Claritox Pro Review – A Dizziness Support Supplement Scam?

Are you looking for a Claritox Pro review? Is Claritox Pro a scam?

Dizziness refers to feeling unbalanced or lightheaded. As we age, it is possible to feel dizzy or as if our surroundings are spinning or moving while we are still. Such sensations are often accompanied by nausea or vomiting. 

Other causes of dizziness include improper glucose metabolism, osteoporosis, sleep apnea, menopause, and hormonal irregularities. 

Thanks to the availability of dietary supplements on the market, you can obtain enough levels of critical nutrients even if you don’t eat a variety of nutritious foods. Claritox Pro is one such nutritional supplement.

A plant-based product, Claritox Pro contains vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to meet your daily nutritional requirements. Claritox Pro helps you maintain balance and avoid unnerving dizziness.

To help you decide if Claritox Pro is a scam, I’ve done thorough research about the brand in the past few weeks.

Claritox Pro Review – Key Takeaway

  • Product Name: Claritox Pro
  • Website:
  • Special Offer: Get A Special Discount Here
  • Overall Rank: 4.7/5
  • Claritox Pro Scam or Legit: It’s not a scam. It’s a legit supplement to help people maintain balance and avoid dizziness.
  • Who is it for: Anyone who wants to avoid dizziness and become healthier (except for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women)

In this Claritox Pro review, I’m going to cover the following topics:

What is Claritox Pro?

Claritox Pro is a supplement that is designed to treat vertigo and its symptoms. Moreover, this supplement does not contain any chemicals or synthetic ingredients, so it works naturally. 

Rather, Claritox Pro only contains naturally occurring plant-based ingredients, according to the official website.

This feature alone makes Claritox Pro stand out from other supplements on the market. As a result, it is completely safe to use.

Clinically proven to reduce toxic buildup in the brain and blood cells, Claritox Pro is a dietary supplement.

A number of scientific studies have been conducted to determine how each of the components contributes to Claritox Pro’s effectiveness, and the ingredients are as outlined here based on those studies. As we age, our metabolism slows down, our immune system weakens, and our digestion deteriorates.

In addition to bone, tendon, tissue, cell, and other system damage, these disorders can result in a variety of new conditions. As our bodies slow down, poisons, germs, and viruses enter our bodies and cause significant damage to our brain and body.

The harm from unhealthy eating can be mitigated if we eat more healthfully. Despite this, many of the foods we consume today are not entirely natural.

That’s the problem. In order to cure the symptoms of vertigo and dizziness, we need to treat the harmful inflammation of brain cells.

The brain’s cells are provided with the essential nutrients and natural components by Claritox Pro. The body will start feeling better when it receives the nutrition that it needs, and brain fog will be a thing of the past. Treatment of vertigo can be accomplished by this method. Claritox Pro is now the most popular vertigo product available on the market.

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Who Created Claritox Pro?

The company Claritox Pro was founded by Jim Benson. Alma lives with her husband, Jim, in a small village near Memphis, Tennessee. Jim is 67 years old.

Vertigo was a frequent ailment for Jim. One day, his vertigo was so bad that he fell through a glass table in front of his grandson. After suffering severe facial lacerations, Jim was taken to the emergency room.

Jim decided to take action after the devastating incident. In researching natural treatments for vertigo, he came across the ingredients in Claritox Pro.

According to Jim, astronauts use Claritox Pro to counteract the extreme dizziness they experience while in space. These ingredients are taken by astronauts to prevent dizziness and vertigo

These ingredients and others were added to Jim’s formula, then he took it. Jim experienced permanent relief from his vertigo symptoms soon after taking his formula for the first time. His life is now free of dizziness and vertigo, and he lives a healthy and normal life.

After successfully treating his own vertigo, Jim now sells Claritox Pro online to anybody who suffers from vertigo, claiming it can provide similar relief.

How Does Claritox Pro Work?

Claritox Pro claims it works differently from other solutions to combat vertigo. His supplement aims to remove the ‘poison’ within your brain that causes vertigo. It is said to cause vertigo in many people, and it is similar to inflammation.

Vertigo can be caused by a variety of factors.

After a physical injury to the head, ear, or neck, some people experience vertigo. Meniere’s disease, caused by an accumulation of fluid in the inner ear, causes vertigo in some people. There are also theories linking vertigo to changes in the ear pressure, changes in brain signals, and other factors.

When calcium particles collect in the inner ear, they cause the inner ear to send erroneous signals to the brain, causing benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). Your inner ear tells your brain how your head and body are moving relative to gravity. When incorrect signals are sent to your brain by your inner ear, you may experience vertigo.

