10 Best Educational Games & Toys For Kids

We tend to think that “games” or “toys” are not related to learning. In fact, there are so many educational games and toys for kids to learn while having fun. 

However, since there are a lot of educational toys, it’s hard to determine which one is suitable for your children. That’s why we have compiled a list of 10 best educational toys on the market that are popular among big and small kids. They will have so much fun without any notice on how much they’ve learnt from playing the games.

With the games, it’s never been easier to teach your kids problem solving skills, help them develop creative or experience STEM hands-on. Without further ado, below are the best educational toys and gifts for your kids.  

Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector for Children

This projector can turn your home into a fantastic world of galaxies, planets and stars. It’s a STEM activity that will leave your children feeling amazed at the world. This can arouse their interests in astronomy.

Magna-Tiles 3D Magnetic Building Tiles

As your children stack and connect to create towers, Magna Tiles can teach them art and creativity as well as magnetism and physics. Apart from that, they can glow in the dark.

Dinosaur Fossil Dig Kit

This hands-on STEM toy allows your kids to dig up REAL fossils that are millions of years old. Each kit includes 15 fossils and comes with instructions for how to excavate them carefully. 

Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot For Kids

This amazing robot will help kids learn coding and computer sciences as they try to programme their own robot. It’s fantastic for both big and small kids.

A Butterfly Garden

Do you dream of having your own butterfly garden when you are small? This kit comes with a live cup of caterpillars and everything you need to observe how they go through the cycles of metamorphosis and turn themselves into beautiful butterflies.

3-in-1 Interactive Light Up Constellation Globe

This light up constellation globe is a beautiful piece of decor as well as an interactive STEM to your kids. It lights up to display constellations in the dark, with an app for exploring the earth and stars. 

Speak & Spell Electronic Game

This educational toy which is popular in the 80s is still available. Speak & Spell is a simple and fun way for your kids to practise spelling tricky vocabs.

Outdoor Bug Catcher Kit

This bug catcher kit will help your small kids to observe insects and critters from close up with trapping equipment, binoculars and a magnifying glass.

National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

This rock tumbler kit can be polished to become colorful stones – your homemade jewelry!

Playz Electrical Circuit Board Engineering Kit

This mini electrical circuit board will help children make 25+ STEM experiments to learn about voltage, currents and magnetism. You’ll turn your little ones into electric engineers!

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