5 Best Duvet Inserts in 2023

The best comforter covers can be used with any comforter cover, but they really come into their own when they add even more value to an already luxurious sheet. The models we like best not only provide comfort and warmth, but also look good. 

Even though the cover is usually most praised for its looks, it’s also important to find an insert that complements the cover from the inside; after all, you do not want it to “slip” anywhere. If you do not choose carefully, you’ll be constantly rearranging your down comforter so that it lays flat on the bed.

Consider the size of your mattress, the type of down comforter (or alternative down comforter) you already have, and your preferences in material before choosing a down comforter (some people prefer more expensive down, others have allergies or a tight budget that prevents them from going this route).

 Then, choose the insole that best fits your individual needs for comfort and relaxation. Read on to learn which comforter inserts made it into our carefully compiled list.

What Is A Duvet Insert?

It is common practice to utilize a duvet cover with a matching duvet insert. In most cases, a quilt or comforter stuffed with down, feathers, wool, or some other material serves as the duvet’s insert.

A duvet insert is used to add an extra layer of warmth to a duvet, and is most commonly used in the winter. As a standalone summer blanket, they’re airy and comfortable.

Consider the environment you’ll be sleeping in and the type of material that will provide the most comfort when making your duvet insert selection.

It’s possible that the greatest duvet insert for you is the one that best fits your specific wants and demands. A duvet insert is a great choice if you’re looking to increase the thermal efficiency of your duvet. They’re so light that you may use them as a blanket even in the summer.

You can find inserts for your duvet in a wide range of fabrics; pick the one that suits your needs best. Adding a duvet insert to your duvet is a great method to increase the amount of warmth in your bed.

If you want to get the most out of your duvet, it’s important to get the right insert for it.

5 Best Duvet Inserts

1. Utopia Bedding Down-Alternative Comforter

Utopia Bedding All Season 250 GSM Comforter - Soft Down Alternative Comforter - Plush Siliconized Fiberfill Duvet Insert - Box Stitched (Full/Queen, Plum)

Utopia Bedding’s inexpensive replacement down comforter is made of siliconized fibers that simulate the loft and softness of real down. 

Due to the 250 GSM fill weight, this option is recommended for warm sleepers. When we conducted our tests, we confirmed that this is the case. Participants praised the down comforter for its suppleness, feather weight and airiness.

Our tests showed that the coffee stain can be easily removed thanks to the microfiber surface. The comforter is fully machine washable, making it quick and easy to clean when stains or spills take hold. Although not as fluffy as a baffle box comforter, the boxstitch structure ensures that the filling does not shift during the night.

Utopia Bedding’s alternative down comforter is available in seven different shades, so you can choose the perfect shade without having to resort to a separate comforter cover (although it does come with corner loops for tying on a cover). Of the 34 comforter covers we reviewed, this was one of the most affordable.

2. Apsmile Goose Feathers Down Comforter

APSMILE Full/Queen Size Goose Feathers Down Comforter Duvet Insert - Ultra-Soft All Season Down Comforter Hotel Collection Comforter, 46 Oz Fluffy Medium Warmth (90x90, White)

If you do not want to give up the softness and warmth of a down comforter, this alternative from Apsmile is a fantastic and affordable choice. You can save a lot of money as it is made with both down and quills. 

But keep in mind that the quills can still poke through the cover if you are not careful. The comforter’s cover is made of a combination of polyester and cotton, which offers the breathability of cotton and the durability of synthetic fibers. 

After a five-minute test, we did not notice any temperature rise even though we were under the comforter.

The baffle box quilting prevents the fill from shifting and increases the loft of the comforter. This, along with the 750 fill power, makes the comforter exceptionally fluffy, lightweight, and temperature-regulating, so it can be used in any season. (Although we tested the all-season model, there are summer and winter versions as well.) 

Like the other comforters we have featured, this one has corner tabs that allow it to be secured in a comforter cover.

3. Cohome 2100 Series Down-Alternative Comforter

COHOME Queen 2100 Series Soft Down Alternative Comforter Quilted Duvet Insert with Corner Tabs All-Season - Warm Luxury Hotel Comforter - Reversible - Machine Washable - Black

The all-polyester comforter sold by Cohome is much cheaper than its down-filled counterparts, and also much easier to care for. We washed it and found that it held up well even after a coffee stain. This down comforter can be machine washed and tumble dried on low heat.

The duvet got high marks for its coziness, but one tester, who described himself as a warm sleeper, found the duvet a little too warm. 

In order for down substitute products to provide the same level of insulation as real down, an additional filling is usually used. You can use the Cohome 2100 Series Down-Alternative Comforter without a duvet cover and they come in a wide range of colors.

Plus, we appreciate that they come in a variety of sizes, including ones that are slightly roomier to offer maximum protection. 

All in all, this down substitute is a wonderful budget option for people who need a warmer duvet – especially in winter.

4. Buffy Cloud Comforter

Buffy Cloud Comforter - Machine Washable Eucalyptus Fabric, Down-Alternative Fill, Extra Fluffy Quilted Duvet Insert with Corner Tabs (Full/Queen)

One reviewer said, “I thought it felt amazing, held [its] temperature extremely well, and it was easy to move around and fold,” praising Buffy’s Cloud Comforter for being “lightweight, breathable, and silky to the touch.” 

The cooling shell is made of Tencel-Lyocell, a material derived from eucalyptus trees and subject to a sustainable production process that recycles 99 percent of the water and solvents used in its treatment. 

