Birddogs vs Lululemon – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Should you buy from Birddogs or Lululemon?

Comfortable and fashionable sporting clothing is an ever-expanding market that keeps generating new concepts. Among the various clothing brands that sell athletic apparel, a few stand out either owing to unique products or a balance of affordability and style.

The items from Birddogs are distinguished by their inclusion of built-in underwear, while those from Lululemon are considered among the best in their field. Both brands offer their unique value to the table, but which one is the best option for your needs and budget?

This Birddogs vs. Lululemon comparison will give you all the information you need to choose between the two brands with confidence. Whether you’re seeking for design, usefulness, or pricing, keep reading below to get into the intricacies of what each have to offer.

Birddogs vs Lululemon Overview

Birddogs is a brand of men’s shorts and pants known for its distinctive style. More than meets the eye in their fashionable swimwear, khakis, and joggers.

The underwear is integrated into the pant liner, and the company is proud of the comfort and support offered by its garments.

Their inventory is aimed solely at guys, while Lululemon’s extensive assortment of sports apparel for both sexes appeals to a wider audience.

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Birddogs vs Lululemon: What They Offer

Those are just a few of the more obvious distinctions between the two apparel labels; however, there is much more to know about the subtleties of their respective business models, and we’ve covered it all below.

Both companies attempt to give their own unique spin on sports and athleisure wear, but their websites highlight the differences between the two.


Birddogs caters to a certain segment of the men’s clothing industry by stocking a wide variety of pants and shorts. While their selection is limited in contrast, they make up for it with convenient undergarments included in every purchase.

They plan to alleviate the pain that many men feel on a daily basis since conventional clothing fails to provide adequate support. They make sure you can move around without feeling restricted, but keep you safe and comfortable.


Lululemon is well-known for its extensive inventory of styles and hues, all of which are created with the same overarching purpose of fusing comfort and practicality across genders and body types.

They take environmental responsibility seriously by, among other things, using recycled materials and avoiding the use of child labor in their factories.

They don’t skimp on quality, as evidenced by the fact that their apparel is designed to withstand a wide variety of uses while still providing the wearer with the ease of movement and durability they require. The same garments may be worn both for lazing at home and for an energetic day out, thanks to a fashionable perspective on sportswear.

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Birddogs vs Lululemon: Pricing


Clothing from Birddogs is more expensive than comparable brands. The company is open about the cost of production, and as a smaller business, they may not have as many resources as competitors like Lululemon.

The website’s lowest item costs $68; this high price is in large part attributable to the labor-intensive process of sewing in the custom liner and built-in underwear. However, there are many other athletic brands that are more affordable, so they are seen as a bit more on the pricey side.


You can stock up on the finest of what Lululemon has to offer without breaking the bank. You can save more money shopping there because of the wide variety of clothing available in each price range.

It’s possible to get a whole new wardrobe or just a few new pieces of jewelry for less than the price of a single item from Birddogs. Lululemon, on the other hand, offers both lower prices and a wider variety of styles.

Birddogs vs Lululemon: Sizing


The brand caters to men’s needs by providing sizes ranging from small to 3XL, or waist sizes 28 to 42. All of their pants come with a slim fit that hugs at the waist and delivers a standard taper from the knees down.

Regarding the length of their shorts, you can discover 6”, 7”, and 9” available, depending on how much thigh covering you’re seeking for. While the business only offers a limited range of garments, almost any imaginable size can be ordered.


There are XXS to XXL options for women’s clothes, and XS to XXL for men. They make an effort to cater to a wide range of body types while yet giving everyone access to the same high-quality features and fashionable designs.

Women’s shoe sizes range from 5 to 11, and a comprehensive size guide is available on the website to help you make the proper selection. Sizes for most people should be readily available no matter what you’re shopping for.

Birddogs vs Lululemon: Quality


Birddogs’ pants and shorts are surprisingly identical in quality to those sold by Lululemon, given that they were both created by the company’s former Head of Men’s Design. Independent Birddogs customers, however, claim to be huge fans of the brand’s style and comfort.

Pants and shorts from this company may not be of the highest quality, but that’s not because of the company as a whole, which has its ups and downs (especially in terms of customer service). It’s encouraging to hear that, despite the price, their quality is well received.


Lululemon’s clothes are made with care for the environment and last as long as you do, making them the ideal activewear brand. It strives to produce garments with the desired structural integrity that is made from materials supplied ethically.

Several customers have commented that they have been wearing the same brand’s clothing for the past decade with no signs of wear. The fact that they sell a wide variety of goods at reasonable prices further adds to their value.

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Birddogs vs Lululemon: Customer Reviews

However many devoted customers each of these brands may have, they will never be able to satisfy everyone. Some of the pros and cons that customers have discovered after using their items are detailed below.

  • The built-in lining that comes with Birddogs’ shorts and pants is popular among men.
  • Customer support and shipment reliability can be an issue with Birddogs.
  • Customers like Lululemon’s low prices.
  • Lululemon has a wide range of color palettes and styles.
  • Birddogs’ pants are popular because of their neutral design and appearance.
  • The attire worn by birddogs is definitely comfortable.
  • Lululemon clothing is reputed to last for years without displaying signs of wear.

Birddogs vs Lululemon: Final Verdict

The products and services of both companies are appreciated by their respective clienteles, but Luluelmon is clearly superior in a number of ways. Lululemon is a formidable competitor in the athleisure and sports wear industry thanks to its extensive catalog, excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and more.

Birddogs may have a novel approach to fashion, but their expensive prices, abysmal support, and excruciatingly long shipping delays more than cancel out any benefits.

Lululemon may not sell underwear with built-in support, but they do sell a wide variety of different types of apparel for both men and women.

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