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greta thunberg

Greta Thunberg

"The problem of plastic pollution in the ocean is even worse than anyone feared. There’s actually more microplastic 1,000 feet down than there is in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch."

Dear Bottle is Giving Away 1,000 Bottles For FREE!

Looks good, does better. This eco-friendly, fruit infuser water bottles are revolutionising the way people stay hydrated.

If you’re one of the 3 out of 4 of us who are using plastic bottles, it’s time to change to a Dear Bottle to protect our environment

This eco-friendly, fruit infuser water bottle is made of glass, not plastic, for protecting our environment.

It also acts as a visual reminder to drink more water. You can infuse fruits, tea, or anything you like for the added health benefits.

Be it more energy, better concentration, clearer skin, culling cravings or beating the bloat — It’s time to get a Dear Bottle.

  • Eco-Friendly reusable bottle
  • Durable Borosilicate glass tube
  • Wide Mouth for adding Fruits & Herbs 
  • Stainless steel strainer to create your favourite detox waters
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“Dear Bottle is a Game Changer!”

I’ve been waiting for something like this to come into my life!! Dear Bottle is a total game changer. It’s exactly what I needed to create an easy tea-tonic for my everyday. Super cute, good for the environment and easy to use, I highly recommend this bottle to anyone who wants eco-friendly products and to drink more water. Because we all need more hydration…💧

– Jessica

dear bottle testimonial

“Dear Bottle Changed My Life”

I received a Dear Bottle with as a Valentine’s Day gift from my boyfriend. I’m getting in touch with you to let you know that your bottle has changed my life! I’ve had tons of plastic water bottles over the years. It’s not environmental friendly and I regret not changing to a glass bottle earlier. With Dear Bottle, I can finally get rid of plastic and be part of the mission to protect our environment. 

– Steph

dear bottle testimonial

“I LOVE My Dear Bottle!”

I LOVE my Dear bottle! I never knew that one of the main reasons I wasn’t drinking enough water was that the bottles are boring. LOL There’s something about seeing the fruit in the bottle that calls you to drink more, and knowing it’s healthy is an added benefit. Such a smart product!

– Rachel

Note: The stock is running very low due to the huge demand.

Detox Water On The Go…

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Looks Good, Does Better

You’re not only helping reduce single use plastic, you’re also providing clean drinking water to someone in need. Every Drop counts.

Drink Your Vitamins

Water, with benefits. Our stainless steel strainer and wide mouth make our bottle perfect for infusing fruit, herbs and even tea into your water.

Glass, To Last

We know plastic bottles are bad for our health and the environment, that’s why our bottle is made from reinforced, temperature resistant borosilicate glass.

Hydration, On Hand

Our 650 mL / 22oz bottle has a stylish travel handle so you can take it with you wherever life takes you.

Note: The stock is running very low due to the huge demand.

Every Drop Counts…
Over 3.5 Million Single Use Platic Bottles Offset So Far

dear bottle cover

Note: The stock is running very low due to the huge demand.

How Does Dear Bottle Work?

Dear Bottle™ uses a natural bamboo lid that feels smooth to touch and connects you with Mother Nature. It’s designed to replace plastic bottles to protect our environment. 

Made of non-toxic materials, Dear Bottle™ is 100% BPA free. Whether you are carrying piping hot coffee or ice cold juice, Dear Bottle™ is comfortable to handle as it uses double-walled glass for insulation. This keeps your drinks hot or cold for longer time periods.

Dear Bottle™ has an innovative stainless steel two-way filter that is perfect for brewing hot and cold tea and cold-brewed coffee and filtering fruit-infused water. 

Also, Dear Bottle’s filter has smaller holes for a more refined brew.

Dear Bottle™ is not just a high quality infuser water bottle, but also a meaningful gift. 

Dear Bottle™ features the mantra “taste the moment”, which is a great reminder for everyone to enjoy and live in the present moment. On the beautiful package, there is also a quote “drink in the glory of this moment” that is designed to delight anyone who receives it.

In daily life, many people are so busy with work and forget to enjoy the present moment. Sometimes, we even forget to drink more water. Dear Bottle™ can be a great reminder for everyone to pursue health and happiness.

Therefore, Dear Bottle™ is a perfect gift for anyone you love and care.

Note: The stock is running very low due to the huge demand.

Where To Get The Best Price of Dear Bottle?

Dear Bottle is not available on any local stores. You can only order from the official website.

Dear Bottle is now giving away 1,000 bottles for FREE! You just have to cover shipping. If you want to get a Dear Bottle, make sure to grab it as soon as possible!

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Note: The stock is running very low due to the huge demand.

Join +10,000 People To Save Our Planet and Stay Hydrated For Health

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Note: The stock is running very low due to the huge demand.

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