Birddogs vs Chubbies – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Finding a quality pair of bottoms can be challenging, but whether you’re in the market for casual shorts, sporty joggers, or classic khakis, both labels provide a wide selection with their own distinct styles.

Birddogs have a design that sets them apart with built-in liners, while Chubbies are a reliable option for the warmer months.

Both businesses have noticed a dearth of high-quality, fashionable shorts and pants in the retail sector. This Birddogs vs Chubbies comparison will analyze the offerings of both brands to determine which is superior.

Birddogs vs Chubbies: What They Offer


The company’s shorts and pants are well-known for their innovative style, which sets them apart from the competition.

Birddogs’ main selling point is that their garments feature a built-in liner that renders undergarments superfluous.

Not only are they soft and pleasant to the touch, but they also offer the stability that men require in their daily lives. Women and children aren’t targeted because their products are geared toward adult men.

Casual shorts, swim shorts, joggers, and khaki pants make up the bulk of Birddogs’ limited product offering. If you want to know what we thought of Birddogs, read the whole thing right here!


Chubbies has a wide variety of options for warm days, including casual shorts, sportswear, specialty categories, and a few accessories. They feature an impressive range of designs, giving the impression of being unending.

You can also browse their apparel by sport specific categories to quickly locate what you need. There is also a specialized section for children’s swimwear.

The company maintains a very regular schedule for releasing new product lines and updating its online presence. This section of our Chubbies review will go into greater detail about the company.

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Birddogs vs Chubbies: Quality


We looked through a lot of online reviews and comments to see if Birddogs clothing is indeed worth the money. It appears that the vast majority of their clients are pleased with the service they receive.

Even while the brand’s pants don’t garner as much attention as the shorts do, they nonetheless have a similar reputation, and many customers have purchased many pairs of shorts from the company.

Customers have raved about the comfort of the integrated liner, and the company has received positive feedback on the overall minimalist aesthetic of their collection. Most individuals agree that Birddogs are well worth the additional cost because of the consistent great quality they deliver over time.


It’s true that Chubbies offers a wide variety of cute clothes, but the majority of attention is usually focused on only a few products. Customers love Chubbies shorts, but they also sell a wide variety of other products like accessories, shorts, t-shirts, and robes.

Multiple inseam options provide customers the freedom to find the perfect fit for both swimming and casual wear. There is more variety in both the materials and prices offered across their entire portfolio.

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Birddogs vs Chubbies: Pricing


The company provides transparent pricing that is relatively consistent no matter what product or service you purchase from them.

You can get a pair of Birddog’s casual shorts for $68 and a pair of beach trunks for $95. No matter whatever style of joggers or khakis you go for, you can expect to pay $109.

These costs aren’t outrageous, but they’re also not exactly low. There don’t appear to be many possibilities to save money while buying at Birddogs.


Chubbies has a wider pricing range and more opportunities to save money, thus we consider them the most economical choice. There is a clearance section, and if you sign up for their newsletter, you might get a discount at some unexpected time.

There is a rewards program, and members of groups like the military receive discounts. It’s true that some of Chubbies’ garments are priced similarly to those at Birddogs, but we still think they’re a better deal.

Birddogs vs Chubbies: Sizing


The company’s size selection is sufficient, covering small through 3XL, so that the vast majority of men may find an appropriate fit. It is important to remember that the company occasionally runs out of stock on the most frequently ordered sizes.

Most customers find them to be form-fitting and true to size, and they provide a basic fit guide on their website for your convenience.

Their continual lack of stock on many alternatives is somewhat upsetting to clients, even if they do provide the most prevalent sizes.


Although Chubbies offers a wider variety of styles and colors, the company’s sizes aren’t as accessible to people of different shapes and sizes as Birddogs’ are. Although the range of sizes offered (small to XXL) may not be broad enough to meet the needs of some consumers, it covers the vast majority of customers.

You can be confident that whatever you pick, it will both complement your physique and work reliably. You can make sure that your Chubbies purchase fits perfectly by consulting their size chart.

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Birddogs vs Chubbies: Customer Reviews

Like any other product, there are fans and detractors of both brands.

We took the effort to gather a wide range of perspectives on both businesses to get a sense of how they are received by consumers, who all have their own preferences regardless of the nature of the goods being sold.

  • People enjoy Birddogs’ built-in liner, but Chubbies has a superior wardrobe variety.
  • Chubbies is a less expensive option.
  • Most people believe that the quality of Birddogs is worth the price.
  • Birddogs shipping can be a little sluggish.
  • If you want to go for the short-shorts look, Chubbies is your best bet.

Birddogs vs Chubbies: Final Verdict

Although both companies offer a similar clothing assortment, many visible variations between the two cause buyers to tilt one way or the other.

After careful consideration, we believe that Chubbies is the superior choice since they provide a greater value from numerous perspectives. Birddogs clearly understands their target market, but Chubbies can serve a broader range.

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