Cinderella Solution Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

Are you looking for a Cinderella Solution review? Is Cinderella Solution a scam?

Women after 35 find it increasingly difficult to lose weight easily as each passing year passes. Several studies published over the past few decades have indicated that with age, the natural weight loss mechanisms of most women slow down considerably, resulting in a buildup of fat, greasy compounds, and unhealthy triglycerides in trouble spots such as the belly, hips, thighs, etc.

Accordingly, Cinderella Solution can be seen as a weight-loss system aimed at women who are looking to get back in shape after years of unhealthy eating and procrastination. 

Carly Donovan has been featured in a number of leading health magazines for her amazing weight loss supplements and weight optimization solutions, which are the inspiration behind the product.

To help you decide if Cinderella Solution is a scam, I’ve done thorough research about the brand in the past few weeks.

Cinderella Solution Review – Key Takeaway

  • Product Name: Cinderella Solution
  • Website:
  • Special Offer: Get A Special Discount Here
  • Overall Rank: 4.7/5
  • Cinderella Solution Scam or Legit: It’s not a scam. It’s a legit program to help people lose weight
  • Who is it for: Anyone who wants to lose weight (except for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women)

In this Cinderella Solution review, I’m going to cover the following topics:

What is Cinderella Solution?

In its simplest form, Cinderella Solution can be seen as a dietary enhancement program that seeks to address the numerous hormonal changes that women begin to experience as they age. 

A number of western researchers believe that hormonal imbalance is one of the most common causes of women putting on weight as they age.

A lack of exercise and a poor diet, combined with hormonal changes, can lead to a variety of health issues in women’s bodies, including:

Metabolic Slump

As a result of weight gain over the years, metabolic debasement is one of the primary challenges faced by most women. 

A woman’s body, as it grows older, sees her innate metabolic capacity diminish, resulting in a diminished ability to burn off fat quickly and efficiently.

Rapid Weight Gain

Hormonal imbalances can also contribute to rapid accumulation of harmful fats in the body.

When discussing hormonal changes in women, it is often overlooked the fact that it can negatively affect the immune system.

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Who Is Carly Donovan?

Originally overweight, nutrition specialist Carly Donovan was in danger of developing hypertension, diabetes, and depression. 

Having been convinced that liposuction would be necessary, she read an article stating that women in Japan lived longer and were healthier than Americans due to something called “flavor pairing.”. 

Carly was intrigued by this concept, so she funded a team of bionutrition scientists to study how Japanese women keep slim figures. With the help of flavor-pairing, she studied nutrition and weight loss. Her discovery of how flavor-pairing controlled the female metabolism reversed her weight problems. 

With the Cinderella Solution, she has helped women all over the world achieve the body of their dreams.

What is The Science Evidence For The Cinderella Solution?

In the Cinderella Solution program, women’s weight gain is attributed to hormonal changes. When this happens, the metabolism slows down, causing them to gain weight. When a person has a poor diet, an unhealthy lifestyle, and genetic factors, the risk of becoming overweight or obese is inevitable. 

Cinderella Solution claims to work in synchronization with a woman’s body to support hormonal changes naturally so that weight loss can occur without following trendy diets and exercising until you feel exhausted. 

Carly and nutritionists, on the other hand, say that extreme dieting causes slow metabolism and weakened immunity. 

The science has identified the 3 female hormones that indirectly affect metabolism and indirectly affect weight gain and weight loss. Cortisol, estrogen, and insulin are these three hormones. 

Cinderella Solution works by regulating these three hormones, which are as follows in the female body:

  • Insulin is known as the “skinny hormone,” which makes it difficult for women to lose weight and keep it off when it is not managed properly.
  • Estrogen – this one could be considered the “pretty hormone” since it prevents wrinkles from forming and keeps skin toned.
  • The “happy hormone” cortisol causes depression, stress, and anxiety when it is imbalanced.

By regulating these three hormones, the Cinderella Solution stimulates the metabolism to work harder.

How Does Cinderella Solution Work?

According to Carly Donovan, this flavor-pairing system was influenced by the Japanese Shoku-Iku nutrition program. By keeping the 3 essential fat-burning hormones balanced, Shuku-Iku helps restart a sluggish metabolism. 

Overeating becomes a thing of the past during this process, during which the body heals from the inside out. 

