DeliverySafe Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

Should you trust DeliverySafe? Is it worth your money or a scam?

If you are reading this DeliverySafe review, chances are you have watched the ads for DeliverySafe and wonder if it is useful for online shopping.

Since I’m looking for a secure way to receive parcels, I have spent some time researching DeliverySafe. 

After reading this review, you will know if DeliverySafe is good for receiving parcels securely.

Below is what I’ll cover in this DeliverySafe review.

What Is DeliverySafe?

DeliverySafe markets itself as “the modern mailbox,” but it does much more than just deliver your packages. While you’re away, the innovative delivery box prevents both food spoilage and package theft with its cavernous insulated interior and robust construction.

Lockable and insulated, DeliverySafe is great for storing groceries or meals delivered by services like Freshly, Purple Carrot, Home Chef, and many others. A wide horizontal storage space is available for your online shopping spree packages. 

In addition to being highly secure, this outdoor parcel box minimizes the chance of packages being stolen.

Testing by a third party confirmed that DeliverySafe maintained the same temperature range from 8 hours to 12 hours as an average household refrigerator. On the DeliverySafe website, you can order ice packs to keep your food from spoiling while you’re away.

The DeliverySafe isn’t cheap, but it’s worth the investment knowing that precious deliveries are secured. If you aren’t already shopping online for groceries and household products, you may be doing so in the near future.

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How Does DeliverySafe Work?

DeliverySafe was born out of Schumacher’s frustration with shipping. Formerly a direct-to-consumer shipper, he saw an opportunity to provide the last foot of deliveries. 

Since Schumacher personally receives package and meal kit deliveries as well as has helped deliver packages, he’s acutely aware of the frustrations that both sides encounter.

Schumacher did not overburden the customer with a complex or confusing product, instead keeping it simple and easy to use. “Our goal was to create a solution that could directly prevent package theft, as opposed to simply deterring it,” he said.

There is a user-friendly keypad on every home delivery box that is secure and easy to program. The first thing you’ll do is choose a code between four and fifteen digits long. If you want to share the code with others, such as your Amazon courier or FedEx driver, that’s up to you. 

To make this process even safer, you’ll need to create a user profile with these delivery services. 

It’s easy and quick to set up and somebody from DeliverySafe will be able to guide you through it.

Here’s the simple 4-steps to summarise:

  • Create a numerical code for delivery drivers
  • When drivers make deliveries, they enter the code provided to them to unlock
  • Provide delivery codes & instructions for delivery companies in user profiles
  • DeliverySafe securely holds your deliveries until you are home

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Is DeliverySafe secure?

DeliverySafe can’t prevent all package theft, but it has taken as many steps as possible to discourage porch pirates. 

The package delivery box, for example, can only be opened by you and the people you select. In the event that a wrong code is entered, an audible alert will sound. The key can be entered manually if someone forgets the code.

The DeliverySafe box weighs just over 60 pounds, making it difficult to steal. A concrete or wood anchor is included with the outdoor parcel box for added security. 

The necessary  hardware is included. Anchoring the package delivery box to your porch or driveway takes about 30 minutes.

The lid securely latches shut as soon as it’s closed, which makes it nearly impossible for curious kids and pets to get inside the box. In the rare chance that does happen, there’s a glow-in-the-dark manual pull tab on the inside of the lid.

What are the DeliverySafe Benefits?

Here’s the summary of the DeliverySafe benefits:

  • DeliverySafe products are built with long-lasting, durable materials with safety in mind.
  • The horizontal design and spacious capacity allow for standard package deliveries while fitting well with a variety of porch sizes and styles.
  • Weatherproof exteriors protect items from sun, wind, rain, and snow.
  • Easily program a combination system for a secure, easy-to-use lock that can only be accessed by authorized individuals. Passcodes can be reprogrammed quickly if necessary.
  • Ships fully assembled with hardware to attach to concrete, asphalt, or decking.

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What are the Pros of DeliverySafe?

1. High Product Quality

The products of DeliverySafe are of high quality. It’s made with great materials and careful design. DeliverySafe manufactures their products to the highest standards. Before being shipped to customers, all products are inspected. This greatly reduces the possibility of customers receiving subpar or defective products from them.

2. Great Customer Service

Shopping in stores with poor customer service is extremely aggravating. However, if you purchase from DeliverySafe, you won’t have to worry about it. DeliverySafe’s customer service is excellent. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please contact them; their customer service team will be happy to assist you.

3. DeliverySafe’s product meets the product description

To increase sales, many stores use exaggerated marketing tactics in their advertisements. This is not the case with DeliverySafe, as I discovered. The products of DeliverySafe correspond to the product description. It truly delivers on its promises. They provide genuine value to their customers.

4. Fast Shipping

DeliverySafe’s shipping speed is very fast, unless you live in some remote areas. You can expect your parcel within a week or two of placing your order.

