Breeo vs Solo Stove vs Blue Sky – Which One is Better?

There’s no denying that smokeless fire pits, whether inspired by a restaurant installation, a pin on Pinterest or a post on social media, look great. You can add a touch of elegance and warmth to your garden or patio with just a fire pit.

But what are the options? Well, there are actually quite a few, and if you are like me, you have no idea what you are looking for or which ones are the best.

For starters, you should try Breeo, Solo Stove, or Blue Sky. When it comes to fireplaces that do not produce smoke, these three are the best choices for you 

However, it’s not easy to decide which one is better. That’s why we analyzed each of these fireplaces and compared them to the other two. Read on to find out which outdoor fire pit is the best for you!

How Do Smokeless Fire Pits Work?

The answer to the question “How do smokeless fireplaces work?” is simple. Ventilation is of fundamental importance.

Typically, smokeless fireplaces use technology that draws hot air from the bottom of the pit, preventing combustion byproducts from escaping into the air. After the smoke from the fire has risen, the hot air that has accumulated in the pit is vented.

Smokeless pits, then, are pits that vent smoke using heated air. When the smoke escapes from the fire pit, the hot air that was sucked up from the bottom is also released.

For this reason, your pit may develop smoke if the vents are blocked or ventilation is restricted for other reasons.

All in all, it’s a sophisticated piece of technology that does what it’s supposed to do and is surprisingly fascinating to boot.

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Do Smokeless Fire Pits Really Work?

A large proportion of customers avoid smoke-free establishments. This is because, despite claims to the contrary, there is uncertainty about whether or not the technology effectively disperses smoke.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Breeo, Solo Stove, and Blue Sky, as well as smokeless fireplaces in general, do the job.

Of course, the effectiveness and functionality of your smokeless fireplace may vary depending on the model you choose, but we will get to that in a moment.

In most cases, however, your neighbors will be relieved that you have chosen a smoke-free fireplace. However, there are significant disadvantages between Breeo, Solo Stove and Blue Sky that surprise us.

Take a look at the table below to compare these three products side by side and get a better idea of how different they really are.

Breeo vs Solo Stove vs Blue Sky: Key Differences

You may be curious about how different these smokeless fireplaces really are. That is a difficult answer.

All three, the Breeo, the Solo Stove, and the Blue Sky, use the same technology to ensure that your home fireplace does not emit smoke. In that respect, they are comparable, but in terms of material composition, dimensions, cost, and other details, they are not.

Breeo pits are the best of the best when it comes to smokeless fireplaces. The higher price is justified by the fact that they are of high quality and come in a wide range of sizes.

It does not matter, because Solo Stove is not too far behind. Blue Sky is in third place, with fewer size options and more portable pits 

One advantage of Blue Sky is that you can put the logo of your favorite college, NHL or NFL team or even the U.S. Army on your personal gaming pit. Cool, is not it?

Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit Review

It all started with Breeo. Compared to Solo Stove and Blue Sky, Breeo changed fireplaces forever.

Several models are offered, divided into the X series and Luxeve series. When it comes to top-of-the-line smokeless pits, Luxeve is simply unrivalled. At $1,649, it’s pricey, but it’s worth it because it’s the best smoke-free fire pit out there.

Despite the amazing luxury offerings, I doubt many people will want to spend their money there.

However, the X-Series is where the fascination lies. The X Series 19 is the smallest, the X Series 24 is the medium, and the X Series 30 is the largest. The X Series 19 is the smallest of the three types with a diameter of 19 inches, and so on.

The X Series 24 offers the best value for money. It is the right size without being over the top. It is suitable for those who have never owned a smokeless fireplace before, as well as seasoned professionals. With a price of $579, it is cheaper than the X Series 30 or the Luxeve series.

That this pit is their top seller should come as no surprise. The X Series 19 is another option, although its smaller size makes it less suitable for cooking and grilling.

Solo Stove Smokeless Fire Pit Review

For those on a smaller budget, the Solo Stove is a fantastic replacement for the Breeo.

There are only a few models of Solo Stove, and they all come in different sizes, which is one of the things I liked best. There’s the Ranger, the Bonfire, and the Yukon, which are all one-person stoves.

If you are looking for a compact, portable smokeless fire pit, the Solo Stove Ranger is a good choice. If you need a lightweight, portable pit, this one weighs less than 16 pounds. Customers have also raved about how easy it is to transport.

The central bonfire is the largest and most popular option, just like Breeo’s. The Bonfire is Solo Stove’s mid-sized, smokeless fire pit that can be used for a variety of purposes around the home and yard.

The $254.99 price is a steal. However, to maximize the effectiveness of your fire pit, a few additional items are required. Components such as the cover, stand, weatherproof shelter and shield. Unless you bring your own supplies, there’s not much included in the Bonfire.

This particular model, which is made entirely of stainless steel, weighs only 20 pounds, making it easy to transport. However, this model might be too small for many people. This is where the Yukon comes in.

