DeliverySafe Review – Scam or Legit?

Do you often worry about your package getting stolen or your groceries getting spoiled while you’re out? Well, we’ve got some exciting news for you! We tested out the DeliverySafe, a high-tech package delivery box, and it exceeded our expectations.

For a whole month, we put the DeliverySafe on our porch and here’s what we found. This awesome product is not only capable of keeping your groceries fresh, but it also secures your packages from potential theft. Cool, right?

So if you’re looking for a convenient solution to ensure your deliveries arrive safely and stay fresh, the DeliverySafe is definitely worth considering. Keep reading to find out more about our experience with it.

What is the DeliverySafe?

Have you ever worried about your packages being stolen or damaged while you’re away? If so, DeliverySafe might just be the solution you need!

We recently got our hands on the premium fully-specced out large, insulated DeliverySafe, and we’ve got to say, it’s pretty impressive. With dimensions of 32” L x 19” D x 22.5” H, this model can handle larger packages that might not fit in smaller delivery boxes. Plus, it’s fully insulated, so groceries and meal kits can stay safe and cold even after they’re delivered.

One thing we loved about the DeliverySafe is its easy-to-use combination touchpad, which allows delivery professionals to unlock the box, place their deliveries inside, and then automatically lock it by shutting the lid. This means you can be sure your packages are secure, even if you’re not home to receive them in person.

Overall, we were really impressed with DeliverySafe. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to keep their home deliveries safe and secure, especially if you frequently receive larger packages or perishable items.

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How Does It Work?

We’ve all been there – you schedule a grocery delivery, but then something unexpected happens and you can’t be there to receive it. Do you take the risk and hope your groceries don’t spoil, or do you inconvenience your neighbor by asking for their help?

Enter DeliverySafe – the perfect solution to your grocery delivery woes. With DeliverySafe, you can set a custom passcode and share it with your delivery driver, who will then place your order inside the insulated and weatherproof casing. Your groceries will be safe and sound until you return home.

But that’s not all. DeliverySafe is also thief-proof, thanks to its 18-gauge steel enclosure and stainless steel hardware that firmly bolts it in place. Even if a package thief follows your delivery driver, they won’t be able to break into your DeliverySafe. And with its weight of 65 pounds, it would be almost impossible for someone to carry it away.

When you do return home, simply use the electronic keypad to unlock the box and bring your groceries inside. And with its easy-to-use design, you can quickly and easily close the lid for your next delivery.

So go ahead and schedule that grocery delivery – with DeliverySafe, you can rest easy knowing that your groceries will be safe and secure, no matter what life throws your way.

Get Your DeliverySafe Up and Running!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set up and use your DeliverySafe with ease:

Attach the Mounting Feet

The DeliverySafe comes almost fully assembled, so attaching the mounting feet is a straightforward process. Just grab the bolts, washers, and wrench provided and follow the intuitive instructions. You should have it done in about five minutes.

Anchor Your DeliverySafe (Optional)

Although DeliverySafe is pretty heavy and almost impossible to run off with, you may want to anchor it for extra security. If that’s the case, DeliverySafe provides you with all the hardware you need to anchor it to wood or concrete. Just make sure you have the right tools, like a power drill or a hammer, depending on the surface you’ll use. You can expect to spend about 30 minutes to an hour on this step.

Power Your DeliverySafe

Since DeliverySafe has a touchpad combination lock, you’ll need to power it to lock and unlock the lid. The battery pack is located under the lid and protected by the outer cover. Follow the simple instructions to insert the batteries provided, and you’ll be done in just a few minutes.

Set Your Combination

DeliverySafe gives you the freedom to set your own custom code, between four and ten digits long. Just follow their instructions, and you’re good to go.

Share Your Code in Delivery Instructions

Now, you’re almost ready to receive your deliveries safely. Share your code with your delivery driver by adding it to the delivery instructions field when you place your order. You can use a message like, “Please unlock our DeliverySafe with code #XXXX, place the delivery inside the box, then shut the lid to lock it. Thank you for taking the time to ensure our delivery is safe.”

Keep Your Food Chilled (If You Ordered the Large: Insulated DeliverySafe)

If you ordered the Large: Insulated DeliverySafe, you also get ice packs that keep your food chilled until you can bring it inside. On delivery days, remove the ice packs from your freezer, place them in the DeliverySafe, then close the lid. The ice packs will do their job, and your food will stay fresh.

Alternatively, you can use old-fashioned ice to keep your food cool and dry. The DeliverySafe comes with a drain plug that drains the water as the ice melts.

With your DeliverySafe set up and ready to use, you can sit back and relax, knowing your packages and food are safe and sound.

