Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine Review – Scam or Legit?

If you’re new to the tattoo industry and considering investing in a Dragonhawk tattoo machine or pen, you may be wondering whether this brand is really as great as people claim. After all, Dragonhawk is a popular choice among professional tattoo artists, but can beginners count on this brand too?

Well, we’ve done some research and are here to provide you with an honest review of Dragonhawk machines. We’ll take a closer look at some of their most prominent models and let you know whether they’re a good fit for those just starting out in the business.

Overview of Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine

If you’re a tattoo artist or a permanent makeup enthusiast, Dragonhawk is a brand that you don’t want to miss out on. They specialize in providing quality and reliable tattoo equipment suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Dragonhawk has a wide range of products specifically designed for tattooing purposes. They offer a variety of tattoo machines and pens, with prices starting from $50 for a Coil Liner Tattoo Machine and going up to $300 for a Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen with a wireless power supply. Whether you’re just starting out or already an experienced artist, you’ll find a machine that suits your needs.

In addition to tattoo machines, Dragonhawk also offers tattoo kits that include machines, guns and pens, needles, chargers, batteries, and other professional supplies. The prices for these kits range from $120 to $350, depending on the kit.

Dragonhawk also has a variety of other tattoo supplies available, including ink, needles, silicone practice fake skin, transfer paper, tattoo tapes, stencil paper, battery power supply, anti-slip adhesives, power cord connectors, and more.

If you’re looking for affordable and high-quality tattoo supplies, Dragonhawk has got you covered. With their extensive range of products, you can trust that you’ll find everything you need for your tattooing needs.

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Dragonhawk Tattoo Machines Reviews

Let’s check out some Dragonhawk tattoo machines and see if they live up to all the talk.

Dragonhawk Extreme X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine

Made from a solid block of pure brass, the Dragonhawk Extreme X2 is a durable and long-lasting machine that offers stable frequency and a strong rebound, thanks to its spring and armature bar set-up. It also comes with a special frame that provides smooth and quiet tattooing, making it suitable for shading, lining, and coloring of large areas. The adjustable stroke length of 2.5mm to 4.2mm makes it perfect for use with both standard and cartridge needles. However, it might not be the best choice for large grouping needles, and some professional tattooists have experienced issues during tattoo lining. Plus, there’s no room for tension rubber band placement.

Dragonhawk Extreme V2 Direct Drive Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Extreme V2 Direct Drive Rotary Tattoo Machine is designed for precise and reliable tattooing, with an adjustable needle/stroke length of 1mm to 5mm and high puncturing power and frequency. It’s compatible with all brand disposable cartridge grips and standard needles, making it suitable for lining, shading, and coloring. However, the carbon steel frame might be heavy for longer tattooing sessions, and adjusting the wheel requires you to stop tattooing before you can continue.

Dragonhawk Space Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Dragonhawk Space is an excellent choice for beginners and professionals alike. It is made from durable aluminum, making it lightweight and powerful. With its needle buckle, there is no need for rubber bands. However, beginners may need some practice with the machine’s challenging alignment. Additionally, it is not recommended to run the machine for more than 10 minutes at a time due to the possibility of heating.

Dragonhawk Raven II Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Raven II is a more advanced tattoo machine suitable for semi-professionals and professionals. With a full range of settings, the machine can be adjusted using the metal adjuster knob and the needle retainer. It is made from scratch-resistant ABS plastic and a lightweight metal frame, making it durable and long-lasting. However, there have been some reported cases of power loss and gain due to voltage adjustment, and the machine may produce a loud, rattling noise during operation.

Dragonhawk Extreme Horus Rotary Tattoo Machine

This tattoo machine is a pro-level tool that boasts an adjustable stroke length of 1mm to 4mm, making it suitable for lining, shading, and coloring. Plus, it works with both traditional tattoo grips and standard cartridges, so you can use it with your preferred setup.

The Dragonhawk Extreme runs smoothly and quietly, thanks to its custom coreless motor, and its sturdy brass frame makes it durable for long-term use. However, keep in mind that it’s a bit heavy for its size, so it might not be the best choice for beginners or amateurs. Also, it only works with RCA power.

Overall, the Dragonhawk Extreme is a great tattoo machine that’s perfect for professional use. It’s versatile and reliable, making it a solid choice for any style or technique, especially blackwork tattoos. So, if you’re an experienced tattoo artist looking for a top-notch machine, the Dragonhawk Extreme is definitely worth considering.

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Final Verdict

We’ve been testing out some of the best-selling Dragonhawk tattoo machines and we’re here to share our thoughts with you.

First things first, we have to admit that we were skeptical about the price and quality of these machines, but we were pleasantly surprised. The lower price doesn’t mean lower quality or shorter lifespan, because these machines are built to last and provide a high-quality performance with every session.

However, we did come across an issue with one machine in particular – the Extreme X2. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to our expectations. The rubber band placement wasn’t great (we had some snapping issues) and the large grouping needles for shading or lining didn’t work well either. This can be a big problem for any tattoo artist, so we don’t recommend the Extreme X2.

On the bright side, we found the other Dragonhawk tattoo machines to be great overall. They run smoothly, ensure accuracy and control, and can run for a long time without heating up. In fact, some of them can even run for 10 minutes straight without any heating issues, which is pretty impressive. Plus, they’re super affordable and durable, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

In conclusion, we think Dragonhawk tattoo machines are worth the hype. Just stay away from the Extreme X2 and you’ll be good to go.

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