Boxycharm vs. Ipsy – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Subscribing to a monthly beauty box is a terrific way to explore new cosmetics and, depending on the service you choose, can save you a lot of money. 

Being a subscriber to both Boxycharm and Ipsy for an extended period of time allows me to provide an informed comparison of the two services.

Boxycharm used to be on top, but since Ipsy introduced the Glam Bag Plus, there may be a new victor. The pricing, number of full-size items, and overall value of this box are all comparable to those of Boxycharm.

Boxycharm vs. Ipsy Comparison

Now that we’ve shown that at first glance the two subscriptions are virtually identical, we can dig into the specific distinctions between them.

After trying out both services for an extended period of time to make an apples-to-apples comparison, I can say with confidence that Ipsy’s Glam Bag Plus is the superior offering.

Though superficially comparable, the contents of the monthly boxes for the two subscriptions are where the differences become clear.

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Boxycharm vs. Ipsy: Products


For the most part, I find that Ipsy has a wider selection of brands than other subscription services (and more higher-end brands that I actually know and love). The majority of the products I received from Boxycharm were from mediocre to low-quality manufacturers (Pur, Wander Beauty, and Ofra were a few recurring brands). And while I have received some high-quality items from these companies, it’s also true that I’ve gotten some really bad ones.

In the beginning, I enjoyed that each month’s Boxycharm shipment included a brand new full-size eyeshadow palette, but eventually, I found that I had amassed far too many options.

Product Quality

While I have never had this problem with Ipsy, I have received a few Boxycharm packages that had goods that had dried out.


Since switching to Ipsy, I feel like the products in my monthly box are more relevant to my own beauty profile and tastes. In contrast, this isn’t a priority for Boxycharm. What’s more, with Ipsy, you get to pick out three things each month, while Boxycharm limits you to just one.

Skincare Products

Unlike my experience with Boxycharm, Ipsy actually has skincare items.

Boxycharm vs. Ipsy: Customer Reviews

Seeing as how I’m only one person, I decided to look for other people’s opinions on the internet to see whether there was a clear winner between Ipsy and Boxycharm.

“Ipsy from start to finish. Ipsy is the superior value when compared to Boxycharm’s mediocre brands like Pur and controversies, as well as their nasty answers to customers.” – ImReallyNotKarl on Reddit

“I cancelled Boxy for Ipsy GBP and haven’t looked back since! Boxycharm keeps sending me bad Pur palettes, lashes, and gel liner. Almost everything I’ve received from Ipsy has been fantastic.” – kinezumi89 on Reddit

“Because of the add-ons, I believe I will return to Ipsy after September.” – Kristine_Flamez on Reddit

“I canceled Boxycharm this month after three months of not being wowed by their boxes, and their customer support is atrocious.” – _comealongpond on Reddit

From my research across multiple online communities and a total of fifty or more evaluations, it is evident that Ipsy Plus is the clear winner when pitted against Boxycharm.

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Boxycharm vs. Ipsy: Final Verdict

Before the release of the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, I was a devoted customer of Boxycharm, but since then, I’ve switched over to Ipsy (NOT the regular glam bag, however). A subscription to Glam Bag Plus is well worth the additional $15. The normal Glam Bag is not worthwhile unless you truly want samples.

In the event that you receive a product in the full-size box that you do not wish to keep, you may always give it away to a friend or family member.

If you only want to receive makeup or are interested in eyeshadow palettes, Boxycharm may be more to your liking (Ipsy includes skincare as well). 

You may tailor your Ipsy beauty profile to omit as many skincare products as you like, and you can choose up to three items each month.

After looking through their most recent past boxes, I will also remark that Boxycharm appears to be making little improvements in terms of brand selection and, most notably, the addition of skincare products.

Both subscription services make it simple to look at product information from prior shipments to determine which brands and types of products you want.

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