In addition to video tutorials, PDFs, and eBooks, Cinderella Solution is available in digital format. There are two 14-day phases in this program, so it should be followed for 28 days:

The Ignite Phase

Every phase of Cinderella Solution lasts 14 days. During the Ignite Phase, women following the program learn what nutritional meals they should consume to lose weight. 

They provide them with meal options that will balance the three key hormones in their body, causing their metabolism to speed up. Eating three times a day is essential during the Ignite Phase.

The Launch Phase

The Phase introduces new foods into the daily meal plan. In addition, it involves eating four meals instead of three. Fat is burned and the immune system is strengthened with all the meal options. 

It is known that these meal plans accelerate the metabolism so the body burns all the fat stored more quickly.

What Problems Does The Cinderella Solution Aim To Solve?

Earlier, we mentioned that three hormones are given extra attention so that they can support fat-burning instead of blocking it. 

However, before we get into the details, let’s take a step back to understand how the female body functions. Throughout a woman’s life, she experiences multiple internal changes, starting with puberty, pregnancy, and menopause.

Throughout this entire process, it is during the menopause stage that women undergo heightened hormonal changes (over the age of 40, to be precise). 

During this stage, estrogen and progesterone are the two dominant hormones, which are unfortunately found in lesser quantities. 

For instance, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, insomnia, and irritability are common symptoms of menopause.

According to Carly’s research, women should focus on insulin, cortisol, and estrogen when it comes to weight management. In order to make sure that everyone understands these hormones, a brief summary will be followed on each type:


Everyone knows that estrogen is a sex hormone produced by the female ovaries. In addition to affecting one’s fertility, it has a significant effect on a woman’s appearance (i.e., breasts, body hair, menstrual cycles, etc.) 

Menopause can make it difficult for women to maintain a healthy weight. It’s possible that, by this point, estrogen levels will have dropped, and since estrogen governs glucose and lipid metabolism, low levels may cause weight gain.

In addition to menopausal women, young women also suffer from low estrogen levels. It boils down to the stresses that ovaries face, since they are the ones who decide whether estrogen will be produced.

 There may be several causes of low estrogen, including “excessive exercise, eating disorders, a low-functioning pituitary gland, premature ovarian failure, Turner syndrome, and chronic kidney disease.”


The insulin hormone is produced by the pancreas and ensures that the body uses glucose from food to produce energy. Women are more prone to insulin resistance at a certain age, where the liver, muscles, and fat cells are unable to access blood glucose.

According to a study that examined insulin resistance and insulin concentrations as predictors for weight gain in women after menopause, insulin resistance and insulin concentrations predicted weight gain. 

Researchers concluded that “the effect is most prominent among women with a lower BMI, while it was not evident among Black women with a higher BMI.”


The last hormone we have is cortisol, also known as stress hormone. Overeating may be triggered by excess cortisol, which can eventually lead to weight gain. 

According to one source, women who carry excess weight around their middle experience a greater increase in cortisol in response to stress. These levels can also be elevated by a strict diet, hence, careful choices should be made.

All things considered, the Cinderella Solution aims to create a balance between insulin, cortisol, and estrogen. The first step in revamping fat-burning is to make healthier lifestyle choices (such as eating habits, physical activity, etc.).

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What Are The Foods Recommended By Cinderella Solution?

In Carly’s opinion, rapid weight loss is achieved by combining foods and flavors correctly. Cinderella Solution recommends the following food combinations:

  • Green tea with mint
  • Fish in combination with fresh garlic
  • Apples with chocolate
  • Sweet potatoes with Greek yogurt
  • Ricotta with banana

You can use these food combinations to boost the metabolism and lose weight quickly.

Why Choose Cinderella Solution?

The creator of the program, Carly Donovan, says that while grueling exercises help people lose weight, a more regulated approach is needed when it comes to women’s bodies after a certain age. 

Carly believes Cinderella Solution stands out because it uses a unique two-step approach, which includes:

Dietary Regulation

In order to make use of the Cinderella Solution, women will have to alter their daily dietary regimens, so as to limit the intake of harmful fats, sugars, and other derivatives that can adversely affect their health in the long run. 

Additionally, users will have to begin incorporating new food items into their daily diets according to the meal plans outlined in the system. In Carly’s opinion, these foods have been chosen because of their fat-burning abilities.

Exercise Incorporation

Cinderella Solution also requires women to incorporate physical activity and exercise into their daily lives. These are relatively simple regimens. 