It is claimed that Jim’s supplement will cure any case of vertigo. Jim claims that Claritox Pro can help you get fast relief from your dizziness regardless of what’s causing it.

Jim claims that vertigo is not caused by calcium buildup in the inner ear, fluid accumulation in the ear, or physical damage to the ear, but instead by poison contained within the brain.

Claritox Pro provides your body with the ingredients it needs to fight the poison in your brain. This product contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that target the poison within your brain. The other ingredients provide other cleansing effects.

The official website states that taking two capsules of Claritox Pro should result in rapid relief of vertigo symptoms. You should be able to resume living a normal, healthy life after taking the supplement. It claims to maintain your balance and prevent dizziness.

What Causes Vertigo (Dizziness)?

Vertigo is usually an early sign of an underlying health problem, say health providers. Individuals experience vertigo for different reasons. The primary causes of vertigo and dizziness, however, include side effects from certain medications, especially antibiotics, brain inflammation, tinnitus, and damage to the inner ear.

Each individual is affected differently by vertigo; some experience mild dizziness spells, while others suffer from severe dizziness spells that affect their quality of life. 

Depending on the severity, vertigo can last for a few days or a few seconds, according to some experts. Vertigo symptoms should be managed early to prevent further damage. 

It may not seem like a life-threatening condition, but dizziness can reduce your productivity. You can lose your balance if you are dizzy, leading to an injury. Adults with vertigo have a high risk of sustaining grave injuries leading to hospitalization.

As a result of imbalance and dizziness, you are more likely to become anxious, especially around people, which negatively impacts your social life. There are dietary supplements available which can help manage vertigo and dizziness thanks to medical advancements. 

It is important to ensure that the dietary supplement you purchase is genuine and from a reputable manufacturer.

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Claritox Pro Ingredients Review

Natural ingredients are used in the making of this supplement, as previously noted. Synthetic or chemical ingredients are not used. Each ingredient is sourced from its place of origin, is non-GMO, is made in the USA in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility.

Claritox Pro is made up of the following 112mg proprietary blend formula and other vital ingredients:

Zinc 11mg

Your body benefits from zinc’s extra energy, as well as its ability to absorb other nutrients and minerals faster. In addition, zinc can reduce inflammation in the brain and cells. In addition to this, it also strengthens the balance system of our inner ear.

Green Tea 150mg

By reducing inflammation in the gastrointestinal system and blood cells, which can be affected by contaminants and other factors, green tea is mainly used. Stress, oxidative toxins, and anxiety are also reduced by it. Green tea and its components can alleviate symptoms such as vertigo, dizziness, a weakened balance system, and vomiting.

Alpha Lipoic 150mg

It has been shown that α-lipoic acid reduces inflammation and may improve the symptoms of certain diseases, as it stimulates or suppresses the immune system, and may aid the body in fighting cancer, infections, and other conditions. Adaptive as well as innate immunity are affected.

Chromium 100mg

Several pharmaceuticals contain chromium to maintain the body’s equilibrium. Feelings of confusion and mood swings are relieved, and constricted artery walls are loosened, allowing blood to flow freely. 

By improving your vestibular system, chromium can help your body achieve a balance in blood circulation and reduce dizziness. When you rise unexpectedly, your body may become unbalanced.

Berberine 100mg

Bergerine HCL is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compound that is supposed to promote general health while fighting various illnesses. 

By shielding your body from viruses and bacteria, it protects your body from infection and poisoning.

Resveratol 40mg

Many people take resveratrol to expand their restricted blood vessels, which helps increase blood flow and oxygen to multiple organs, including the brain, to support their hearing and balance. 

Your body receives adequate blood flow and circulation when your blood vessels are enlarged and loosen.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is one of several ancient herbal remedies for treating impaired brain cells. By revitalizing brain cells and tissues and by promoting the neurological system’s health, its active ingredients increase the balancing system. Blood flow and regulation disorders are often treated with milk thistle.


There are several health benefits associated with this type of pepper. Cayenne provides the following benefits:

Korean Ginseng

This ingredient provides your body with a significant boost of energy. Additionally, it helps rejuvenate your body and eliminate all the accumulated toxins.


A banaba is used to promote metabolic switch activity, which strengthens the balancing system. This ensures that your body processes food properly.

This supplement is made from the following ingredients. Additionally, this supplement is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and adheres to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Its safety is thus assured.

There are 60 capsules in each bottle, which contain no toxins and are non-habit-forming. Experts suggest taking two capsules with a meal every day. Furthermore, you should take it regularly since it helps your body adjust to the changes it will be going through.

What are the Benefits of Claritox Pro?

