Buying Guide for Best Eye Massagers

Screen time is a common activity for us all. If you spend a lot of time on your computer or tablet at work or at home, you may suffer serious eye strain, as well as headaches. In addition to helping to resolve these issues, eye massagers can also make your skin look better under your eyes.

To help relieve tension in the eye area, an eye massager generally uses heat, infrared technology, air compression, or sonic vibrations. As a result, serums and creams can penetrate the skin around your eyes more effectively. Using a massager is also good for puffy, irritated eyes if you haven’t slept much or if your allergies have left you feeling miserable.

However, you need to pick the right massager if you want your eyes to be properly massaged. You can save time and money by using our easy-to-follow guide. Getting a massage for your tired eyes has never been easier with our guide to choosing the best eye massager.

Things To Consider When Choosing Eye Massagers 


There are several types of eye massagers to choose from. There are several types of massagers, and depending on your particular concerns one might be the best option for you.

  • Massagers are usually designed to improve skin penetration of eye serums and creams. The rollerball is usually attached to the end and is moved under the eyes. In addition, manual massagers can reduce puffiness under the eyes and dark circles.
  • In heated massagers, the tip of the massager is heated. Your pores will open up as the heat opens them, making it easier for serums and creams to penetrate. As well as reducing puffiness and improving dark circles, a heated eye massager can also be useful.
  • Unlike heated massagers, infrared massagers don’t produce much heat from their tips. An infrared model benefits circulation around the eyes as well, which enhances vision and reduces eye strain.
  • Ultrasonic massagers use sound vibrations to massage the eye area, and some are heated. With these massagers, dark circles and puffiness can be reduced, as well as skin elasticity and firmness. You may also be able to feel a therapeutic effect if you’re suffering from eye strain due to vibrations.
  • While wearable massagers are bulkier than standard sleep masks, their design is similar. The wand does not need to be moved over your skin since this type of massager is worn on your skin. By massaging the eye muscles with heat, vibration, or air pressure, the mask helps to relieve tired and aching eyes, soothe dry eyes, dark circles, and puffiness. As a result, headache pain can also be soothed.


There is no power required to operate manual eye massagers since you roll them under your eyes. Unless the eye area is being soothed with air pressure or vibrations, all other types of massagers require some form of power supply.

Massagers can be powered by standard batteries, but they wear out over time. Rechargeable batteries are used in some models for which an AC adapter or USB cable is included. Since they don’t require batteries, rechargeable massagers are convenient.

Eye Massager Features


Choosing an eye massager that feels comfortable when used is important because the area around your eyes is extremely delicate. The tips of heated, infrared, and sonic massagers made of smooth plastic or stainless steel are less likely to irritate your eye area by tugging or rubbing.

In addition to smooth plastic, wearable eye massagers are made from silicone materials that are safe for the skin. It is also important that the massager has padding around the edges so that your face doesn’t get pinched.


It is important to choose a wearable eye massager that fits comfortably and does not look awkward while being used. Since not every head will fit the same massager, choose one that you can adjust the strap to suit. Many elastic head straps, however, can be adjusted to fit a variety of head shapes and sizes, while others have buckles that can be used to adjust the tightness and looseness.


Choose an eye massager that has a range of settings so that you can customize it. Most of the time, that means you have a few options when it comes to massages. You can select from the following settings:

  • Heat
  • Infrared heat
  • Sonic vibration
  • Air pressure
  • Heat and sonic vibration
  • The pressure of air and the vibration of sound

Additionally, massage therapists may offer multiple types of treatment settings. Vibrations can be weak or strong, and heat can be low or high.

Heat range

The temperature range is an important feature to consider if you are most interested in the heating aspect of an eye massager. Over 100°F is the normal temperature of most massagers, while some can reach over 107°F.


Several wearable eye massagers come with a speaker that allows you to listen to relaxing music as you receive the treatment. For accessing music through a speaker, most smartphones, tablets, or other devices use Bluetooth. To make relaxing even easier, some massagers have music or nature sounds.

Eye Massager Prices

Price varies between 5 and $160 depending on the features and type of eye massager.


The cheapest option is the manual eye massagers, which cost between $5 and $12, because they don’t generate heat or vibration. Those are a great option if you are trying to absorb serums or creams into the skin.


A heated or infrared eye massager may cost as much as $25. Sonic and infrared eye massagers range from $12 to $25. Various options are available if you’re concerned about the appearance of your skin under your eyes or if you’re tired from staring at your computer screen for long periods of time.


The most expensive devices are wearables. Simpler models cost between $25 and $60 and include vibrations and air pressure, but they have a limited number of settings. Music can usually be played during the massage through these devices’ built-in speakers. You can expect to pay between $60 and $160 for more advanced wearable eye massagers.


  • Before using the eye massager, apply an eye serum or cream. Apply eye serum or cream first, regardless of the type of eye massager you choose, to make the device move over your skin more easily.
  • Don’t be harsh. You shouldn’t rub your eye too roughly with an eye massager. You may cause fine lines and wrinkles if you pull at the skin too hard.
  • The eye massager should be used regularly. A regular eye massage will help to reduce puffiness and dark circles underneath the eyes. When you feel discomfort, use the massager to relieve headaches and eye strain.


Q. Are eye massagers suitable for everyone?

A. Eye massagers are often effective for treating eye strain, headaches, and skin conditions under the eyes. You should consult your doctor before using a massager if you recently had eye surgery or if you have an eye infection.

Q.  How often should I massage my eyes?

A. Depending on your goals. In order to minimize the appearance of dark circles under your eyes and reduce under-eye bags, you’ll likely want to use it daily. It can help you maintain healthy vision by strengthening your eye muscles daily. The owner’s manual may specify the number of sessions that can be performed with each massager, so check previous instructions. Use the massager when you feel discomfort if you’re using it to treat eye strain or headaches.

Q. Are eye massagers usually covered by warranties?

A. For more expensive eye massagers, a warranty is usually offered as protection. While some models offer one year of warranty coverage, others offer up to two years. A lot of budget-friendly massagers don’t come with warranties.

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