Duke Cannon vs Dr Squatch – Which One is Better?

Whether you choose bar soap or liquid soap, you should always use something of good quality and with a pleasant scent. Bar soap is the topic of today’s discussion, and we will compare and contrast two of the most popular types of soap in particular.

If you are more accustomed to liquid soap, you should definitely check out these soaps.

Although they are best known for their men’s soaps, Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch also offer a number of other products that could be useful for your body care needs. Below, you will find a comprehensive analysis and detailed comparison of the two products.

First, let us explain why these products are a better choice than the soaps you find in the supermarket around the corner.

Duke Cannon & Dr Squatch vs Ordinary Bar Soaps

You may have gotten the message that there are not many choices if you have recently gone to the shop for personal care.

That’s when Duke Cannon and Dr Squatch come into play. At both stores, you’ll find a wide selection of bar soaps, including those for face, body and hands.

And that’s not all. Duke Cannon and Dr Squatch soaps, for example, have consistently received high marks from critics and industry insiders for their superior quality and commitment to becoming the best soaps on the market.

However, most commercially available soaps feel unfinished compared to these two. Plus, the prices are really reasonable and comparable to what you would get in a shop.

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Duke Cannon vs Dr Squatch: Overview

Duke Cannon

It seems that Duke Cannon has an unapologetic attitude. If you want to know who Duke Cannon is, all you have to do is read the company’s “About” page.

There it says, “It’s no wonder good people feel at home in Duke Cannon Country; we value things like hard work, family, community, bacon and land.” The principles Duke Cannon espouses seem to resonate with a lot of people.

That’s why they specialise in making purely functional items for personal care. Whatever you need to get through the day – hammer smith, master craftsman, builder, holder of doors or repairer of doors – Duke Cannon has it all for you.

Everything is well thought out and useful. So, if you are looking for something useful and “robust”, Duke Cannon is for you.

As for the quality, it is on par with the best bar soaps on the market, and there are many people who prefer Duke Cannon to Dr. Squatch because of that. The size of the soaps is also considerable; a single bar of Duke Cannon soap can last you for months.

Dr Squatch

Dr Squatch seems to share one characteristic with Duke Cannon. They both make rather strong claims.

While they have some things in common, there is also a major difference between them. Doctor Squatch is the more sensible option because his soaps are made from all-natural ingredients. Although Dr. Squatch was launched more than four years after Duke Cannon, it seems that they control a larger customer base.

No matter what, this is one of the best natural soap brands out there. Dr. Squatch’s more generous return policy is a nice bonus. You can rest assured that Dr. Squatch will meet all of your expectations because there is a money back guarantee.

Natural soaps are not great for most people, myself included. I would prefer something stronger than the average Duke Cannon soap before going out tonight.

That said, Dr. Squatch is one of the most well-known brands of bar soap, so it’s worth considering for those who want a nice bar soap, but also a natural one. Dr. Squatch is more than just a short-term hygiene supplier; they also sell products for hair care, dental care, and more.

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Duke Cannon vs Dr Squatch: What They Offer

Duke Cannon

There are some subtle differences between the two brands, although they have many similarities.

For example, Duke Cannon seems to have more product options than Dr. Squatch.

The soaps are the main differentiator, while many of the other products are similarly priced. For comparison, a bar of soap from Dr. Squatch costs $7, while a bar of soap from Duke Cannon costs $9 (twice the size).

At Duke Cannon, customers can create unique packages by combining products from across the store, or they can browse by category to find the goods they want.

In addition, Duke Cannon often offers free gifts with purchases. At the time of this writing, you’ll get free shipping and a free bar of pumpkin spice soap with a purchase of $65 or more.

Solid cologne, beard balm, beard wash, aftershave balm, hair pomade, toner, face lotion, lip balm and body powder are all available at Duke Cannon, but not Dr. Squatch.

Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch offers a wide range of sets that can be divided into beginner sets, complete routines, top sellers and signature fragrances. If you do not need a complete routine, you can choose from a range of individual components instead.

Bar soaps, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and beard oil are just a few of the men’s grooming items you can buy at Dr. Squatch.

The company offers a wide selection of shower accessories, including soap holders, scalp scrubbers, shower pans and other specialty products.

While Duke Cannon’s selection is more extensive, Dr. Squatch offers a handful of items that its competitor does not.