In spite of this, they have been shown to boost metabolic activity, resulting in the faster breakdown of complex nutrients that may have been stored in the body.

Lastly, Donovan points out that it is not only the food women eat that makes them fat, as there are plenty of countries where women follow fat-heavy diets and are still slim and in shape. 

In her research, she discovered that it isn’t so much about eating leaner foods as it is about combining foods that pair well together. 

In addition, the Cinderella solution also takes into account a person’s family history and genetics to help users lose weight in a more sustainable, personalized way.

What’s Included in the Cinderella Solution Purchase?

The following is a list of what women receive when they purchase the Cinderella Solution program:

Main Manual

It contains plenty of information about women’s metabolisms and the hormones that help them lose weight in this 93-page eBook that’s available in PDF format. In addition to the food plan, it includes a section on food combinations.

Quick Start Guide

People who do not have the time to read the Main Manual or do not want to read it can greatly benefit from this Quick Start Guide to lose weight right away. If they require more in-depth information, they will need to refer to the Manual.

Food Lover’s Recipe Playbook

Carly provides all the foods and meal plans that helped her shed 84 pounds. There are recipes for all the meals of the day, including desserts, in 22 pages.

Cinderella Solution Accelerator

During the first 3 weeks following Carly’s system, this bonus package contains success stories of women who have used the Cinderella Solution program and secrets of how to speed up weight loss. Included are:

  • 21-day Kick-Start Nutrition Guide
  • The Accelerator Movement Sequencing Book
  • The Accelerator Main Manual

With this entire program, the Accelerator Movement Sequencing Book exercise is optional. The workout training sessions in this book last between 8 and 20 minutes, and are very gentle on the body. In total, there are about 15 exercises in this book. 

Cinderella Solution followers have online access to the Workout Video Library, where they can view how to perform the exercises.

What are the Details of the Cinderella Solution Main Manual Content?

As the Cinderella Solution Main Manual discusses the science of weight loss and how the 3 essential female hormones work to speed up metabolism, it is quite complicated. Let’s see what the Cinderella Solution Main Manual contains:

Part 1: The Cinderella Solution Program Explained

Chapter 1: Explaining Weight Loss

It’s explained how weight loss begins from the inside out.

Chapter 2: The Cinderella Solution Rituals for Weight Loss

The sections of this chapter are:

  • Coupling of food pairing
  • A detailed look at flavor pairing
  • Nutrition timing
  • A series of slim-sequencing exercises

Chapter 3: Ignite and Launch Approach

The sections in chapter 3:

  • The Ignite Phase
  • The Launch Phase
  • Cycling Launch and Ignite Phases

Part 2: How to Use the Daily Nutrition Blueprint Book

Chapter 4: 14-day Calendars

With the following sections:

  • A set of daily meal plans
  • Bonus recipes that offer alternatives to daily meal plans

Chapter 5: Food Pairing Ritual Guide and Macros

The different types of foods discussed in this chapter can help with weight loss. They include:

  • Prime proteins
  • Royal fats
  • Angel carbs
  • Power carbs

Chapter 6: How to Time the Meals and the Frequency

In this chapter, it will discuss how weight loss meals should be timed and how often they should be taken.

Part 3: DIY Meal Creator

There are four chapters in this Part:

  • A 3-step instruction guide to meal preparation
  • Meal pairing legends for Ignite and Launch stages
  • Understanding food portion options
  • Food and portion blocks

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What’s Inside the ‘Nutritional Blueprint Book’ of Cinderella Solution?

14-Day Calendar

This part of the manual offers a set of daily meal plans designed to help women lose weight quickly and sustainably. Not only that, but this section also offers a variety of bonus recipes users can use to spice up their daily dietary routines.

Food pairing ritual guide and macros

As mentioned earlier, this chapter is intended to help users learn how to combine different types of foods in order to maximize one’s weight loss efforts. The foods in this regard include ‘prime proteins,’ ‘angel carbs,’ ‘royal fats,’ and ‘power carbs.’ 

These nutrients, when consumed properly, can not only help one get in shape, but also optimize one’s natural free radical/toxin elimination processes (allowing users to reap a wide array of secondary benefits).

Are There Any Other Key Aspects of the Cinderella Solution?

Time Guide

One of the underrated aspects of this weight loss program is that it provides users with a detailed breakdown of when they should consume their meals as well as when they should eat certain types of foods.

