients, low concentrations, and empty fillers, because Energy + Focus is based on actual research, potency, and honesty. Energy + Focus will be evaluated for its overall efficacy based on the aforementioned factors.

To help you decide if EarthNutri Energy + Focus is a scam, I’ve done thorough research about the brand in the past few weeks.

EarthNutri Energy + Focus Review – Key Takeaway

  • Product Name: EarthNutri Energy + Focus
  • Website:
  • Special Offer: Get A Special Discount Here
  • Overall Rank: 4.7/5
  • EarthNutri Energy + Focus Scam or Legit: It’s not a scam. It’s a legit supplement to help people boost energy level
  • Who is it for: Anyone who wants to boost energy level (except for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women)

In this EarthNutri Energy + Focus review, I’m going to cover the following topics:

What’s EarthNutri Energy + Focus Supplement?

A powdered dietary supplement called Energy + Focus promotes healthy mental performance. Through its unique blend, it naturally improves brain function. Research has shown that it does so. You can keep productive every day with Energy + Focus, a powerful morning drink.

You get maximum energy from Energy + Focus drinks. As a result, they also boost your mood, promote a high metabolism, and keep you active and alert. 

The premium ingredients in Energy + Focus work together to enhance Energy, Focus, cognition, and prevent fatigue.

It contains 100% natural extracts and is easy to use. Earthnutri Energy + Focus powdered blend contains 100% natural extracts. Besides being non-GMO and gluten-free, it is also sugar-free, additive-free, and vegan. It is made according to high manufacturing standards in the United States. 

There are no stimulants or chemicals added to the mix, ensuring safety. With two delicious flavors, Watermelon and Lychee blast, you can enjoy it.

Brain health may not be well known to you. Protein is essential for a healthy brain.

The root cause of memory problems is too much protein, according to scientists. Consume eight grams of protein per pound of body weight each day.

The brain functions optimally when you get enough sleep.

It is a nootropic supplement Earthnutri Energy + Focus that aims to increase mental energy and enhance focus. 

By working on the brain’s focal sensory system, Earthnutri Energy Plus focus Supplement increases creativity and decreases mental pressures that keep you distracted.

L-Citrulline and caffeine in Earthnutri Energy plus Focus Stick are claimed to replenish your body’s energy levels. The result is that you will be more focused and productive. The presence of ingredients can increase the flow of nitric oxygen in the blood. You will become more energetic and build muscle mass.

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How Does Earth Nutri Energy + Focus Work?

Memory-enhancing EarthNutri Energy + Focus supplements help you stay focused. They also give you sustained energy and focus. Earth Nutri Energy + Focus enhances the metabolic activity of your brain cells to support neuron health maintenance and enhancement.

Fatty acids are delivered to your cells and increase energy production within days. By increasing mental energy, this memory focus supplement boosts creativity and reduces mental stress. 

There are no side effects from this supplement, and you will remain focused and mentally active. With EarthNutri Energy + Focus, your body receives pure energy, which keeps you focused and energetic.

By increasing the flow of nitric oxygen in your blood system, these ingredients increase your energy levels and help you build strong, lean muscle mass. With EarthNutri Energy + Focus, you can maintain your energy levels while improving your cognitive health.

With EarthNutri Energy + Focus, you’ll have more energy and focus throughout the day. This product promotes neuron health and memory.

The ingredients in this supplement have been clinically proven and patented to improve brain function. Your mental performance and energy will be enhanced with EarthNutri Energy + Focus. The product offers a variety of health benefits. Memory and brain activity will be enhanced without any side effects.

In addition to boosting muscle power, the dietary formula also delays mental exhaustion. As a result, the muscles become more active.

EarthNutri Energy + Focus Ingredients Review

The manufacturer of this supplement proves that they have nothing to hide by revealing its Earthnutri Energy and Focus Ingredients. These are the ingredients that went into making this supplement.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha

The most important ingredient in this supplement is this one. The happy hormones you produce are helpful in relieving stress and keeping you mentally sharp.

Peak O2

By using this ingredient, you will boost your body’s production of Nitric Oxide. You can boost your energy and mental performance by doing this.


When you are engaged in any type of mental activity, this ingredient provides your body with Citicoline, an ingredient that increases your focus and attention. Boosting brain signaling, DNA synthesis, and improving focus and mental energy are some of its benefits.