Some people report feeling dizzy or light-headed as a result of changes in diet, weather, alcohol, smoking, or inadequate workout routines

Most of the time, feeling dizzy should not be a cause for alarm, regardless of what may be underlying. If you feel woozy constantly, however, you should seek medical attention.

Claritox Pro is said to help with:

  • Taking care of your brain.
  • Dizziness can be reduced.
  • Prevent injuries caused by dizziness.
  • Boost your body’s immunity.

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Is Claritox Pro Backed By Scientific Evidence?

There are multiple causes of vertigo, which is why doctors treat vertigo in different ways. Vertigo technically refers to symptoms, rather than a medical condition. You or everything around you feels as if it is spinning or moving.

Vertigo sufferers search for cures all over the world. There are many people who suffer from the condition without finding relief. Others use remedies or rest until vertigo subsides when they suffer spells of vertigo.

Occasionally, vertigo develops suddenly and lasts only a few seconds. Vertigo can also last for a long time. Vertigo can be severe and constant, making normal activities difficult. Those who suffer from vertigo may feel dizzy, lose their balance, or feel sick.

Claritox Pro’s creator, Jim Benson, claims he had severe vertigo before developing the product. Jim says his vertigo completely disappeared after he began taking his supplement. He now lives a healthy, normal, dizziness-free life, according to Jim.

Vertigo is treated in different ways by doctors. Some prescribe rest and relaxation to alleviate the symptoms of vertigo. Other doctors prescribe specific movements of the head (like the Epley maneuver). Vertigo symptoms can be relieved with medicines, including prochlorperazine and some antihistamines, which are believed to help with most causes of vertigo.

Vertigo symptoms can also be managed by self-care. Some people do simple exercises to alleviate symptoms. Several people sleep with their heads elevated. Moving slowly can help for some people. Other people avoid bending their necks, bending over to pick up items, or moving their head and neck rapidly.

According to Jim, Claritox Pro contains natural ingredients that can eliminate dizziness, restore your balance, and alleviate vertigo.

Few studies have linked Claritox Pro’s ingredients to vertigo. Studies linking Claritox Pro ingredients to relief of vertigo symptoms are not mentioned on the product’s references page. 

On the page, alpha-lipoic acid is linked to mercury detoxification and other ingredients to ototoxicity, which is the ‘poison’ that Jim mentioned that causes vertigo.

Claritox Pro helps support health and wellness in a variety of ways, including by supporting healthy inflammation of the brain and body. The ingredients on the Claritox Pro website have not been proven to solve vertigo, eliminate dizziness, restore balance, or provide other benefits. 

However, Jim claims his formula completely eliminated his severe vertigo – and he believes others can enjoy similar benefits, claiming his formula will “change your life.”

Is Claritox Pro A Scam Or Legit?

There are many positive reviews of this supplement from people who have used it. If you follow the recommendations, you are sure to see results.

A 60-day money-back guarantee is also included with the supplement. This product is safe and risk-free.

It is a USA-made product that comes from a FDA-approved facility that follows good manufacturing practices. There are also scientifically proven ingredients in the supplement.

What are the Risks of Taking Claritox Pro?

Claritox Pro has active ingredients that can have significant physiological effects. So, the user should watch out for adverse reactions, particularly when using a supplement. 

You are more likely to experience side effects if you take high doses or replace prescription medications with over-the-counter medications. Preoperatively, some supplements can increase bleeding risk or alter anesthesia reactions. They may also interact negatively with other medications.

Foods and beverages can be supplemented with vitamins, minerals, and other supplement ingredients. 

Consequently, you end up consuming greater amounts of these ingredients than you intended, and more isn’t always better. It is possible for cancer chemotherapy to be less successful if antioxidant supplements, such as vitamin C and vitamin E, are taken.

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How Does Claritox Pro Differ From Other Products?

Claritox Pro has the following properties, according to the manufacturer:

Natural and pure at 100%

Jim Benson claims that he sources his ingredients from growers who naturally allow the plants to reach full maturity.

No additives

There are no herbicides, pesticides, or other chemicals added to the ingredients.

Completely effective

To ensure the potency of the ingredients, they are all prepared properly and mixed at the right proportions.

Claritox Pro is manufactured in the United States in GMP-certified and FDA-approved facilities

Sterilization is performed on a regular basis, according to specific standards.

Claritox Pro contains no harmful toxins or stimulants

Claritox Pro can be consumed without the fear of becoming addicted.

Is Claritox Pro Associated With Side Effects?

Claritox pro contains powerful ingredients, but does not cause any adverse effects on the body. The supplement was made without any harmful substances, artificial products, or chemicals. Moreover, each ingredient was added in precisely the right amounts to contribute to your overall health.

