10 Best Shower Cleaners in 2023

A shower cleaner is a worthwhile purchase whether you clean your bathroom regularly or not. This category of cleaner includes everything from foam formulas to automatic scrubbers and drain snakes, and can be used either for a thorough cleaning of the shower’s walls and pipes or for routine daily or weekly maintenance to keep it clean and germ-free.

The most effective shower cleaners are those that don’t require a lot of time and effort from the user and can be used multiple times. You should also make sure that the cleaner or purifier smells good and doesn’t attack or otherwise damage the surface.

We’ve compared the leading models based on these criteria to help you choose the most effective shower cleaner.

What Is A Shower Cleaner? 

You can use a shower cleaner for the walls, floor and ceiling of the showers. The best shower cleaner is designed to remove soap scum, mildew and other forms of debris from shower surfaces.

Shower cleaners are available in a variety of formats, including pump and spray bottles, and can be used on a variety of surfaces. Gel shower cleaners are also easy to use and clean up afterward.

Before using a shower cleaner, be sure to check the label, as many of the most effective products contain bleach or other harsh chemicals. When cleaning the shower, it’s best to wear gloves and keep your hands away from your eyes.

15 Best Shower Cleaners

1. Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner + Bleach

Clorox Cleaner Spray/Bleach and Refill Combo, 212 Fluid Ounce

You can count on Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner Spray to thoroughly disinfect any surface. Even the worst stains could be removed with a single wipe. Stains that had settled into the grout were completely removed after just two cleanings. Only a shiny sheen remained on glass and metal, but no residue whatsoever.

Our test spray bottle has a fine spray mist that can cover a large area, so the cleaner stays where it’s sprayed on and does not drip down the wall.

Some people may not mind this, but the smell might be too strong for some people. Since Clorox is practically synonymous with bleach, it’s hardly surprising that this cleaner has the characteristic smell of the chemical it contains. Because of its bleach content, it is not one of the child- or pet-friendly cleaners. Keep it in a cupboard if you have both.

2. Kaboom Foam-Tastic Bathroom Cleaner

Kaboom with OxiClean Foam-Tastic - Citrus - 19 oz

In our tests, the Kaboom Foam-Tastic Bathroom Cleaner with OxiClean was a close second. We liked how the thick spray foam adhered to surfaces without dripping, and how easy spot cleaning was thanks to the lightweight container.

Those who like products without a heavy floral scent will also be pleased: Kaboom’s pleasant, subtle scent is enough to draw attention to its presence.

Cleaning with Kaboom was a bit more tedious than with our test winner, but not by much. Most stubborn stains could be removed with a few extra scrubs.

The value of the Kaboom more than makes up for its rather weak stain removal performance. Unlike the standard price of $0.27 per ounce, this product costs only $0.20, far less than our most expensive cleaner in the test. This is the best value among all the products we tested.

3. Method Bathroom Cleaner

Method Tub and Tile Bathroom Cleaner, Eucalyptus Mint - 28 oz - 2 pk

We were pleasantly surprised by the excellent performance of Method Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner, considering that “non-toxic” is often used in the cleaning industry as shorthand for “not much cleaning power.”

This cleaner removes dirt and soap residue almost as well as our top two products, and it leaves almost no streaks after repeated wiping. It’s also a much safer choice for households with small children or pets.

When we tested the Method cleaner, there were no issues with the spray bottle, and we found the wide, thin spray pattern to be perfect for cleaning large areas. The economical, even application means you do not have to run around trying to catch every last drop.

The high price of Method Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner is the product’s biggest drawback. Method’s price per ounce is usually double that of competing brands. Many buyers may not be willing to spend the extra few dollars for a non-toxic alternative, but those buyers would be well advised to do so.

4. Wet & Forget Shower

Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner Weekly Application Requires No Scrubbing, Bleach-Free Formula, 64 Ounce (Pack of 1)

The huge gallon bottle of Wet and Forget Weekly Shower Cleaner put us off at first, but we soon liked it. The jugs look bulky compared to smaller bottles, but their spray heads are attached to the main jug by a very long, retractable tube, making them much more manageable.

The jug can be held with one hand while the other is free to do other tasks. Since the arm that does the actual spraying isn’t weighed down by the weight of the water, this unit is lighter than a traditional spray bottle.

The Wet and Forget Weekly Shower Cleaner outperformed the competition in every category we tested it in, removing stubborn stains from glass without leaving streaks and removing dirt from grout with just one or two extra wipes.

Those with heightened sensitivity to odours will be relieved to learn that this cleaner was the only one of all the cleaners tested that had no noticeable odour.

5. Soft Scrub with Bleach Cleaner Gel

Soft Scrub Gel with Bleach Cleaner, 28.6 Ounces (Pack of 6)

Almost all of the stains we tested could be removed in just one wipe with Soft Scrub Gel Cleanser with Bleach, and the rest required only a few additional wipes. While it does not do as well at cleaning glass as the other alternatives here, we were still able to get a flawless result without any effort.

