Buying Guide For Best Selenium Supplements

Despite its small size, selenium is an essential trace mineral necessary to promote normal thyroid function (which is critical if you are trying to lose weight) and fight free radical damage to cells. The majority of Americans get sufficient selenium from foods such as fish, beef, and eggs. The one exception is if you know you have a deficiency in selenium (be sure to check with your doctor first), then it’s crucial to add selenium supplements to your daily routine.

It is important to choose your own carefully. Selenium supplements may trigger food allergies and some form of selenium is better absorbed than others, so choosing a daily selenium supplement that suits your needs is important.

Here you will find answers to questions about the best selenium supplements, how much can be taken, and side effects to avoid. We will help you find the right one that will deliver all the benefits at a reasonable price. 

Key Considerations For Selenium Supplements

Organic vs. inorganic

Selenium is available in two forms: It can be organic or inorganic. Selenium exists in several organic forms, including selenomethionine, methylselenocysteine, and selenium, and in inorganic forms such as selenite and selenate. Both organic and conventional forms are beneficial, however, organic forms are more effective because the body is better able to retain them.

If they enter the bloodstream, inorganic forms are rapidly excreted. When choosing supplements, consider the form of selenium that is used, and consider organic if you can.

Daily amount

Your body needs different amounts of selenium depending on your age and gender. The average adult should consume about 55 micrograms of calcium per day, while pregnant and lactating women should aim to get 60 to 70 micrograms daily. The recommended daily limit for children under 14 is 55 micrograms. 

In supplements, selenium is usually supplied in much higher amounts, with many supplying 200 micrograms or more. The recommended dosage should be safe for most people, but excess selenium consumption can cause selenium toxicity when consumed in excess of 400 micrograms per day.

Other ingredients

If you plan to purchase a supplement, it’s a good idea to read the label thoroughly. Supplements that contain selenium will usually contain only gelatin capsules and selenium, although some may also include proprietary blends as well, mixing trace amounts of fruits and vegetables and other vitamins together. It is important not to choose a selenium supplement with a proprietary blend merely because it may contain more beneficial ingredients. This is usually present in insufficient quantities to make any real difference.

Be sure to check the label of the supplement to make sure it has no common food allergens. If you’re allergic to yeast, you may react to selenium supplements that contain yeast. Find an alternative selenium supplement if you encounter this problem. This is stated on the labels of some manufacturers.

Features of Selenium Supplements

Synthetic vs. whole food supplements

Synthetic supplements are created in a laboratory, whereas whole food supplements contain real fruits and vegetables. In addition to whole food supplements, some people believe that synthetic supplements are just as effective and are more natural. If you prefer to take whole foods, then you will likely need to take more pills to achieve the same amount of selenium, whereas synthetic supplements contain more selenium per serving.

Capsules per serving

It is generally wise to check the supplement label to make sure you are getting the required amount of selenium before buying it, since most supplement manufacturers require only one capsule per day. Especially if you dislike taking pills, this is important, since you’ll be more likely to actually take the supplement if it only requires you to take one capsule daily.

Size of the capsules

It may be difficult to swallow selenium supplements if they are large. Before you buy the capsules, figure out their size if you know this is a problem for you. Oftentimes, manufacturers show the size of the capsules on the label, so you know what you’re getting before you buy.


Selenium has an unpleasant odor, but some supplements mask this more effectively than others. Although it is a minor issue in comparison to the points mentioned above, someone who has a very sensitive sense of smell may not be able to take the supplement.

Third-party testing

Some manufacturers have their supplements tested by independent agencies so that they can prove their supplements meet purity and potency standards. Third-party testing isn’t common among supplements, however. If you are particularly concerned about which supplements you consume, you may wish to choose a selenium supplement that is SP Verified or NSF Certified. This certification should be placed on the packaging of the supplement if it has been approved and tested by one of these agencies.

Selenium Supplements Prices

There are many selenium supplements on the market, but there is not much difference between their costs, so don’t compare them based on the price alone. Rather than looking at the cost per serving, look at the cost per serving. The cost per capsule may differ from this, but these two will most likely be the same for selenium supplements.

By dividing the total cost by the number of servings in a bottle, you can calculate the cost per serving. There are several whole-food supplements that can cost as much as 30 cents per serving for selenium, but most cost between 5 and 7 cents for selenium supplements.

Tips For Consuming Selenium Supplements

  • Selenium supplements should only be taken as directed. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The selenium supplement might upset your stomach, so take it with food if necessary.
  • Consider a selenium supplement as part of your daily supplement routine by consulting your doctor.
  • When you experience side effects like brittle hair and nails, nausea, gastrointestinal discomfort, or changes in your nervous system, you should stop taking selenium supplements and seek medical advice. Selenium toxicity could be the cause of these symptoms.
  • If you suspect you need to supplement your selenium levels, you can have a hair, nail, blood, or urine test done by your doctor.

Other Products We Considered

Selenomethionine is the most readily absorbed form of selenium and is contained in 200 micrograms of Pure Encapsulations Selenium Supplement. Vegan capsules are free of common food allergens and easy to swallow, with most users reporting that they have not experienced any unpleasant side effects. In fact, some customers claim they are reversing their hair loss and improving their thyroid function after regularly taking this supplement.

A gelatin capsule also contains 200 micrograms of selenomethionine in the NOW Foods Selenium Supplement. Due to their yeast-free nature, they have a lot of benefits for anyone with a yeast allergy and who has already had the untoward experience of reacting to other selenium supplements. The capsules are easy to swallow and do not have an unpleasant smell, as some selenium supplements do. Users usually see results within a few weeks of taking the supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selenium Supplements

Q. What are the benefits of taking a selenium supplement?

A. In addition to improving thyroid function, taking selenium supplements could also reduce your risk of certain types of cancer. Furthermore, these natural compounds function as antioxidants in the body, preventing cell damage caused by free radicals.

Q. If I take selenium supplements, how often should I do so?

A. In general, selenium supplements should be taken once a day, so you should follow this recommendation unless your doctor instructs otherwise.

Q. Does selenium supplementation have any side effects?

A. In general, taking selenium supplements as directed is safe. However, if you take them in addition to a lot of selenium in your diet, you may take too much and be at risk for selenium toxicity. Talk to your doctor before purchasing a selenium supplement if you’re unsure whether you should be taking one.

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