Creativegiftss Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

So, you’re thinking of buying from Creativegiftss but not sure if it’s worth your money or a scam? No worries, I did some digging so you don’t have to. 

In this review, I’ll cover everything you need to know before making a purchase, and also suggest a cheaper and better alternative. Let’s get started!

What is Creativegiftss?

Creativegiftss offers a selection of reborn baby dolls for those seeking a lifelike companion or a special gift. The website specializes in this type of doll and provides information on the latest trends and news in the field.

The founder of Creativegiftss was motivated to create high-quality, realistic, and eco-friendly reborn dolls after witnessing the positive impact one of these dolls had on a disabled girl. They aim to provide a comforting companion or gift to children, seniors, and families in need.

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Beware of Here’s Why You Should Avoid Shopping There

If you’re thinking of shopping at, be aware that there are some major red flags. Here’s what you need to know:

Shipping & Delivery

Creativegiftss pretends to be based in the US, but it’s actually located in China. That means shipping and delivery will take several weeks.

Return Policy

The return policy is basically a scam. If you ask for a refund, you’ll only get $5 or $10 back. And if you want to return the fake doll you bought, you’ll have to pay for shipping back to China – which is often more expensive than the cost of the doll.

Negative Reviews has over 70 bad reviews on TrustPilot. Customers say that the dolls they received were cheap, nothing like the ones advertised, and smelled like bug spray. 

One customer wrote:

“I ordered two dolls. One boy and one girl. They were absolutely nothing like what the picture on the website showed. The size and how realistic they were supposed to look is completely wrong. The hair and face are nothing like what we ordered. Their outfits were not what was pictured. Definitely made cheap.”

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Beware of Creativegiftss: Is this Online Store a Scam?

If you’re thinking of buying a reborn doll from Creativegiftss, you might want to reconsider. 

According to some red flags, this online store looks suspicious and may be involved in a bait and switch scam. 

When you place an order, don’t be surprised if you receive a poorly made doll instead of a realistic lifelike baby. In fact, you can find similar dolls for just $5 at a dollar store.

And don’t even bother trying to return it, because their return policy is non-existent. The best you’ll get is $10 as compensation. 

On the other hand, real lifelike reborn dolls typically sell for $100 to $200. But, if you’re still looking for a good reborn doll, consider checking out Amazon. They’re more transparent and have a great return policy.

How to Contact Creativegiftss?

If you have any questions, drop them an email at [email protected]. They are available Monday-Saturday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Where to Get the Best Alternative of Creativegiftss?

If you’re looking for a solid alternative to Creativegiftss, I’ve got some good news for you. I recently stumbled upon a store on Amazon that’s just as good, if not better. Plus, it’s super affordable.

Trust me, you won’t regret checking it out.

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Can Reborn Dolls Move?

Most traditional reborn dolls don’t have any mechanical or moving parts. However, some have features that allow them to make noises or even cry – these usually cost more. 

Silicone vinyl dolls can have arms and legs that move up and down, while cloth body dolls are less flexible. But neither can blink, eat, drink, or pee.

Can I Give My Doll a Bath?

Silicone vinyl dolls with a full silicone vinyl body can be immersed in water, while cloth body dolls are best wiped down with a damp towel (just be careful not to get the filling too wet).

Why Doesn’t My Doll Look Like the Picture?

Each reborn doll is made directly from an artist’s sculpt, but sometimes changes occur during manufacturing. If you’re not happy, contact them at servi[email protected] and we’ll work to resolve the issue.

Why is My Doll Turning Black/Blue?

Your doll is made from vinyl, but certain dyes from clothing can transfer onto the skin. Make sure to pre-wash any clothing you put on your doll and avoid dark-toned clothes on light-skinned dolls.

Can I Get a Doll Made from a Photo?

Yes! They can create a reborn doll from a photo, but it’ll cost at least $500. If you’re interested, drop them an email.

Are These Finished Dolls or a Kit?

These baby dolls come fully finished and painted, complete with clothes, pacifiers, baby bottles, and birth certificates (though some special products may not be included).

Do I Need to Assemble My Doll?

Most of the dolls come pre-assembled, but if you receive a kit, you’ll need to put it together yourself. There’s a demonstration picture to help you out.

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