What are the Cooking Tips For Weight Loss?

Cooking home meals is a great way to help you eat better. You are in control of what you eat and what ingredients you include, so it is much more convenient when you are trying to eat well. However, there are still some obstacles you may face while being in the kitchen. Here are some tips that should help you to continue to eat well and lose weight while you are in the kitchen with all the food, as well as tips on how to make healthier meals more often.

This is another one of those repeated things, but it is important and potentially very helpful, so here it is again: Plan your meals. Particularly if you help make food for your family, it can become much more tempting after a day of work to just get some fast food when you don’t have a plan and everyone is arguing over what they should have for dinner. Even making a vague plan for the week, like saying we’ll eat meatloaf one day, fish another day, and so on, can help you figure out what to make and greatly lessen that urge to go and get fast food that you know is unhealthy.

To flavor your food, use more hot ingredients and fresh or dried herbs and spices. Hot ingredients, like chili peppers, may not always be appropriate for a dish, but the spicier flavors have been shown to lessen one’s appetite. It’s another way to watch your portion size. Fresh or dried herbs and spices infuse lots of great flavor into your food without the use of a processed ingredient or mix. It’s far healthier as well.

Making foods that take a bit more time to eat can also help you to watch your portion sizes. Having fruit, soup, or lean meat on hand is always nice, but they take a while for you to get through them. It does depend on how hungry you or your family is, but it may help! Soups are also good to store in the fridge. You may have noticed this before, but storing food with a lot of fat or grease causes a thicker layer to form around the rest of the food. Especially with soup, you can fairly easily take off that layer of fat or grease before you heat up your food so you won’t consume more fat.

If you sample your food while you are cooking, it will be better to use a very small spoon. This way, you won’t eat as much while you cook. If you are making a lot of food and need to taste test very often during your cooking session, then eat a little less for lunch or dinner. This is primarily for anyone who is counting his or her calories (1). If you’re not doing this and you are eating healthy foods, then you should be fine eating the same amount you normally would at a meal.

If you are tempted to eat pieces of the food you are making while cooking, chew on some sugarless gum. You will already be chewing on something, so it should help lessen your urge to begin eating as you are cooking. This also applies if you are tempted to eat snacks while watching TV or videos. Another way to cut on your munching while watching something is to do something with your hands while you are watching. This could include making something, doing one of those brainteasing metal puzzles, or painting your nails, just to name a few.

Use single-serving containers to store leftovers. This way, you won’t be as tempted to eat much more than you need. Even putting in enough to fill only half of the container or including all the sides into a container as you store it could help you remember to watch exactly how much you are eating.

Remember that when cooking anything like chicken or fish, broil, roast, or grill it. These are the healthiest ways to cook these foods. Baking your food, like making baked chicken, is also a pretty healthy way of preparing your food.

Snacks and desserts will always be an issue when you are trying to eat well because someone you know and love will want some eventually. This means that, if you are buying the food, you should not get your favorite brand of dessert so that you will be a little less tempted to eat. If you are having guests over and you get dessert for them, make sure that you give it away at the end of the night or while your guests are there so that you won’t be faced with a mound of sweets tempting you to eat them. Buying takeout containers or using some cheap single- serve containers to place the desserts in so that you can give them away is also an option.

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When you are out shopping, try and stay on the perimeter of the store. This way, you avoid many of the extra snacks or incredibly processed foods and pass by mainly fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, eggs, and usually the breads. If you go more towards the aisles of groceries, make sure you have a list on hand so that you have a guideline as to what you need to get. Don’t get anything more than what is on your list, unless you remembered that you needed a spice or something and should buy it.

Some people don’t like to use the microwave, even to heat up food, because they don’t believe that the radiation it gives off (before anyone panics: everything radiates, even humans) is healthy to have on and around their food. Well, no, it isn’t super great to be around, but it isn’t any more harmful than the radiation and such that your cellphone gives off on a regular basis. The microwave is a great kitchen tool to use when you are pressed for time or want to experiment with small, single-cup type of recipes. You can even make quiche in a mug!

Try having three-ingredient meals. This isn’t limited to something like peanut butter and jelly on two slices of bread, or even ham and mayonnaise on two slices of bread for that matter. This could be something like chili, potatoes, and a type of lean meat.

Experimentation is part of the fun of cooking in your own kitchen! You may not have the taste buds or know-how of what taste combinations are fantastic together. But looking up different recipes or substituting one ingredient for another is one way to make your own version of a recipe with ingredients that you enjoy and use.

Make your meals for the week during the weekend, if you can. This will limit the temptations of going out and buying fast food, as well as help you save your energy when you already had a long weekday. This may be a little harder the larger your family size gets, but it is still an idea to try if you find yourself too tired to cook very often.

Another option if you don’t have the time to cook on the weekends is to throw food into the crockpot. These are very handy to have in the kitchen because they can simply sit there unwatched and cook themselves while you are off working for eight or more hours. There is typically a low setting and a high setting on crockpots. Having it on low means you can start it at 7 a.m. and come back at 5 p.m. and not have your food overcooked. This depends on what you are making however.

My final tip in the kitchen is that you should close down the kitchen each night so you won’t be tempted to eat snacks late at night. Turning off the lights, making sure each cabinet door are closed, and maybe even putting something in front of the fridge so you remember to not eat are all ways you can close it down.

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