Buykim Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

You want to shop for kitchen essentials, but where do you start? We are aware of the reality that offline shopping is not possible in the current environment. It is a common practice among Americans and people from other countries to look online for solutions to buy everything they need.

Today with our Buykim Reviews, you will be able to check the validity of a store and make an informed decision.

In the following sections, we will continue to explore this store.

About Buykim 

Buykim is a store where you can purchase a variety of household and kitchen essential products.

United States residents can find a variety of food processors, coffee makers, and other items on this website. It is a newly created web store that offers buyers commendable stock and high-quality products.

Specifically, I’m referring to the question of whether or not Buykim is a legitimate store. We will continue to investigate this further.

How is Buykim Different from Other Stores?

Its main focus is on home improvement products and kitchen tools.

Hamilton Beach 10 cup food processor can be used coarsely or finely for slicing, cutting, chopping, and shredding. The prices of such products are unbeatable.

Hamilton Beach also has another product on the hotlist, the Eight cups programmable coffee maker.

Specifications of the Buykim Store

  • is the website’s URL.
  • Its main selling points include kitchen tools such as food processors and coffee makers.
  • On Tuesday, 22nd April 2021, the website’s domain was created, which expires next Tuesday, 22nd April  2022.
  • This website does not have an email address.
  • The physical address of the store is not provided.
  • There is no number listed for customer service.
  • When you check Buykim Reviews, there are no available payment methods.
  • No information is provided regarding return policies, refunds, exchanges, shipping, and delivery.

Pros of Buykim Store

  • Buykim provides kitchen tools and home products at pocket-friendly prices.
  • According to Buykimb, its direct-from-the-manufacturers products are hassle-free.

Cons of Buykim Store

  • The store is similar to many online stores on the internet.
  • There are no security services such as McAfee or Norton on the website.
  • I find it strange that the store offers everything at unbelievable prices, but it isn’t available anymore.

Is Buykim Legit store?

Any online store should be verified for legitimacy and authenticity. Before negotiating with it, this is the crucial point.

Therefore, we have found the following information on this store:

It is a new website with short domain goals of only one year. The web store restricts buyers from placing more than $100 in orders, which is quite strange. Is it because they are trying to attract new customers?

There are no customer Buykim Reviews for the store. There is a very low trust index for the store, which is 1%. The store has not gained any popularity.

Security services such as McAfee and Norton aren’t installed. The website is not opening at the moment, and it displays error 523.

The website is not opening, which means that all the crucial information is missing and not available. This is one of several similar websites that are fake and only populated to defraud innocent buyers.

As a result of all the points we have noted above, we believe the Buykim website is unreliable.

Customer Buykim Reviews

There are many offers and discounts available at this time in online stores. In any case, trying all of these stores isn’t recommended.

This web store’s reviews were hard to find. The website is down and showing error 523 when we attempted to gather information about this review.


Overall, we would say that it is a fairly new website, and aside from that, there is no information available because it isn’t functioning. Customers have not reviewed Buykim, so a visit to the website is not recommended.

We would appreciate any feedback you have regarding the review and store in the comments section below.

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