Dr. Squatch offers several items you will not find anywhere else, such as toothpaste, candles, and shower enhancers.

Duke Cannon vs Dr Squatch: Quality

Duke Cannon

It is clear that Duke Cannon strives to produce high quality products, but whether a particular buyer finds them ideal is up to them.

Products like the beard wash contain skin-friendly ingredients like soybean oil, barley and wheat protein, and the body wash has a high viscosity that creates a rich lather for the whole body.

Products like foot powder, lip balm and intensive facial cleansers are also available to help you feel ready for the day.

Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch is a men’s grooming products company that enjoys creating products without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

In its lineup, you’ll find a variety of useful ingredients for personal care products, including coconut oil, shea butter, sustainable palm oil, brewer’s yeast, and more.

Thanks to the company’s openness about the ingredients in its products, it’s easy to find exactly the option you need.

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Duke Cannon vs Dr Squatch: Pricing

Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon has a wide selection and reasonable prices, so you can get what you need without breaking the bank.

Prices on the most popular items often range from $10 to $50, which is not the lowest offer, but it’s still within a reasonable financial range.

Duke Cannon’s prices are pretty much identical to Dr. Squatch’s, with some variations: deodorant is $12, cologne is $25, shampoo pucks are $12, and liquid shampoo is $15. The Duke Cannon Big A** Brick of Soap is only $2 more expensive than the Dr. Squatch soap, making it a better deal (but it’s twice as big).

Better deals can be found in the Packages and Gifts section, and new subscribers get 10% off their first order.

Dr. Squatch

Overall, it appears that Dr. Squatch’s goods are fairly priced (much like Duke Cannon). Prices range from about $12 for the crushed pine cologne to less than $7 for a bar of soap.

People who are not picky about the quality of their grooming products can do well with Dr. Squatch.

When you shop at Dr. Squatch, you can participate in a loyalty programme where you earn points toward future savings.

Duke Cannon vs Dr Squatch: Shipping & Returns

Duke Cannon

You only need a few things to pass the $50 threshold to get your order shipped for free. Right now, the company can only ship to the United States and Canada.

Orders with express shipping are processed and shipped within 72 hours for an additional fee of $14.99.

Duke Cannon does not accept returns of merchandise, according to its return policy. However, they will work with you to resolve your difficulties if you have complaints or receive defective merchandise (within 30 days of receiving your order).

Dr. Squatch

If you spend more than $50 at Dr. Squatch, shipping is on the house. If you sign up for a subscription, you even have the option to get free shipping.

Standard shipping time for domestic purchases is 3-7 business days, though faster options are available for a fee.

Countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and others are included in Dr. Squatch’s worldwide shipping options.

Dr. Squatch promises that you will either be completely satisfied or receive your money back within 30 days of receiving your order. If you have any issues beyond the scent, Dr. Squatch will help you return the product and get a refund or find a new scent that you like.

Duke Cannon vs Dr Squatch: Customer Reviews

If you compare the products, you will find many differences, but the reviews of Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch will bring to light the truth about them.

  • Prices are comparable, but Duke Cannon offers a better price for its large bar soaps.
  • Many customers enjoy the wide selection of Duke Cannon products, but feel there are fewer options at Dr. Squatch.
  • Many customers complain about Dr. Squatch’s long shipping times.
  • The customer service at Dr. Squatch is not the best.
  • Some people believe Duke Cannon’s products are more durable and smell better.
  • There is a lot of disagreement about the scents (many people seem to prefer Dr. Squatch’s scents). Some customers believe that Dr. Squatch’s soap bars are more moisturizing.

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Duke Cannon vs Dr Squatch: Final Verdict

You’d be hard-pressed to find two finer bar soaps on store shelves than these two. Sure, their prices may be a bit higher than average, but customers feel they are getting well-made products, not mass-produced and branded ones.

There is a need for both, just like there is for any other direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand that values individuality. What helps one may have no effect on another.

As far as we know, however, many people prefer Duke Cannon over Dr. Squatch. It is made of proven components, has a more generous size, and is longer lasting. Whether you are a couch potato or a person who is constantly on the go, this option makes the most sense.

This is not to say that you should disregard Dr. Squatch’s claims.

Because it’s all-natural and includes a subscription system that can be tailored to your preferences, it changes the way we think about and practice personal care. If you are trying to avoid synthetic chemicals, this is your best bet.

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