In order for people to obtain adequate amounts of essential nutrients, natural, high-quality nutrients must be used. With this product, the body is fortified with a blend of ingredients that can reduce dizziness. 

With Claritox Pro, you will have a clear and sharp mind, which is essential for older people who wish to maintain their independence. Moreover, Claritox Pro is said to be highly effective on its own, so you don’t need to use it with any diet or exercise plan.

Claritox Pro Cons and Complaints

Claritox Pro is only available on their official website, as it cannot be purchased from brick-and-mortar stores or any other online retailer.

It may take a minimum of 8 months for another batch of this product to be manufactured once the orders are filled, according to Jim Benson.

Claritox Pro has little information on the internet.

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What is the Recommended Dosage of Claritox Pro?

Get medical advice from your doctor before you consume Claritox Pro. In order to prevent adverse drug interactions, talk to your doctor before taking any other medication. It is recommended to take two capsules twice a day of Claritox Pro. It is recommended to take one Claritox Pro pill in the morning and the other in the evening after meals.

As all ingredients are naturally sourced, Jim Benson assures consumers that Claritox Pro capsules are unlikely to cause any side effects. Claritox Pro may cause allergic reactions in some users. In case of discomfort, it is best to stop taking the medication and seek medical attention immediately.

Claritox Pro Pricing and Discounts

Claritox Pro dietary supplement is available exclusively on, according to the official website. To protect customers against duplicators and scammers, the official site is only available to ensure they receive authentic supplements.

Therefore, supplements are not available on marketplaces such as Amazon. At the moment, a single bottle of Claritox Pro costs $69. However, if you opt for a multiple-bottle package, the price drops to as low as $49 per bottle. currently has the following prices.

  • 1 bottle: $69 + Free shipping
  • 3 bottles: $177 + free shipping
  • 6 bottles: $294 + free shipping

For a 30-day supply of Claritox Pro, each bottle contains about 60 capsules. For optimal results throughout the day, you should take two capsules every morning. The best results will come from taking the supplements non-stop for at least 90 to 180 days.

What is the Refund Policy of Claritox Pro?

Claritox Pro bottles from any package come with a 60-day money back guarantee. You can use the supplements risk-free for two months after purchase thanks to the 60-day refund policy. 

In the unlikely event that you don’t see any changes or improvements within this timeframe, you may request a full refund.

Is Claritox Pro Worth Buying?

Dizziness can be permanently prevented with Claritox Pro, according to the company. Claritox Pro guarantees its effectiveness to consumers. 

If you do not see any changes after taking Claritox Pro for 60 days, you can return the bottle for a full refund.

Where To Buy Claritox Pro?

Claritox Pro can only be purchased through the official website of the manufacturer. It cannot be purchased in stores or online. 

Furthermore, the manufacturer expects that the stock of this product will be depleted soon due to the increasing demand for it. Buyers should take advantage of this opportunity to purchase Claritox Pro.

Claritox Pro prices are as follows:

  • Best value: 6 bottles at $49 per bottle
  • Most popular: 3 bottles at $59 per bottle
  • Basic: 1 bottle at $69

Free shipping directly to your address is included with each Claritox Pro package shown above. For more convenience, get the deal that offers the greatest savings per bottle.

You will also be able to effectively resolve your vertigo issues with a longer-term supply. The long-term use of this dietary supplement will prevent you from feeling dizzy, drowsy, or confused.

Claritox Pro Review: Final Verdict

Claritox Pro is a nutritional supplement that claims to reduce the symptoms of vertigo, restore your balance, and end your dizziness. Vertigo can be eliminated using natural ingredients such as herbal extracts, plant extracts, amino acids, and minerals.

Although there’s no direct scientific proof that Claritox Pro ingredients can end vertigo, there are various studies showing that the ingredients in Claritox Pro can relieve vertigo symptoms. We need to supply the body with the right nutrients which have some strong associations with helping these ailments as a whole. 

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee on Claritox Pro purchases, so you can try it and see if it helps your vertigo.

To learn more about Claritox Pro or to purchase the supplement online, where all purchases are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Claritox Pro Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is About Jim Benson?

A dedicated researcher, Jim Benson has always been interested in the role plants play in human health. Jim has extensively researched natural ways to prevent falls and dizziness and to better promote balance in people. 

Later, he created this Claritox Pro product with powerful ingredients like chromium, zinc, resveratrol, Korean ginseng, banaba leaf, and other plant extracts and vitamins.

2. Do You Have Video Reviews of Claritox Pro Supplement?

Yes, to help you gather more information, you can watch the YouTube videos reviewing Claritox Pro Supplement below:

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