Buying Guide For The Best Biotin Supplements

The B vitamin biotin, sometimes called vitamin H, is sometimes promoted as a product for growing hair and nails as quickly as possible. In addition to helping grow both hair and nails, it also does a lot more. Regeneration and rejuvenation of cells, and communication between them, can only be achieved through biotin.

Here is where to do your research if you are thinking of buying biotin supplements. In our biotin shopping guide, we provide information on biotin and why it might be worth considering taking a supplement.

Biotin Supplements: Factors to Consider

What is biotin and how does it work?

Biotin is used by enzymes to break down proteins, fatty acids, and glucose. As well as regulating gene expression, it also communicates with cells. The most prevalent form of biotin is protein-bound biotin, but there are many foods that contain free-form biotin. In the intestines, biotin which is protein-bound is broken down by the breakdown of the protein, which allows it to be absorbed.

Biotin is a nutrient that promotes hair growth and strengthens hair and nails. A protein called keratin is formed by combining enzymes and biotin, a substance found in hair. An increase in biotin can also prevent hair loss and strengthen the hair shaft.

The implications of biotin deficiency for medical treatment are rare, but biotin deficiency is not unheard of. The following symptoms are also present:

  • Hair thinning (which progresses to a loss of all body hair)
  • Scaly, red rash around eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Pinkeye
  • Keto Lactic acidosis
  • Acidic urine
  • Seizures
  • Skin infections
  • Brittle nails

A few of these symptoms might not indicate a serious deficiency in biotin, because other conditions can cause them, too.

Who needs biotin supplements?

If you consume a variety of foods, you will likely get all the biotin you need. There are several factors that can make you more likely to suffer from biotin deficiency, including behavioural, biological, and genetic factors.

While pregnant and breastfeeding, women who take biotin on a regular basis may suffer from a minor vitamin deficiency. Biotin level in the blood or breast milk does not increase in women taking biotin at the recommended dose. Although research has not looked into why biotin levels fall after pregnancy and breastfeeding, they return to normal after this period. Supplements for pregnant women, such as prenatal vitamins, contain additional biotin. Be sure to consult your doctor before adding additional biotin to prenatal vitamins.

Smoking and drinking alcohol reduce pancreatic biotin production. Tobacco use can also interfere with biotin synthesis.

A kidney dialysis patient’s body cannot process vitamins properly, resulting in the need to supplement with biotin.

Biotinidase deficiency: A genetic condition called biotinidase deficiency prevents the body from utilizing biotin as it should. Even when consuming normal amounts of biotin, this disorder causes low levels of biotin. The most severe cases of this condition can result in a coma or death due to neurological or skin problems. In the United States, this condition has a screening procedure, so treatment can be initiated before symptoms occur. During early and continuous treatment, this condition can effectively be prevented from having any adverse effects.

Hair loss and brittle nails: While biotin deficiency is not associated with these conditions, additional biotin may be helpful. Hair loss may be decreased by taking a biotin supplement. The change does not happen instantly, however. Observable changes may take a year or more.

Features of Biotin 

Manufacturers differ in their suggested dosages for biotin supplements. The daily recommended dose of biotin is only 30 mcg, which is equal to 0.03 mg. Researchers have found that higher concentrations of biotin, such as 10,000 micrograms or 10 micrograms, increase hair growth. Despite being far beyond the maximum recommended daily dosage, biotin in high doses is not harmful to health. There are supplements ranging in dosage from 2,500 milligrams to 10,000 milligrams. If you are taking biotin for hair and nails, you might need to take more than one dose daily. Supplements with less than 2,500 micrograms of biotin are still useful.

Among the forms of biotin are pills, capsules, liquids, and chewable. Gummies are no doubt the easiest to use, but pills certainly rank higher in popularity. Especially the ones that contain 10,000 mcg of biotin are large pills. Before buying a pill, check the size to see if you have a difficult time swallowing it.

Since biotin is used by enzymes to break down fatty acids and glucose, it plays a role in weight loss. Therefore, some dietary supplements might also contain biotin. For example, the popular weight loss supplement MitoBoost contain 5,000mcg of biotin.

As people become aware of the harmful effects of chemicals and additives, they seek labels such as organic, vegan, vegetarian, GMO-free, and all-natural. Gelatin and pectin are examples of supplement additives derived from plant sources rather than animal sources. In addition to addressing these concerns, there are biotin supplements that address specific concerns. Supplements containing animal-based or synthetic ingredients are typically more expensive.

Multiple ingredients are often found in foods and supplements, such as additives, fillers, and binders. Because they are organic, vegan, vegetarian, GMO-free, or all-natural, biotin supplements with these labels are unlikely to contain harmful additives. However, supplements often contain binders and fillers. Look for capsules and plant-based ingredients in the supplement, and make sure it has the fewest possible ingredients.

Pricing For Biotin Supplement 

Taking biotin supplements is fairly inexpensive. A dose of supplements costs between $0.04 and $0.12.

In addition, you can also find some organic, vegetarian, and vegan supplements for a reasonable price. There are several supplements containing animal products or additives. Others are derived from synthetic resources.

Usually, raw and organic ingredients are used in high-end supplements. As well as vitamins that promote healthy hair and nails, hair growth supplements with “biotin” and “keratin,” or supplements specifically designed to promote hair growth, often contain a multivitamin. It is possible to pay up to $0.33 for a dose of these supplements.

Biotin Supplement Tips

Biotin supplements should be taken with food. People who have taken the supplement have reported suffering from nausea or diarrhoea as a result.

Gradually lowering the dosage is recommended. Some people report that after taking biotin supplements, they develop excessive facial hair. If you begin with a lower dose, this side effect may not be as severe.

Food is a source of biotin. Biotin can be obtained from the right diet. In addition to almonds, eggs (whole), pork chops, spinach, cheddar cheese, bananas, and apples, biotin can also be obtained from almonds. There are many foods that naturally contain biotin, so this is not an all-inclusive list.

Frequently Asked Questions About Biotin Supplement 

How much biotin is too much?

Although biotin has a recommended daily dose (30 mcg for adults over 18), there are no effects associated with excessive amounts of biotin when consumed in high quantities. Certain laboratory tests, including those measuring thyroid function, may be interfered with by an excess of biotin. 

You should consult with your physician before you have any lab testing, especially if you will receive a diagnosis.

Are prescription medications compatible with biotin?

Certain medications can decrease biotin levels, and biotin interactions also exist. You should always let your physician know whether you are taking prescription supplements or non-prescription ones. Biotin levels may be affected by medications you are taking, or your medication may interact with biotin. Your doctor should be able to tell you, if either.

Is it necessary to refrigerate biotin supplements?

Refrigerated biotin lacks biological activity. If you must store it, it must be in a place that doesn’t get direct sunlight, such as a dry, cool place.

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