Boutiqueidea Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Do you plan to order products from the Boutiqueidea store? Would you like to know the reviews and legitimacy of this store? 

If you are searching for more information about the Boutiqueidea store, which are selling boutiques in the United States and other countries, you have come to the right place.

You can also learn here about the Boutiqueidea Reviews and how legitimate it is and what products it sells to customers. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

About Boutiqueidea

The Boutiqueidea is an online outlet that provides women’s wear at a discounted price. Women can shop in this store for traditional clothing, western wear, tops, trousers, shoes, and accessories. 

In addition to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries, this store ships its products internationally.

Boutiqueidea claims to have been founded in 2008 and operates in over 220 regions and countries worldwide, but is it legitimate or just an attractive site that steals money from people? This will be revealed in the article later on. You can continue reading it by scrolling down.

Providing young women and teens with fashionable clothes at a reasonable price is the company’s mission. 

You can find all of these clothes under one website, so if you are seeking Boho dresses, graphic tees, or patterns, Boutiqueidea seems your best choice. 

The article will also cover Boutiqueidea’s reviews. Stay tuned

Specifications of Boutiqueidea Store

  • The official Boutiqueidea website is
  • The website was registered on 02-03-2021
  • The customer support email address is
  • Owner of the Boutiqueidea is Mjm Ouros
  • The address is 2 square Saint Marsal, 66100, Perpignan, France
  • The product is shipped internationally and reaches its destination within 7-12 business days
  • There is no information provided regarding the return policy
  • There are many products available on the website, including trousers, tops, shoes, and silk dresses for women
  • Orders over $39 qualify for free shipping
  • Dresses and outfits are discounted more
  • On the website, there’s no section for Boutiqueidea Reviews.

The Pros of Boutiqueidea

  • Women’s clothing is available in a variety of styles.
  • There are discounts and offers available for the product.
  • There are different types of dresses for women for different occasions.
  • Provide services all around the world.
  • Different types of payments are accepted.
  • Sort your search based on the outfit you need and the occasion you need it for.

The Cons of Boutiqueidea

  • The store does not have a suggestion section.
  • They do not provide any information about their privacy policies or service policies.
  • There is not enough trustworthy information provided on the Boutiqueidea store.
  • The products have not been reviewed.

Is Boutiqueidea a Legit Store?

Using the gathered information and facts gathered by our research team, we will clear up any doubts you have about the website’s legitimacy. 

This list of facts will enable you to determine whether the store is legit or a scam.

  • Website registration took place on 02-03-2021. There have been just three months since the site launched.
  • Boutique Idea carries a trust score of just 2%, which is awful.
  • In the official website, the privacy policy is listed as ‘Private Policy’.
  • Privacy and service policies are not disclosed.
  • Regarding the owning website, different information is given.
  • The customer should shop the Boutiqueidea store carefully due to these points pointed out above.

Boutiqueidea Reviews

We found nothing on the Boutiqueidea reviews because the store is suspicious, so our research team checks it out. 

There are no reviews of the store or products available on the internet, except for an informative YouTube video of 2 minutes that tells you more about the Boutiqueidea.

Review columns on the official website do not appear on the official website, nor is there any information on the internet about the reviews. 

Boutiqueidea is suspicious due to the lack of information about its website and the absence of customer testimonials and reviews.

Final Verdict

We can conclude from all the facts we have compiled and Boutiqueidea Reviews that Boutique Idea is unreliable. 

Nonetheless, if you choose to place an order from this website, do it at your own risk. Using it, you can pay differently. If you’ve ever fallen victim to credit card fraud, you should be careful.

8 thoughts on “Boutiqueidea Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed”

    • I ordered two men’s suits 4 months ago and they have not been delivered. It is obvious we have been scammed as the website address shows only female clothing

  1. I ordered shoes from boutiqueidea over 2 months ago and I have not received any of those shoes… Very unprofessional in their dealings if you ask me, they’re bogus…

  2. I will find out who you are if I don’t get my stuff I order, And you will regret playing on me, you can’t take my money like that , people’s complaining but for me is a warning, if I get my orders I will continue business with you , it been 2021-08-10 , I made orders , not too late

  3. I was a victim also over a months now no response or anything. Proof of my orders
    Order ID: HKH81012
    Order time: 2021-08-26 22:48:54
    Shipment Status: Awaiting Shipment
    Payment Status: Paid
    Your package will be shipped out ASAP.

    I work hard for my money and they eat it free the thunder and fire of God will Strike anyone that collected my money

  4. I ordered some shoes in August of this year haven’t received my shoes yet , Email the Company got this long response about them working on the merchandise s be patient, I wish it was a way I could get the Authories or some sort of Fraud Dept to shut them down


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