Thanks to proprietary airflow technology, the Solo Stove is right up there with the best smokeless fireplaces like the Breeo.

Blue Sky Smokeless Fire Pit Review

Okay, I think we need to clarify something. Blue Sky excels at creating custom plans for customers. In addition to being able to personalize your pit with the emblem of your favorite team or league, smokeless fireplaces also come in designs inspired by the United States Army.

That’s all well and good, but let us talk about the store’s environment for a moment. Blue Sky offers an overwhelming number of options and variations compared to Breeo and Solo Stove. Patterns, sets and combinations galore.

If you are just starting out and have no idea about smokeless fireplaces, it can be a real challenge to sort through all the options and figure out what’s best for you. Now that that’s settled, let us take a look at the product lineup, or at least the most popular offerings.

It’s their most compact portable model, the Pike Ultra-Portable Smokeless Fire Pit, and it’s available at a surprisingly affordable price. I think it’s fantastic. It’s that simple. It’s very easy to transport, making it ideal for trips to the mountains. That said, the base model is reasonably priced, but add a few accessories and the price can quickly skyrocket.

The Ridge is middle of the road or the best value. It’s not as tall as the Pike, but it’s much wider, making it perfect for your backyard and maybe even outdoor exploration.

Finally, the Mammoth is their largest vehicle model. This generation has left the era of portable vehicles behind. But the Mammoth, as the name suggests, is a truly massive creature. It’s fantastic for gatherings with bonfires or gardens. The catch is that it comes with a hefty price tag.

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Breeo vs Solo Stove: Which One is Better?

Each of these smokeless fireplaces is a work of art. However, one stands out as a clear winner when certain use cases are considered.

Breeo is more expensive than other similar beverages, but being the first of its kind (a la Coca-Cola), it could sway consumer preferences. To be honest, this fireplace is the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication in this field.

However, if that does not appeal to you, perhaps a Solo Stove will do. A less expensive option that still provides a highly efficient fireplace without breaking the bank.

Unfortunately, there is one major drawback. The Solo Stove is a bit more difficult to use compared to the Breeo. With Breeo, you can have a fireplace that not only looks great, but also serves as a stove. Breeo is the better choice because of its extensive collection of cooking appliances.

However, the Solo Stove makes more sense as a portable fire pit if you only want to roast marshmallows on the best days.

Breeo vs Blue Sky: Which One is Better?

What do you think, can Blue Sky take on Breeo and defeat him? Personally, I do not think so.

Blue Sky is initially cheaper than Breeo, but the cost of additional accessories adds up quickly. Personal preference aside, I think most people will agree that the extras are essential. After all, it’s not just about installing a useless fireplace.

With that in mind, Breeo is the more sensible option. And if you have a garden and want to supplement your Breeo with a few bricks, that’s easy too. With Blue Sky, the situation is different.

Blue Sky deserves praise, however, for developing a brilliant plan for smoke-free fireplaces. If you like a more sophisticated and modern look, then sure.

Still, it’s hard to deny that Breeo has a premium look. An added bonus is that Breeo’s assortment of accessories makes it a great tool for the kitchen or grill. Personally, I do not mind spending the extra money because it’s the better option.

Solo Stove vs Blue Sky: Which One is Better?

It is common knowledge that these two are the mavericks among smokeless hearths. However, as we have shown, they are very effective and even superior to breeo in certain circumstances. But how do they fare when pitted against each other?

From an aesthetic standpoint alone, I have to give Blue Sky the edge over Solo Stove. It’s a bit edgier and more modern in style. And as an added bonus, you can style it exactly how you want.

Nonetheless, the technology behind the Solo Stove clearly wins in terms of efficiency. And if you are into that sort of thing, the design is not bad either 

Personally, I could see myself using a Blue Sky smokeless fireplace on the go, but a Solo Stove when I am in my backyard and want to stay there.

Note that Blue Sky does not offer quite as many add-ons as Solo Stove.

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Breeo vs Solo Stove vs Blue Sky: Final Verdict

Why not opt for a smokeless fire pit instead of a traditional pit for your backyard? Smokeless pits are more expensive on average than traditional pits, but the benefits are obvious.

You do not have to worry about smoky clothes or coughing fits around the campfire, and you do not have to worry about smoke coming in through the window. Now that we know that it is logical, the question arises, which option should you choose?

The Breeo pit is without a doubt the ultimate smokeless fire pit for your backyard or patio. It is equipped with many extras and it is a pleasure to cook with it. It also has the advantage of making a very high-quality impression.

However, the Solo Stove is unmatched when you need a portable solution that you can transport and maybe even take on a trip. It is lightweight, compact and equipped with travel-specific equipment.

Although Blue Sky has some advantages over the other two, it’s not a good choice because it’s deficient in key areas. Customization options, modern looks and all that are nice, but are they enough to make it a viable alternative to the other two? That’s something you’ll have to find out for yourself.

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