Buying Guide For Best Ab Stimulators

You need to commit to the right diet and exercise program if you want washboard abs. Oftentimes, sitting up, crunching, and doing various abdominal exercises aren’t enough to tone the abdominal muscles. Exercise and diet alone may not be yielding the results you desire, which is why you should consider an ab stimulator.

Wearable devices that stimulate the abdominal muscles using electrical stimulation are known as ab stimulators. As a result, the abs become stronger and more toned. By placing electrodes on bare abdominal skin, electrical pulses are generated to target muscles. An ab stimulator typically has a belt design, which can compress your abs while holding the electrodes in place.

When it comes to seeing results, choosing an ab stimulator is crucial. This includes determining what size belt is right for you, how many electrode pads you want, what type of battery would be easiest, and any other features that will help you get washboard abs quickly. Discover the best ab stimulators in our review and learn more about them.

What To Consider When Choosing Ab Stimulators?


It is important that the ab stimulator belt you use fits comfortably around your waist in terms of length. One-size-fits-all belts are usually designed for waists of 40 inches or less. Most ab stimulators do not have adjustable belts, but some models have upper limits of 52 inches.

The wider your belt, the more you can target your abdomen. Many people find this beneficial since the larger surface area tightens and tones more effectively.

Gel electrode pads

Gel electrode pads may be found on ab stimulators with up to 10 electrodes. Electrical impulses are sent through the pads when you tighten your muscles. It is generally considered that pads that are two inches or larger are the most comfortable and effective.

Battery type

Batteries are required for ab stimulators. The batteries are readily available in AA or AAA sizes if you need replacements. Nevertheless, replacing batteries can be expensive over time. You might benefit from an ab stimulator that has lithium batteries and a USB port to recharge the batteries.

Ab Stimulator Features

Intensity settings

A stimulator with multiple intensity settings offers the greatest versatility – and the best results. The lowest intensity can be a good starting point, and gradually increasing intensity can be done.

As few as 10 intensity levels are available on some ab stimulators, while others offer as many as 150. The best results can be obtained by selecting the model with the highest number of intensity settings that match your budget.

Built-in programs

Electrical pulses are targeted at your abs depending on the programs built into some ab stimulators. During an effective program, pulses of a certain intensity are sent for a set period of time, and then the program stops to allow the muscles to relax. Stopping and starting are handled by a built-in program, so you don’t have to do them manually.

There are frequently between three and ten predefined programs on ab stimulators. A greater number of programs is better. What is the reason? Keeping your muscles from becoming accustomed to one particular exercise program is possible with variety.


The electric pulses in ab stimulators can be turned on and off, the intensity can be adjusted, workout times can be set, and programs can be selected. Some ab stimulators can be controlled by remote, while others have buttons that are attached to the belt.

Because of its easy-to-see buttons, a remote control may be more convenient. Additionally, ab stimulators with belt controls may be cumbersome, so they may not be wearable under clothing.

Ab Stimulator Prices

There are different prices for ab stimulators depending on the intensity level and built-in program that they feature. Prices for one begin at $10 and go up to $200.

Beginners who want something inexpensive will have to spend $10 to $50 on a machine that offers 15 to 20 levels of intensity and three to four built-in programs.

To get greater effectiveness and customization, consider a midrange ab stimulator around $50 to $100. Abs stimulators in the mid-range offer around 50 intensity settings and five to six built-in programs. One of these would be a good upgrade for someone who is using an entry-level ab stimulator.

Up to 150 different intensity levels are available with the most expensive ab stimulators, in the $100 to $200 range, which is why they often provide the most noticeable results. These machines typically have six or more built-in programs and are ideal for those who want to follow an extensive diet and workout program.


  • Before using an ab stimulator, consult your doctor. Some medical conditions, such as diabetes and epilepsy, may make the electric pulses ineffective.
  • Ideally, gel electrode pads should be placed directly on bare skin for maximum effectiveness. Before applying the pads, make sure your skin is clean and dry.
  • Ensure that your gel pad is centered over your navel when you strap an ab stimulator around your waist.
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness are common side effects of ab stimulators. When you aren’t sure how you’re going to react, it is best to sit down.
  • Initially, try a low intensity ab stimulator if you’re new to them. Ab muscles shouldn’t be overworked.
  • Turning off the device before adjusting the gel pads when using an ab stimulator is a good idea if you must change the placement of the gel pads.
  • Five to six sessions of ab stimulator use each week yield the best results. Make sure you give your muscles a break periodically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are ab stimulators safe to use?

A. An ab stimulator is perfectly safe when used properly. In certain cases, however, it can be dangerous if you suffer from certain health issues. The use of an ab stimulator is not recommended for people with heart conditions or electronic implants like pacemakers. Likewise, one should not be used by anyone with cancer, epilepsy, or diabetes requiring insulin. Using an ab stimulator during pregnancy is also not recommended.

Q. Does use an ab stimulator hurt?

A. No, but it’s likely you’ll feel tingling when using it for the first time. The electric impulses targeted to your muscles may also cause them to tighten or contract.

Q. What are my options for toning my stomach after a baby?

A. You can use an ab stimulator to tighten and tone your stomach postpartum, but only when it is safe for you to do so. In the case of vaginal births, you have to wait at least six weeks before using the stimulator. Those who had Caesarean sections should wait at least three months before having a baby. You should always consult your physician first so that they are on board with your plan. Furthermore, because there are two convenient buttons, it is very easy to use.

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