DIY Meal Creator 

There are four core aspects to this section of the program:

The user can learn how to prepare their meals and formulate their diet in 3 steps with this 3 step instruction guide.

A strategy to help reduce one’s daily caloric intake and minimize overeating by pairing meals, nutrients, and other flavoring agents.

Adding regulated portions to every meal plan as part of understanding how food proportions work.

Understanding the principles underlying food and portion blocks.


Cinderella Solution’s products are backed by a number of free goodies, including:

A starter’s guide includes a short but succinct summary of all the important information in the core guide, as well as a number of other pointers that are extremely important for users to understand.

This movement sequencing guide has been created to assist users in determining clearly how all of the workouts contained in the program should be performed. Furthermore, it also provides a number of other exercises that users can use to work out specific areas of their bodies.

An educational guide which explains all of the medical, scientific causes of obesity, weight gain/loss, in particular from the perspective of women.

Who is Cinderella Solution For?

Cinderella Solution is designed specifically for women. Weight loss programs such as this one are available for women of all ages and races who cannot fit into their favorite dresses anymore and wish to be in their actual shape.

Cinderella solution is a solution for women who keep gaining weight after losing it, women with busy schedules who are unable to go to the gym every week, and women who have given up on getting back in shape.

We’ve all been there: tired of the side effects of weight loss medications and wanting to see our smart figure again. You need to switch to Cinderella’s weight loss solution as soon as possible!

What is Flavor Pairing?

I had never heard of flavor-pairing before I discovered the Cinderella Solution, so this concept intrigued me.

When food is combined correctly, the Cinderella Solution works. As a result, you feel fuller faster when you start eating right.

Your body receives “signals” telling it to use the largest “storage-zones” as fuel. Thus, you end up eating less and are less prone to binge eating.

The feeling of grabbing a packet of biscuits and not stopping until we have eaten them all…

Using names that fit with the Cinderella theme, Carly Donovan divides food into four categories. They are Angel Carbs, Prime Proteins, Power Carbs, and Royal Fats. It feels very natural to use this two-step system for pairing flavors.

The fact that you can use meal plans was appealing to me. At the same time, you still have the freedom to mix and match meals.

Other diets don’t work like this.

What is The Japanese Connection of Shoku-Iku?

This method comes from a Japanese system called Shoku-Iku. Nutrition architecture is the meaning of this term. Japan used it as a mandatory nutritional platform to assist women.

By pairing food, one promotes “wellness from within.” Along with creating hormonal and metabolic balance.

Women in Japan generally eat more carbohydrates than women in any other country. Their consumption is double that of American women!

Nonetheless, Japanese women live on average to 87 years of age, and suffer fewer heart attacks, strokes, dementias, and depressions.

Cinderella Solution uses only four of the Shoku-Iku flavor pairing rituals. These are the most effective ones for losing weight.

Fat-Flush Tea, for instance, aids weight loss when you are fast asleep. Alternatively, you can pair carbohydrates with fats to lose belly fat and thighs.

Other pairing concepts are also used in the Cinderella Solution. These include:

Movement Pairing

Women in Australia use movement rituals that involve no cardio to remove fat from soft areas.

Spice Pairing

Find out how to lose weight faster by using two common dessert spices.

Wine Pairing

The consumption of wine at a set time helps eliminate enzymes that cause strokes.

How Long Does The Cinderella Solution Program Last?

The program includes a 28-day weight loss regimen divided into two 14-day phases. A launch phase cycling is part of the Cinderella solution, and it contributes to the weight loss program as a whole.

Initially, there are two phases: the Ignite Phase, which lasts 14 days, and the Launch Phase, which lasts 14 days.

If desired, these two methods and plans can be repeated until the desired weight is reached.

There is only one difference between the ignite phase and the launch phase, and that is the number of meals you eat each day. In the ignite phase, you eat three meals a day, and in the launch phase, you eat four meals a day.

Ignite Phase (Phase 1)

It takes up to 14 days for the Cinderella Solution to begin with an “ignite” upstart for women that helps women lose weight. It teaches users how to eat healthily by planning their meals accordingly with nutrient-rich foods. From the very beginning, it teaches you about your hormones.

It offers users a variety of options for convenience. Women can lose weight with this method by triggering three major hormones.