The cleaner itself works well, but the spray bottle is a major drawback. Spot cleaning with a spray bottle is much more convenient than using a squeeze bottle. Imagine trying to clean a stain with a ketchup bottle.

The soap can be applied directly to a cleaning cloth or sponge, though this is not necessary unless you want to scrub the entire wall from top to bottom.

Although it’s not the only product on the list, this Soft Scrub does a great job of hiding the fact that it has bleach in the scent. We found the scent to be pleasant and not too overpowering, especially compared to other bleach-based cleaners.

6. Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Grime Fighter

Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Grime Fighter, Lavender Scent, 32 oz Spray Bottle

Compared to other bathroom cleaners, Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Grime Fighter and its recognizable mascot are in the middle of the pack. Even though more of the stain remained after the first wipe than with other cleaners, we didn’t have to work too hard to get all surfaces looking like new.

While sprays with foaming action generally do well, we found Scrubbing Bubbles to be a step below the competition. Not only did the foam not work as well as its competitors in terms of volume expansion, but it was also extremely thin. However, the foamy activity it exhibited seemed to help in cleaning joints with fewer passes than the norm.

Although it performed admirably in our tests, this cleaner is more expensive than its competitors. The price difference isn’t huge, but if you’re looking for a foaming spray that isn’t as thick as others, Scrubbing Bubbles might be worth it.

7. Better Life Tub and Tile Cleaner

Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 2)

Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner, while not the most harmless alternative, was more effective than some cleaners that use dangerous chemicals.

Although this cleaner left some streaks and residue after the first application, we were able to remove the stubborn stains with minimal re-scrubbing.

Better Life’s signature bottle design is functional and efficient. The tight spray pattern is not only effective, but does not drip excessively (although there are some drips).

As a natural alternative, Better Life’s shower cleaner really stands out. Other non-toxic products on this list have greater cleaning power, but they also cost nearly twice as much as the Better Life.

Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner is an affordable, non-toxic cleaner that still does its job well.

8. Ecos Shower Cleaner

ECOS® Bathroom/Shower Cleaner with Tea Tree Oil, 22oz bottle by Earth Friendly Products ),22 Fl Oz (Pack of 2)

Ecos Non-toxic Shower Cleaner is the kind of product that comes to mind when you think of natural and non-toxic cleaners.

It took a few wipes with Ecos Shower Cleaner to scrub away our test stains, and the glass surfaces needed some polishing to remove the remaining streaks and haze – typical of many natural cleaners that are good enough, but just do not have the same effect as conventional cleaners. Yes, it will accomplish what you want, but it will take about 10% more time to do so.

We recommend using the fog setting on the nozzle, as that is the only non-standard feature of the bottle.

The low price per ounce is one of the main features of this product. It was the least expensive option among the products we reviewed.

Although the Ecos is not the most effective cleaner on this list, we recommend it for its low price and lack of hazardous chemicals.

9. Microban 24 Hour Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Microban 24 Hour Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Sanitizing and Disinfectant Spray, Fresh Scent, 22 Ounce (Pack of 2)

We were interested in Microban’s shower cleaner because we were excited by their ability to create antibacterial surfaces in large appliances.

In summary, Microban 24-Hour Bathroom Cleaning and Disinfecting Spray is the only product of its kind that effectively prevents the growth of bacteria on a surface for up to 24 hours after application. However, it is not the most effective cleaner.

Cleaning with this product required a little more elbowing than usual, and we noticed streaks on glass surfaces even after we cleaned them.

The cleaner comes in a typical spray container and has a medium spray density, but we found it to be a bit thin, so you’ll need to work quickly when removing stains to avoid missing any.

If you are looking for the best antibacterial cleaner on the market, Microban is the place to go. If you just need a product that will quickly remove stubborn dirt and grime, look elsewhere.

10. CLR Routine Clean Brilliant Bath Foaming Action Cleaner

CLR Brilliant Bath, Fresh Scent Foaming Action Cleaner, Spray Bottle, 26 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) (Packaging May Vary)

Yes, we were also surprised by this. Although the CLR Bathroom Routine Clean brand and its reputation are well known and respected, it did not perform as well as the alternatives we tried.

Especially in terms of cleaning effectiveness, it can not compete. The CLR ‘s stains remained streaky and sticky after several wipes. The CLR took eight passes to remove the dirt from the tile floor, but only four passes with a regular cleaner to completely remove the stain and leave the floor looking like new.

The spray from CLR is a little fickle. It sprays on with a thick, foamy blob that we’d prefer to a more liquid formulation, except it does not stay in place: the result is that all the foam often slides down horizontal surfaces instead of staying where it was sprayed.

