Calpak vs Away – Which Luggage is the Best?

The globe is starting to open up, so now is a good time to go exploring before things get too crazy. In the last two years, travel restrictions have meant that while some tourist hotspots are open, most are closed.

The future looks brighter than ever. So take advantage of it by planning a trip. Do not forget to pack your basic equipment and take it in your carry-on luggage. But imagine you can not take bags on the plane with you. What do you do then?

That’s where Calpak and Away come in. With the high-quality carry-on bags from the two brands, you will forget about your other luggage.

Calpak Vs Away: What Do They Offer?

To provide a fair comparison of the two brands, we choose the best-selling carry-on bag from each online store. Although both Calpak and Away offer a variety of items, comparing their carry-on bag offerings makes the most sense.

Calpak offers the Jen Atkin Carry-On as checked luggage. This chic duffel bag is the result of a collaboration between Calpak and Jen Atkin, the creator of the OUAI and one of the most famous hairstylists in the world. There are several reasons why this bag is so popular, which we will get to in a moment.

The travel bag is available for your trip. It’s a modest name for a delightfully gorgeous item. The bag is both sturdy and fashionable, giving the impression that you are a high fashion model who is late for your trip. It has many of the same amazing features as Calpak, which we will discuss in more detail below.

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Calpak Jen Atkin Carry-On Luggage Review

Calpak’s partnership with Jet Atkin enabled the launch of a new line of luggage that has won over the brand’s many loyal followers. The best-selling luggage on Calpak’s website is this elegant and robust model. In fact, if you use the “Best Sellers” filter, Jen Atkin’s Carry-On Luggage appears in first place.

Unfortunately, most people’s carry-on luggage is not sturdy enough to stay on board for the entire trip. Calpak has gone a step further to ensure the safety of its customers’ belongings by adding a 100% polycarbonate shell to its product.

According to its proponents, polycarbonate is fireproof, heat resistant and an excellent electrical insulator. The contents are protected not only from crushing, but also from electric shock or burns.

Hinomoto Silent Run wheels are another fantastic feature of this bag. You know that squeaky sound your suitcase makes when you roll it along? For some, that can be quite annoying. This bag is made for you if you belong to that category. The wheels are completely silent, so you can stroll to the terminal in peace.

The best thing about this bag and also the Away bag is that they both come with locks that are approved by the Transportation Security Administration. The TSA-approved lock opens with just one click, so there’s no need to cut or force your bag open to be searched. When they are done, the bag is locked again and sent on its way.

AWAY The Carry-On Review

The Carry-On was specifically designed by Away to withstand the rigors of air travel. Due to the high potential for abuse of carry-on luggage, only the safest and most durable materials are used in the manufacture of the Carry-On.

Away’s Carry-On, like Calpak’s, is made of polycarbonate to be as durable as possible and, with its TSA-approved lock, is quick and easy to get through airport security.

However, the Carry-On has an internal compression system that is unique. To shed some light on this: The compression method in luggage allows you to carry more items. If you have packed everything you can, the compression method gives you a little wiggle room so you can pack a few more items.

If you prefer a monochromatic look, such as all black or pink, Away offers a wide range of color options. Black, navy, coast, green, asphalt, blush, white, sand and lavender are those shades. Of course, these are just the main colors. For a unique look, Away also comes in two special edition colors: Bloom and Tropic.

The addition of a USB charger is just another reason to love this bag. In case you were wondering, you read that correctly. An optional accessory for the Carry-On bag is the integration of a USB charger for use with mobile devices. 

You will not have to worry about finding a power outlet in a noisy terminal. You can be content to carry your belongings with you.

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Calpak Vs Away


If you compare CALPAK to Away Travel, CALPAK has the more modern look.

The esthetics of both Away and CALPAK are tailored to the modern traveler, although CALPAK offers more variety. 

In contrast to the shiny, fashionable style of the CALPAK Ambeur, the matte finish and muted colors of the Away tote bags are a more practical choice. At CALPAK, we also have a variety of carry-on models to serve a wide range of customers and their preferences.

The placement of the TSA locks and studs on the Away and CALPAK carry-on bags are other notable differences between the two brands. CALPAK’s carry-on luggage features side dimples that prevent the smooth surface of the suitcase from making contact with the floor when it is set down. 

The TSA lock on the CALPAK carry-on luggage is on the side, so these dimples are very useful. If you need quick access to your belongings, the TSA lock of your Away Travel suitcase is conveniently located on the lid.

Both have reliable 360-degree spinner wheels. However, when you pull Away alongside you, you will find that the wheels are stuck. Not that The Carry-On’s wheels are bad, but CALPAK’s roll more effortlessly in any direction.

Interiors and Storage

The CALPAK is stretchy, but Away Travel’s compression pad is more effective.

CALPAK’s Ambeur is a roomier carry-on because it has multiple compartments. A zippered mesh pocket and shoe pockets are located on the left side of the bag. 

The Away features a compact laundry bag, compression padding and a large mesh pocket. Because of the wider coverage, the compression padding is more effective than CALPAK’s straps.

The CALPAK case can be expanded, the Away case cannot. The Away is barely expandable, but the CALPAK Ambeur Carry-On can be stretched up to two inches.

Size and Weight

While CALPAK is lighter, Away Travel offers more storage space.

The Away luggage weighs 8.1 pounds, while CALPAK weighs only 6 pounds. However, Away’s storage capacity is larger. A CALPAK holds a maximum of 37 liters, while an Away holds 39.8 liters. The Away’s clever internal compression design allows you to use any storage space, no matter how small.

Warranty and Returns

Away Travel has more generous refund policies and a more secure guarantee.

When it comes to suitcase providers, Away Travel has one of the best guarantees and return policies on the market. 

If you find that the suitcase is not right for you, you can return it within 100 days from the date of purchase. 

As long as it is not personalized, you can put stickers on it and still return it within the specified period. However, if you choose to keep the bag, you are covered by a limited lifetime warranty for damage to the functional elements of the luggage.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with CALPAK. CALPAK is slightly cheaper than Away, but does not offer free returns or a very appealing warranty. Depending on the product, the warranty period is only one or two years.

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Calpak vs Away: Which Is The Better Brand?

There is no undisputed winner when comparing brands. But your personal taste is an important factor in your selection. The Away Carry-On is the better bargain when it comes to carry-on luggage, but that does not automatically make Away the better brand.

There are general strengths and weaknesses that the competing brand exploits. While Away makes excellent carry-on bags, Calpak makes excellent suitcases. 

Since both companies excel at producing items that meet the needs of their target audience, deciding which brand is better is a difficult task.

Both brands are fantastic in their own way, so it does not matter which brand is better overall.

Calpak vs Away: Final Verdict

The status quo is being restored worldwide. This is the new normal, not the old normal to which we were accustomed. 

With this in mind, it is time to start planning our vacations. Who knows what the future holds? The best thing to do now is to hit the road and do things you have never done before, like visit places you have never been or try dishes you have never heard of.

But it’s important to take everything you need with you, and that’s where companies like Calpak and Away come in. 

Both companies can help you with your travel needs by providing you with a high-quality, durable suitcase and peace of mind thanks to Transportation Security Administration-certified locks.

Not to mention the fantastic selection of colours. You can take these suitcases with you anywhere in comfort and style, and they will serve you well on the road.

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