Launch Phase (Phase 2)

Cinderella Solution Phase 2 concludes with the Launch Phase, when new foods are integrated into the meal plan.

For this phase, users must eat four meals a day instead of three in the first ignite stage. This type of meal is aimed at accelerating fat burning and improving the immune system of the user in order to increase the metabolic rate and prevent excessive fat from being stored. 

It also boosts and keeps your hormones active to sustain and maintain weight.

As part of the ignite and launch phases, 14 different diet meal plans are followed every day according to the intended phase. Besides the standard setup, it also provides an additional bonus recipe and food combinations to make things work and enhance flavor pairings.

There are also options for vegans, vegetarians, lactoovovores, and pescatarians, according to Cinderella Solution creator Carly Donovan.

In spite of the Cinderella Solution appearing like a fairy tale, it is a simple method that requires discipline in getting what to eat each day.

The quick start guide helps you throughout your journey to the perfect weight with its clear step-by-step format and rigorous meal planning structure.

Exercise and workouts have been added, though they are optional. This exercise involves not-so-strict movements and a sequence of steps designed specifically for female metabolism over a period of 20 minutes.

There is nothing better than being able to do this from the comfort of your own home.

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What are the Benefits of Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution’s weight loss program is explained in this comprehensive review of Cinderella Solution. The change will be felt inside your body just like I did. Your health and life will benefit from it. The program will not only help you lose weight, but also improve your lifestyle and make it healthier. Cinderella Solution has several benefits:

A typical diet plan uses extreme techniques to burn fat, which leaves you with dramatic side effects. However, Cinderella does not do that, which is why it is scientifically proven to be healthier than other diet plans.

Additionally, the program teaches you how to cook healthy food, so you will eat healthy food throughout your entire diet thereby staying fit.

Ease of Use

Instead of making life difficult for women, the program makes it easier. Everybody can understand the program. It contains simple routines. In addition, unlike routine weight loss programs, you do not have to count or monitor your calories like a dietitian. You’re not an expert in diets, and you shouldn’t act like one either.

Alternative Menus

Menus have been developed for people with different tastes in food. Isn’t that something new in the dieting world?

Carly has always been attentive to people’s tastes. There are also options for vegans, pescatarians, and vegetarians, as well as lactose-intolerant people. Foods with low carbohydrates are usually recommended. 

Because low carb diets are the key to losing weight but the results are likely to be neutral if foods are not properly combined and nutritious foods are not omitted.

Quick Results

Most diet plans give only minute results and by then you have lost all hope for weight loss. On the contrary, the Cinderella solution accelerator program shows quick results.

Hormone Regulation

Your hormones are better regulated when you balance your cortisol, estrogen, and hormonal insulin levels with the Cinderella Solution program. As a result, this program has further contributed to eliminating certain diseases and reducing the risk of illnesses. 

Additionally, there are meal plans and daily meal guidance that help your hormones to work according to your body’s needs.


A yoga mat and some dumbbells are all you need to execute the plan. This allows the program package to be more affordable than other diet plans.

Video Library Tutorial

There is a video library in the program that contains tutorials of exercises. If you choose to do the optional workout, you can watch videos to learn what to do and how to do it.


Carly knows that maintaining a routine can be difficult and that staying motivated to lose weight is very important throughout the process. Thus, the program is designed so that it keeps your interest and spirit high.

Cinderella Solution Pricing and Discounts

Cinderella’s solution costs only $37. As a result, if you are concerned about cost, the Cinderella solution is not expensive, so you can save your money to buy it later.

After you purchase the system, you can access it. Once logged in, you can download all the information directly onto your mobile device, tablet, or computer. If you do not wish to download the program, you can access it online. 

However, downloading it gives you instant access to the program. It may be worth telling someone about it. If you are not satisfied with this program, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What are the Side Effects of Cinderella Solution?

Before you take the plunge into the diet, I will mention Cinderella Solution’s side effects in the Cinderella Solution Review, so you will also be aware of them. 

Initially, you may experience slight headaches and body changes due to the fat-burning nature of the program. Fat cells are activated and enzymes are released.

Cinderella’s solution comes with fewer and minute side effects than the other diet plans. It happens because your body is experiencing a sudden change in eating habits and workout routines. 

Due to the lack of diet routines, most people are not used to limiting their food intake. Cinderella Solution isn’t an overly restrictive diet, but it still forces you to watch your diet. There are some foods that you must avoid.