When you shop online, it can be very frustrating to have to wait months for a package to arrive. DeliverySafe recognizes this and has invested heavily in their logistics system. When you shop at DeliverySafe, you won’t have to worry about slow delivery.

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DeliverySafe Cons and Complaints

1. Not everyone can afford DeliverySafe

For some, the price of DeliverySafe may be prohibitively expensive. DeliverySafe’s product quality, on the other hand, is superior to that of other similar products, which explains why it is more expensive. It is common knowledge that higher-quality products have higher costs, so the price is slightly higher.

2. Inefficient logistics in some remote areas

Remote areas may experience longer delivery times due to less efficient logistics. However, shipping is usually not an issue if you live cities with good transport network.

3. Not everyone likes DeliverySafe

True, not every DeliverySafe customer is pleased with the company’s products. In reality, no product can meet everyone’s expectations. To some extent, each person is unique, as are their preferences.

In case you do not like the products of DeliverySafe, try to contact their customer service and see if they can help you solve the problem.

4. DeliverySafe does not offer unconditional refunds

DeliverySafe does not refund money to customers in all circumstances because shipping products costs money. This also helps to prevent customer fraud. So, before placing an order, make sure you read the refund policy.

If you simply change your mind and the product is in perfect condition, DeliverySafe is unlikely to issue a refund.

Is DeliverySafe worth It or a scam?

DeliverySafe is certainly not a scam. It’s well worth investing in DeliverySafe if you regularly order large quantities of groceries or packages so that you can store them until you arrive home.

When you’re away, you can use it to store groceries and keep packages safe. 

Are you unsure whether DeliverySafe is the right fit for you? Take a look at this sobering statistic. Almost four in ten people have had packages stolen, according to a study by Eight in ten Americans shop online at least some of the time, according to the same source.

Online shopping for groceries and packages increases the risk of food spoilage and package theft. You can feel more at ease knowing that your packages are safe until you can get to them.

DeliverySafe Customer Reviews

There are many DeliverySafe reviews on the Internet, but not every one is from actual customers. On forums and groups, I found these real DeliverySafe reviews:

“I absolutely love my DeliverySafe. It’s easy to use and takes the worry out of leaving home when you’re expecting packages (so many of mine have been stolen in the past…). It also keeps groceries and meal kits cool which is a huge plus. Would definitely recommend.” ~ Nora F.

“My wife and I both love having the peace of mind that our food and packages are safe with all the deliveries we’re getting now…delivery drivers love it, too! They know right where to go every time they have a delivery for us and it’s so quick and easy for them to use.” ~Michael K.

“I can’t believe how much more convenient our lives are now that we own a DeliverySafe! It really has exceeded expectations. We’re away from the house a lot with work, kids, and errands, and we were always worried about when packages would arrive and if they would be okay. Now, we don’t even think about it. … It’s super easy to use and set up–we really don’t have to think about it anymore.” ~Paul S

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How to Contact DeliverySafe’s Customer Service?

To contact DeliverySafe’s customer service is easy. Here are the contact details:

Phone: 312.776.3347

Email: [email protected]

DeliverySafe Review: Final Verdict

DeliverySafe is a legit company that can really save a lot of trouble for receiving parcels. I found that their price is very reasonable and affordable.

If you’d like to buy DeliverySafe, you might go to the official website. Don’t buy on other websites for security reasons.

I ended up buying DeliverySafe from the official website and my family loves it so much!

You might consider checking it out so that you won’t regret it later.  

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What is the Best Alternative of DeliverySafe?

I looked for hours to see if there were any better DeliverySafe alternatives, but in vain. Although there are some products that are similar to DeliverySafe, they are not as good in terms of product quality and price.

Some are more visually appealing than DeliverySafe, but they are significantly more expensive. Buying something similar at a much higher price is not worth it.

As a result, to save time and money, I recommend purchasing from DeliverySafe.

DeliverySafe Review FAQs

Is it possible to use the same admin code and access code?

Yes, DeliverySafe allows these codes to be the same, but recommends separate codes for maximum security.

What is the maximum number of different access codes that can be set up?

It is possible to save and store up to 50 different user codes. You can use the same code for multiple service providers or you can create individual codes for each provider.

Does the DeliverySafe come pre-assembled?

Your DeliverySafe comes fully assembled. Place your DeliverySafe in the location where you want to receive packages and groceries by removing it from the shipping carton.

Can a DeliverySafe be used in a multi-unit building that I manage?

Yes, absolutely. DeliverySafe is commonly used in multi-unit buildings. To set up delivery services, you can create a building passcode and share it with residents.

Is it ok to leave DeliverySafe on the porch?

No matter where you live, DeliverySafe is designed for year-round outdoor use. Weatherproof materials make this box suitable for protecting packages from the sun, rain, and snow.

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