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Materials of DeliverySafe

DeliverySafe is built by a team of engineers dedicated to creating a reliable and secure delivery box.

The DeliverySafe is constructed with a 32” L x 19” D x 22.5” H insulated shell made of 18-gauge steel and coated with rust and scratch-resistant paint. Although it only comes in a light gray color, it complements most home exterior colors. Raised molded feet with stainless steel hardware securely mount the box, preventing damage from exposure to rain and snow on its base. Plus, it comes fully assembled with hardware included to bolt it to decking, concrete, or asphalt.

But the DeliverySafe doesn’t just rely on its sturdy shell for security. It also features a weather-resistant entry keypad that delivery drivers use to unlock the box, along with a commercial-grade lock that seamlessly opens and locks with the touchpad. In dusty environments, it’s easy to clean the touchpad and box with cleaner without worrying about damage. When the AAA batteries are low, a low battery indicator will light up. And if the batteries completely lose their charge, you can still unlock the box with its set of keys.

Unlike most delivery boxes on the market, the DeliverySafe features a full-length, stainless steel hinge that adds extra strength and security to the box. Two gas spring struts help the box open unassisted and close smoothly, similar to a minivan or SUV tailgate.

Not only does the DeliverySafe protect against porch pirates, but it also shields your deliveries from other environmental threats like heat, snow, and rain. The lid hangs over the box with a weather-resistant strip for an excellent seal, and the interior is lined with one inch of foam insulation covered by a molded cooler liner with a drain plug in case you want to put ice inside.

Safety is a top priority for the DeliverySafe team. The box includes a glow-in-the-dark interior safety pull that disengages the lock and opens it from the inside, as well as a recommendation to not share the lock combination with children.

Invest in a DeliverySafe to protect your valuable deliveries and give yourself peace of mind.

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Benefits of DeliverySafe

Easy to Set Up

The DeliverySafe package delivery box stands out from the competition because of how easy it is to set up. You don’t need any special skills or tools to get it up and running. All you have to do is attach its mounting feet, insert the batteries (which are included), program your lock code, and share it with delivery drivers.

Convenient and Safe

The DeliverySafe lives up to its tagline, “convenience, delivered.” It has all the features you need to ensure touchless deliveries that remain safe and unspoiled until you get home. With the DeliverySafe, you don’t have to worry about missed deliveries, stolen packages, or damaged goods.

Large Capacity

The DeliverySafe has a much larger capacity than other package drop boxes. This means you can receive multiple deliveries throughout the day without having to worry about running out of space. The DeliverySafe is the perfect solution for those who shop online frequently or receive packages regularly.

Easy-Lock Digital Keypad

The DeliverySafe is equipped with a secure, easy-lock digital keypad that is unique among parcel drop boxes. This feature makes it easy for delivery drivers to use and ensures a hassle-free experience for everyone involved. With the DeliverySafe, you can have peace of mind knowing that your packages are secure and that delivery drivers can access them easily.

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Drawbacks of DeliverySafe

Dusty Keypad

When we tested the DeliverySafe in a dusty environment, we noticed that the keypad could get a bit dirty. This can make the numbers used for the combo somewhat visible, but it’s not a dealbreaker. 

We found that wiping off the keypad with a moist towel, all-purpose cleaner, or even just our hands made any evidence of our code disappear. It’s also important to choose a good code, since some PINs like “1234” are notoriously easy to guess.

Delivery Drivers

While the DeliverySafe is a great solution to package theft, it does rely on delivery drivers actually using it. Unfortunately, many drivers aren’t yet familiar with how to use these boxes, so they may place packages elsewhere. This can be frustrating, but there are ways to help. 

You can change the language in your delivery instructions, leave a note on your door or box reminding drivers to follow the instructions, or even just be patient while drivers get used to the new technology. 

As package drop boxes become more common, we’re sure drivers will become more familiar with them.

Final Verdict

With a 30-day warranty and free shipping, it’s a risk-free purchase. Plus, you can finance it with 0% interest on

We put DeliverySafe to the test in the harsh conditions of the Mojave Desert, and it exceeded our expectations. Its engineers have used quality materials and thought through multiple different ways you might use it. It’s a premium product that will last a long time.

While it may be more expensive than some alternative delivery boxes, it’s a long-term solution to protect your valuable items from theft or spoilage. So, before making a decision, consider the types of items you have delivered to your home and their value. If you have valuable or one-of-a-kind items delivered, it’s worth the investment.

With a warranty covering any product defects that show up within one year of purchase, you can future-proof your doorstep. Don’t just think about your deliveries in the short term; think about what you might need to protect next year or in the next several years.

Order your DeliverySafe today and rest easy knowing your deliveries are safe and secure.

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