As you might expect, the CLR brand costs more than some of the other cleaners we reviewed, so it’s not a particularly good value.

Ultimately, you can and will clean surfaces with CLR; it just takes more time and labour.

This test did not determine if it was designed for the C (calcium), L (lime) and R (rust) mentioned in its name. CLR may be the best choice for you if you need a cleaner that is exceptional in these areas. Simply as a more comprehensive household cleaner? That’s not what we are here for.

Types Of Shower Cleaners

A clean shower is an important element for a spotless bathroom. There are many different types of shower cleaners, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Bleach-based cleaners are a common choice for shower cleaning.

While this type of cleaner is good for removing mold and mildew, it can irritate the skin. Shower cleaners of this type can be very harsh on the skin, so people with sensitive skin are better off staying away from them. Vinegar-based cleaners are another common form of shower cleaner.

While they are also suitable for sensitive skin, they may not be as successful in removing mold and mildew. It’s important to read and follow the guidelines on the label of any shower cleaner you use to ensure you do not cause damage to your tile or tub surround.

Is A Shower Cleaner Worth It?

You may not think you need a shower cleaner until you actually use it. When you invest in a quality shower cleaner, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in the cleanliness of your shower and its overall aesthetics.

It’s a good thing shower cleaners aren’t too expensive, because they’re worth it. Clean your shower quickly and easily with the best shower cleaner on the market, and your bathroom will look like new.

Many of them also contain antibacterial ingredients that provide a spotless shower and a pleasant scent. Don’t neglect the effectiveness of a high-quality shower cleaner if you want to keep your bathroom in pristine condition.

Who Are Shower Cleaners For?

You should always have a shower cleaner on hand, as it is one of the most commonly used cleaning products in the home. As mentioned earlier, soap scum, mold and other debris can be easily removed from shower surfaces with the help of special shower cleaners.

You do not have to worry about scratching or damaging expensive surfaces, as they can be used on wet surfaces. The cleaner can be used on a variety of surfaces, from glass and tile to metal and plastic.

This means it can be used by anyone who values a spotless washroom.

How To Shop For The Best Shower Cleaner

Everyone knows how important it is to have a clean shower. It makes our bathroom more comfortable for everyone who uses it and helps prevent the spread of germs. 

However, it can be difficult to choose the best shower cleaner from the wide range available.

Some factors to consider when looking for a shower cleaner are the following:

Ease of use

The cleaner should be easy to use; just spray it on and rinse it off, and that’s it.


You can choose shower cleaners in a wide range of scents to meet your personal preferences.


To make sure that dirt and impurities are effectively removed, use a cleaner designed for this purpose.


Sharp chemicals in detergents can irritate your skin and damage your shower, so it is better not to use them.

Shower Cleaners FAQs

How long do you let a shower cleaner sit?

The solution you use to clean the shower will determine the answer. Foam cleaners, for example, need to sit for at least five minutes before rinsing off. This allows the cleaner to penetrate well into the cracks of the shower and clean it thoroughly.

However, if you use a gel or spray cleaner, you can usually rinse it off after a few minutes. 

For stubborn stains or buildup, on the other hand, you may need to let the cleaner sit longer before rinsing it off. Shower cleaner methods vary, so it’s best to check the product’s label for details. This way, you’ll get the cleanest shower experience ever.

Are daily shower cleaners effective?

When choosing a cleanser for your daily shower, there are a few things that should be considered.

  • First, consider how your shower is currently set up. For example, if your bathroom has a glass shower stall, make sure the cleaner is suitable for use on that material.
  • Second, consider how the cleaner itself smells. Some want a strong scent to keep the bathroom fresh, while others prefer a weak scent or no scent at all.
  • Third, think about your budget. Shower cleaners come in a wide price range, so pick one that suits you.

How often should you clean a shower?

Cleaning the shower is one of those annoying but unavoidable tasks that everyone has to do. But how often and in what way should you clean your shower? So let’s start with how often something happens.

If you don’t have pets and live alone, you can get away with cleaning your shower once a week. However, if you’ve roommates or pets, you should increase the frequency to at least every other day. Thorough cleaning of the shower can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Spray a commercial shower cleaner on all surfaces, let it sit for a few minutes, and then scrub it off. If you prefer, you can use a homemade cleaner made from equal parts vinegar and water.

A quick spray and scrub with a sponge or brush can get rid of any dirt. Regular cleaning of the shower, by any method, will keep it looking like new and prevent mold growth.

How We Chose The Best Shower Cleaners?

We research every brand on the market by visiting the largest online retailers before making a final decision. 

Many factors are considered, including but not limited to consumer feedback, star ratings, brand philosophy, manufacturing methods, raw materials, and ease of access. We take the time to think through the pros and cons so you don’t have to.

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