Known for providing Alpha-Glyceryl Phoryl Choline (AGPC) to the body, this ingredient has a wide array of benefits. For example, you will be able to focus and concentrate better.


Theacrine is a component of this ingredient. In addition to increasing your mental ability, it stimulates creativity, inhibits adenosine, and reduces fatigue. This helps improve your mood and mental abilities.


Many fruits contain it as a naturally occurring component. The supplement contains it to improve memory, cognitive performance, and mental alertness.


Mental fatigue is often relieved by this ingredient. As well as supporting your mental health, it also helps you remain active and focused.

Organic Caffeine

Your body becomes alert and energetic as soon as you consume this ingredient. You can achieve whatever you desire regardless of what the other ingredients have to offer.

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Can EarthNutri Energy + Focus Supplement Help Enhance Mental Performance?

Brains are not like car engines. They are sophisticated machines. Your nitrous oxide should be efficient and effective. 

In order for this to happen, serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine levels must be optimal. Deficiencies in any one of these neurotransmitters will cause your brain to function like a Swiss watch.

Mental exercises that require little effort are the best to increase levels of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. 

Consider running a bit, practicing hand-eye coordination, or reading a chapter.

You do these activities every day and they require little effort. Brain exercises like the ones listed above can help improve your mental function and increase the effectiveness of your nitrous oxide system.

What are the Benefits of EarthNutri Energy + Focus Supplement?

Exercise or working out can be enhanced with Energy + Focus. For your daily work, you will benefit from this product’s organic caffeine content.

You will become more focused and work harder as a result. You won’t have to worry about high blood pressure or jitters since the caffeine content is almost perfect.

Peak02 Organic Mushroom Powder Mix increases Peak Power, reduces weariness, and has a longer duration of action. It could greatly expand your exhibition.

Theacrine of Teacrine increases mental core interest. This will increase your ability to focus and make better decisions.

By suppressing adenosine, it decreases feelings of fatigue, allowing for more rooted, effective action. In addition, teacrine improves your mind and inspires you.

Memory, fixation, and mental energy are all improved by Acetyl-L-Carnitine. This supplement is also good for mental health.

Memory, focus, fixation, and sound mental execution are all improved with AlphaSize’s Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline.

In addition, it increases top power yield and dexterity, as well as improving sound anabolic hormones.

What are the Side Effects of EarthNutri Energy + Focus Supplement?

You can only purchase Energy + Focus products online. You can buy them only from the official website.

Before making any dietary changes, consult your doctor. Pregnant women and those on medication should seek medical advice before making any changes.

What are the Pros and Cons of EarthNutri Energy + Focus Supplement?


  • EarthNutri Energy + Focus is a safe nootropic supplement.
  • The purpose of this supplement is to increase energy and focus.
  • Mood and cognitive function are improved.
  • There are no added ingredients in this supplement. Pure natural extracts are used.
  • Mental energy, focus, and concentration can be improved with this supplement.
  • It is a great choice to take EarthNutri Energy + Focus since it provides powerful energy.
  • Powerful energy is delivered by this diet formula.
  • It has been scientifically proven that this formula provides positive energy in just a few days.
  • Increase your alertness with EarthNutri Energy + Focus.
  • Sugar and GMOs are not present in this supplement.
  • Mix one stick with 8 fluid ounces of cold water. Shake and enjoy within 30 minutes.
  • A clinical study has proven that this supplement is safe, and it is patented.
  • Focus and energy are improved with EarthNutri Energy + Focus.
  • The supplement provides longer energy periods.
  • There are no side effects associated with this product and it is safe for your mental health.
  • Energy and focus are improved with this supplement.


  • EarthNutri Energy + Focus can only be accessed online.
  • Make sure you read the label before purchasing or using this product. This will prevent allergic reactions.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others. Be patient and keep trying.
  • Consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

What are the Customer Reviews on Earth Nutri Energy + Focus?

Megan M:

“This product is amazing. I’ve replaced my morning coffee with it, and I won’t go back. It has helped me to be more clear throughout the day. Although I am on a limited budget, I do my best to stockpile when I can.”

