Causebox (Alltrue) Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

Are you looking for a Causebox (Alltrue) review? Is it worth your money or a scam?

If you are reading this Causebox (Alltrue) review, chances are you have watched the ads for Causebox (Alltrue) and wonder if the product and service are good or not.

Since I find the subscription service very interesting, I have spent some time researching Causebox (Alltrue). 

After reading this review, you will know if Causebox (Alltrue) is a scam or not.

Below is what I’ll cover in this Causebox (Alltrue) review to help you make an informed purchase decision.

What is Causebox (Alltrue)?

Causebox changes its name to Alltrue recently. 

The Causebox service is a subscription-based service for women that delivers clothing, jewellery, skincare, and other lifestyle products right to their door every four months. Causebox sells socially conscious products handcrafted by socially conscious brands. 

With a mission to empower women while giving back to women-focused charities, Causebox is cruelty-free and sustainably produced. 

Causebox (Alltrue) Overview

In an attempt to cater to the modern woman, Causebox was created by, oh, two men. It’s not a fool’s game because co-founders Matt Richardson and Brett McCollum were very savvy. 

Since its inception in 2014, Causebox has sent thousands of boxes to women all over North America. Causebox, which boasts over 257,000 followers on Instagram is at the pinnacle of its popularity.

Causebox mails out its boxes at the beginning of each season. Winter boxes may include mugs for nesting near a fire; summer boxes have metal straws that are good for the planet and cool looking at the same time. 

Causebox’s eye for finding cool items, like cheetah print silk scarves or home decorations, won’t let you down.

According to a Causebox subscription review, these boxes are more than just pretty faces. Their products are cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and sustainably made. 

It partners with women-owned organizations around the world, like Speak Your Silence, Trees for the Future, and Books for Africa, to donate money to dozens of organizations.

In addition, Causebox wants its subscribers to learn more about all the businesses they work with. A magazine is included in each box that explains where the products are made and who made them. By doing this, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the item you’re purchasing.

You’ll discover the ins and outs of a Causebox subscription in this review.

Causebox (Alltrue) Review: Pros and Cons

Causebox (Alltrue) Pros

  • The products are made ethically and without cruelty
  • Causebox is a charity-focused company
  • Women’s organizations receive donations from Causebox
  • The cancellation process is simple
  • USA shipping is free
  • You can customize the boxes
  • There are multiple subscription options

Causebox (Alltrue) Cons

  • There are no returns or exchanges
  • Email is the only way to contact customer service 
  • Costly in comparison with other beauty subscriptions

Causebox (Alltrue) Subscription Plans

Subscribers receive four boxes per year containing 6-8 products. Causebox features jewellery, clothing, and accessories made from natural materials, enhancing skincare or simply treating oneself once in a while. 

You cannot buy Causebox products anywhere else since they’re exclusive collaborations. 

Subscribers to Causebox can choose to pay annually or quarterly.

Pay Annually

Here’s an option if you’re interested in committing to a full year of Causebox and saving some money. For a one-time payment of $199.80, customers can choose the annual option. 

A full year’s worth of boxes is included in this payment. Each box costs $49.95. 

Pay Quarterly

You also have the option of choosing a quarterly subscription to avoid paying all those fees all at once. Each subscription box costs $54.95 per quarter, which is four separate fees. You would end up paying $20 more if you chose to go this route. 

The subscription can be paused or cancelled at any time, whichever option you choose.

Causebox (Alltrue) Custom

Annual subscribers have access to Causebox Custom, allowing them to customize their boxes every season. 

Annual members can select “choice products” two weeks prior to the season’s start and customize them based on their needs. 

Subscription consumers can pick the style, color, and pattern of clothing, for example, or replace skincare products with haircare.

Members of the quarterly subscription service who wish to customize their boxes must upgrade to the annual membership service.

What’s Included in the Past Causebox (Alltrue)?

It’s time to get to the good stuff in this Causebox review. It’s likely you’re wondering what pieces come in a Causebox, so here’s a breakdown of the past three-box packages.

Causebox (Alltrue) Fall 2019

Causebox’s Fall 2019 box featured a cozy mix of travel essentials and scented candles that would delight even the pickiest of subscribers. 

The box included a facial oil, 10-piece makeup brush collection, and minimalist gold necklace. 

The bag looks like it can withstand even the most demanding schedules when used as a weekend duffle bag and a travel wallet. 

With this travel-themed Causebox, subscribers were ready to pack up and go.

Causebox (Alltrue) Spring 2019

It was all about your skincare routine in the Causebox Spring 2019 box. Featuring a facial mist,  a face mask, an eye mask, and a fancy konjac sponge (for deep exfoliation), you can put an end to tired and dry skin with these new products.

The box also comes with a silk scarf that can be worn as a headband, a portfolio clutch, a postcard, and a plant hanger. That is one seriously versatile scarf.

Causebox (Alltrue) Winter 2019

In the Causebox Winter 2019 box, the holidays were the theme. 

Your party would look different from all other holiday parties with a gold serving spoon and a cosy knit blanket. 

Despite the chilly winds, you kept your hair and skin hydrated with a hair vitamin serum and facial moisturizer. 

This Causebox Winter 2019 box includes two mugs, an art print, and a hair clip, all designed to bring out the best in you.