Therefore, restricting diet and beginning exercise regimens cause some minor side effects.

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What Makes The Cinderella Solution Unique?

As soon as Carly realized that restrictive diets and exhausting exercise sessions didn’t work for her or anyone else in weight loss, she decided to address what was happening inside her body and make some changes there. 

As soon as she devised her own weight loss program, the Cinderella Solution, she lost weight so rapidly that in one month, she was happy with what she saw in the mirror. In contrast to other diets out there, this one requires changes in how foods are combined or exercise. 

Cinderella Solution is a technically sound weight loss solution that doesn’t rely on extreme techniques as it activates the metabolism to enter fat-burning mode from the inside out. 

There is a money-back guarantee included in the program, making purchasing it a risk-free investment.

Where to Buy Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution can be purchased from the program’s official website, where it is available for an amazing, discounted price, along with free bonuses. For $37, you’ll receive more than $300 in value. 

Having access to Carly’s 24h support team is also available for an optional fee. Because everything is digital, users won’t have to wait for delivery by mail; as soon as payment is made, they’ll have immediate access to the content. A computer, tablet, or smartphone can be used to access the Cinderella Solution materials. 

Women who decide it isn’t for them can get their money back by contacting the Cinderella Solution customer service team via the following email address: [email protected] 

Finally, the program is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Cinderella Solution Review: Final Verdict

Cinderella Solution is a way for women to lose weight without having to undergo extreme stress and pain. 

Other programs may have a strict diet or workout program that requires users to figure out a way to fit into their schedule, but this program centers on making fitness accessible to anyone at any age. 

There’s no need to stress the body further, since stress can lead to weight gain. The regimen can be used by anyone, regardless of their family history of obesity or past struggles with lifestyle and dietary changes.

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Cinderella Solution Alternative: Weight Loss Supplement

I want to offer all the possible solutions for you. So if you don’t like weight loss programs like Cinderella Solution, I have another recommendation for you.

Exipure uses eight plant and herb extracts to raise the amount of brown adipose tissue (BAT) in your body.

Every lean individual is equipped with a fat-burning furnace. Research has increasingly demonstrated the effectiveness of BAT in weight loss. BAT, for example, burns calories 300 times faster than other fat cells. Maintain a caloric deficit – and burn calories inside you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Even a small increase in BAT levels can dramatically increase your body’s calorie and fat burning capabilities.

In addition, BAT can also increase energy levels. BAT levels are higher when your body has more energy.

As a result, Exipure aims to boost your metabolism by increasing brown adipose tissue levels within your body. offers a 180-day money-back guarantee when you purchase it from the official website. You can receive a full refund if you wish if you made a risk-free purchase.

Cinderella Solution Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does age determine who is or isn’t appropriate for the Cinderella Solution?

Women of all ages can find comfort in the Cinderella Solution, from those in their early 20s to those who are in their late 40s, 50s, and even 60s.

2. What are the supposed benefits of following the Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution provides instructions and advice on how to:

  • Weight loss six times faster than any commercial diet
  • By eating comfort foods that are otherwise frowned upon, you’ll look and feel 10 to 20 years younger
  • Using fat cells as energy instead of fat cells as fuel to burn fat faster
  • Changing eating habits that encourage carbohydrates and protect heart health
  • Suppressing “hunger and food obsession” with the “procrastination method.”
  • Discovering the “golden-window” for enjoying wine in order to trigger weight loss

3. Does the Cinderella Solution require women to join a gym?

Cinderella Solution activity component does not require more than a pair of lightweight dumbbells. With each purchase, you get everything from pre-made calendars to complete recipes and workout lists.

4. Is the Cinderella Solution beneficial to people with slow metabolisms or thyroid problems?

Cinderella Solution does not explicitly claim to treat slow metabolism, thyroid conditions, diabetes, or heart conditions, but supposedly many women reported improvements in such areas.

5. What does the Cinderella Solution fail to deliver?

The Cinderella Solution is protected by the “glass slipper guarantee,” which ensures that individuals can give it a shot for two months (i.e., 60 days) and then decide whether they wish to use it or not. If not, please contact customer service at [email protected] for a full refund.

6. Do You Have Video Reviews of Cinderella Solution?

Yes, to help you gather more information, you can watch the YouTube videos reviewing Cinderella Solution below:


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