Chris M:

“Fantastic, Sustainable Energy

Excellent. My corporate job requires me to attend 7-hour meetings at the office. It is over an hour drive each way. I find it difficult to focus during meetings and stay awake on the drive home. I found that the EarthNutri drink helped me stay focused and alert throughout the meeting as well as on my commute home. After the effects had worn off, I didn’t feel jittery or experienced any crash. I enjoy Energy/Focus whenever I need energy for a prolonged period of time. I highly recommend it because of its nutritional content.”

Patrick D:

“It really works!

This product gives me a wonderful feeling. It gives me energy and clarity. It doesn’t give me the jittery feeling that I get from coffee. It’s a great way for me to get started in the morning and tastes great. This product is a great pick-me up and a great way to stay focused.”

Brad D:

“Excellent product. It tastes amazing. It gives you a lot of energy and focus, but not too much. The good ingredients are used in a balanced way, rather than just adding caffeine or other stimulants to the product. There was no crash! Top work!”

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Is EarthNutri Energy + Focus Safe To Use?

Yes! You can use the Energy + Focus drink to produce effective results safely and naturally. It is manufactured according to strict guidelines, so it’s completely safe to consume. 

In order to avoid any adverse effects, certain restrictions are included.

You should not exceed one stick per day.

Children under 18 years of age, pregnant women, and nursing mothers should not use this product.

The drink must be discussed with a doctor before being used by patients on medication.

Who is the Manufacturer of Energy + Focus Supplement?

The manufacturer, Earthnutri, ensures the safety of this product by utilizing a USDA-certified organic blend that is known to have positive effects. 

When you are looking for a way to increase your mental ability and focus, this supplement can be a good choice for you.

What Is The Best Way To Take Energy + Focus?

Energy + Focus is best taken by mixing one stick with 8 ounces of cold water. It is available in watermelon or lychee blast flavors. You should stir the contents as much as possible and consume the mixture within 30 minutes after preparation to ensure the nutrients are fully absorbed.

If the suggested dose is exceeded within 24 hours, there will be serious consequences. 

Underage children, pregnant and/or nursing mothers, those with a health diagnosis, and those taking blood-thinning medications should seek a doctor’s advice before taking Energy + Focus.

About EarthNutri

EarthNutri is a brand that was established by a group of health-conscious individuals who supposedly discovered that most supplements are not what they appear to be. 

Specifically, EarthNutri performed several tests only to find that accuracy did not match advertised potency and strength levels. EarthNutri was created with honesty at its core to rectify this issue. 

Here’s what they had to say:

“At EarthNutri(R), we already consider you family, and we only want the best for you and your health! We are here to share transparent ingredients, clean products, and powerful information that help people live their life to the fullest.”

EarthNutri Energy + Focus Pricing and Discounts

Energy + Focus costs $39.98 for 24 servings a month or roughly $1.67 per serving. Additionally, every purchase is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. 

As such, if Energy + Focus fails to meet one’s criteria, it is as simple as contacting customer service and initiating a refund.

You can accomplish this in three ways:

Address: 17510 S. Broadway St. #B, Gardena, CA 90248

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (888) 821-5988

EarthNutri Energy + Focus Review: Final Verdict

Energy + Focus is easy to understand. Nootropic supplements are designed to increase energy, focus, mood improvement, and cognitive function. EarthNutri’s method stands out because of its ingredients list. 

All ingredients have been tested, patented, and proven effective in addressing the issues of cognitive and energy loss.

Additionally, each serving contains safe, high-quality concentrations that appear to be compatible with the studies associated with it. 

When you consider the price hikes of competitors, it is remarkable that an expensive supplement can be purchased for $39.98. Energy + Focus is well worth the purchase. 

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EarthNutri Energy + Focus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I use Earthnutri Energy plus Focus?

This product’s manufacturer recommends not taking more than one stick per day.

2. Is Earthnutri Energy Plus Focus a scam or legit?

There will be no Earthnutri Energy or Focus Scam distributors in your area.

3. How much does EarthNutri Energy + Focus cost?

From the official sales site, this supplement costs $39.98 a bottle. However, you must pay shipping charges.

4. Do You Have Video Reviews of EarthNutri Energy + Focus Supplement?

Yes, to help you gather more information, you can watch the YouTube videos reviewing EarthNutri Energy + Focus Supplement below:

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