Causebox (Alltrue) Spring 2020

This Spring 2020 box features reusable grocery bags to help reduce plastic waste and some fashion-forward items including a necklace and a cute crossbody bag.

Causebox (Alltrue) Alternatives

There are many subscription services out there – and you may wonder how Causebox stacks up. Causebox or Fabfitfun? What about Boxycharm?  

As part of this Causebox subscription review, I have listed 5 more subscription services you may be interested in learning more about.

Ipsy: Each Ipsy bag contains five samples of beauty products. It is a subscription service that delivers glam bags every month. You can customize each beauty bag with Ipsy for $12/month. 

FabFitFun: FabFitFun is a subscription box that comes out every season. The box is delivered four times a year and costs $49.95. Subscribers can customize their box with 8-10 pieces of makeup, skincare, clothing, or jewelry.. 

Boxycharm: Subscribers to Boxycharm receive five full-size beauty products for $25 per month. Members receive the same products, and their products cannot be customized.

Glossybox: A Glossybox subscription costs $21.10 a month, and subscribers get a selection of five beauty items. You can customize your box by taking a quiz.

Birchbox:  Birchbox is a subscription box that includes five skincare, haircare, and makeup products each month. Subscribers can customize their items for $15 per month.

Causebox (Alltrue) Review: Is It Worth It or a Scam?

Causebox is certainly not a scam. The online site for Causebox has such a pleasing aesthetic that it immediately draws you in. 

The boxes are all so different from one another. Due to the versatility of Causebox’s boxes, customers are guaranteed to find one that suits their needs. What about products that are worth more than $200 and are sold for a quarter of the price? It’s almost like a miracle.

However, don’t be fooled by the Instagram worthy photos on this site. Causebox is more than just pretty packaging. 

By partnering with women-owned brands, they are truly embracing the divine feminine energy they are selling. Also, they’re cruelty-free! 

I’ve never used a subscription service, but, if I had to pick one, I’d prefer Causebox since you’re contributing to a great cause.

Causebox (Alltrue) Customer Reviews

Due to the lack of Causebox reviews directly on their site, we had to reach out to other sites to see what customers think. What is the overall message? Causebox is rated 4/5 stars by women.

One verified buyer left this review on 

“As usual, I am so impressed with Causebox. I love their mission of working with brands + companies that have ethical production practices, and the box curation is equally amazing.”

Another verified buyer on says, 

“I was blown away with my first box as well as by the one I received today (my second box). Everything is beautifully wrapped and packed. The products themselves are fantastic quality and I have quickly become obsessed with more than one!”

Causebox appears to know what they’re doing when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Causebox (Alltrue) Promotions & Discounts 

Due to the high discounts given to Causebox products (they sell them for a quarter of their retail value!), further discounts are not offered. The Causebox email list offers 20% off its first box for new subscribers, however. 

How to Join Causebox (Alltrue) Subscription?

Joining Causebox couldn’t be easier. 

Choosing an annual or quarterly subscription is your first step. 

Following that, you simply create an account, enter your billing and shipping information, then wait for the next season to arrive. A box will then arrive at your doorstep.

How to Contact Causebox (Alltrue)?

Have questions not covered in this Causebox subscription review? Their customer service team is available via email at [email protected]

Causebox (Alltrue) Subscription Review: Final Verdict

Causebox (Alltrue) is not a scam. The subscription service has received many positive customer reviews online. Their prices are also very reasonable.

If you’d like to get Causebox (Alltrue), you might go to the official website.

Causebox (Alltrue) Review FAQs

Causebox (Alltrue) Shipping Policy

Causebox ships to the USA for free, except for Hawaii and Alaska, which cost $7.95. Causebox ships to Canada for an additional $7.95, including no duties or taxes.

When does each seasonal box ship? They’re sent out on the first of every month. 

Here are the specific dates:

  • Spring boxes ship March 1st
  • Summer boxes ship June 1st
  • Fall boxes ship September 1st
  • Winter boxes ship December 1st

Causebox will notify you by email with a link to track your shipment. Causebox typically takes 2-8 business days to arrive.  

Causebox (Alltrue) Returns Policy

According to a Causebox review, the boxes are not refundable and can’t be returned or exchanged. 

A damaged product or a missing product will be replaced by Causebox for free if it happens to arrive in your box. 

Causebox will not replace an item after it has been delivered for two weeks. So please contact their customer service team as soon as possible.

How to Cancel Causebox (Alltrue)?

Your subscription to Causebox can be cancelled online under your account settings page. You must cancel it before the next renewal date, and any boxes remaining under your subscription will not be refunded. 

Don’t worry if this sounds a bit confusing. Here’s how it works:

Annual members have already paid for one entire year’s worth of subscription boxes. You will still receive the fall and winter boxes if you cancel your subscription in August. Cancelling your subscription will only terminate next year’s boxes. 

Members with quarterly memberships have a bit more flexibility in cancelling. You won’t be charged if you cancel before the start of the season, such as the Summer Box, which ships on June 1st.

Subscribers have the option to pause their subscription as well as cancel their box. If you decide the seasonal box isn’t right for you, you can skip the box and your subscription continues to the next season. Boxes must be cancelled before the start of each season.

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