The down alternative filling is made of recycled PET filling certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS). The antimicrobial and cooling properties of Tencel Lyocell are also highly appreciated.

Because there was enough room for air to circulate under the comforter during our tests, it remained lightweight and breathable throughout. 

In addition, the increase in air temperature was only 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike other comforters on our list, this comforter is only available in one fill level and one heat setting.

For those who want to change their bedding more frequently, the Cloud Comforter’s removable cover can be washed in the washing machine. The brand’s benevolent policies are also something we respect. You have 100 days to return your Buffy purchase, and you can also take advantage of the trial period by having your card blocked for seven days. This way, you can try the blanket in the comfort of your own home for a week before you are officially charged for it.

5. Casper Down Duvet

Casper Sleep Down Duvet, Full/Queen, White

Look for a comforter with temperature control if you plan to use it year round (winter and summer). 

We have found that the best results are achieved with a blend of real down and cotton. The 600 fill power of the Casper down comforter is perfect for year-round use, and the breathable cotton shell is fresh and comfortable against the skin. 

Moreover, you can choose between a medium and a light down comforter (we tested the first one).

We also like the fact that the down is proven to come from a responsible and sustainable source and has received RDS certification. 

Plus, this Casper down comforter can be machine washed and dried, making it much easier to care for than traditional down comforters.

Are Duvet Inserts Worth It?

It is common practice in colder regions to utilize duvet inserts as a form of bedding. They can be filled with down, feathers, or synthetic materials, and function similarly to a comforter.

As a means of keeping the fill in place and shielding it from dirt and dust, duvet covers are commonly used in tandem with duvet inserts. Even though duvet inserts might be pricey, a well-made one will serve you well for many years with just a little TLC.

An additional layer of warmth on your bed is well worth the cost of a duvet insert if you live in a chilly region.

Comforters and quilts can be used instead of duvet inserts to save money if you reside in a warmer region.

Who Are Duvet Inserts For?

Inserts for duvets are a common style of comforter in Europe. A Duvet cover is a beautiful case for a comforter, and these are made to fit inside of it. Typically, a duvet insert will have a baffle box construction, which entails cushioning sewed into the fabric to prevent the fill from slipping.

The duvet filling won’t shift around as much inside the cover thanks to its design. You may find inserts for duvets in a wide range of weights and fill types (down, feathers, synthetic fiber).

Therefore, they are suitable for usage throughout the year, giving you more options for your bedding. You can locate a Duvet insert to match your cover because they come in standardized sizes.

Keep your local climate in mind when shopping for a Duvet insert. A lighter insert may be preferable if you don’t need as much insulation because of your location.

On the other hand, if you sleep coldly due to your location, a greater weight insert may be more appropriate. Inserts for duvets come in a wide range of sizes and weights, allowing you to find the perfect combination of warmth and comfort for your bed.

Duvet inserts can help you sleep comfortably regardless of the temperature where you live.

How to Shop For The Best Duvet Insert?

An excellent option to increase the thermal properties of your bedding is using a duvet insert. However, it might be challenging to figure out which option is best for you because there are so many available.

A good duvet insert may make all the difference, so here are some things to consider.

First, think about the weather where you are. You might not require as much insulation if you do not reside in a colder climate. The climate in your home will determine the thickness of the duvet insert you should purchase.

Second, before purchasing a duvet insert, decide on the fabric you prefer. Natural and synthetic fills are both acceptable for use in duvets. Typically more expensive, natural textiles like down or wool are also highly breathable and insulating. Polyester and microfiber are two examples of synthetic fabrics that are inexpensive but may not be as breathable as natural fibers.

Finally, when shopping for a duvet insert, keep your bed’s dimensions in mind. It is important to select a duvet insert that is the correct size for your bed. If you want your duvet to stay put without bunching, pick an insert that is the same size as your cover.

Using these guidelines as a guide, you may select the perfect duvet insert for your needs and enjoy a warm and comfortable winter.


How long should you keep a duvet insert?

Adding a duvet insert to your bed is a terrific way to stay toasty, but they may be pricy. You may be wondering how long a duvet insert will survive in light of this. If you take good care of your duvet insert, it should last you for many years.

Selecting a suitable insert is the initial step. Inserts can be created from natural materials like down or from synthetic materials. There is a trade-off between price and durability with down, so keep that in mind if you’re making a decision.

Once you’ve decided on the ideal insert, it’s crucial to take good care of it as directed. The majority of inserts can be dry cleaned or washed in a gentle cycle in cool water. Covering your insert with a duvet cover might help it last longer and prevent damage.

With just a little care and attention over time, your duvet insert may provide you with years of comforting warmth.

Should your duvet insert be bigger than your duvet cover?

As opposed to the duvet cover, which is supposed to stay in place and not be washed, the duvet insert is meant to be used with the cover and layered as needed.

So, make sure you get a duvet insert that matches the size of your cover. The cover will have bumps and lumps if the insert is too tiny and moves around within. Conversely, if the insert is excessively big, the cover will be cumbersome to remove and wash.

The best inserts are those that are just slightly smaller than the cover; this allows for easy tucking and a flat, even surface.

Should you wash the duvet insert before using?

Inserts for your duvet are an excellent investment for maintaining its cleanliness and freshness. Should the insert be washed before use? The response could shock you.

It’s not necessary to wash duvet inserts before usage. There is a particular treatment on the cloth that makes it resistant to soiling and staining.

The best approach to maintain a clean duvet is to leave the insert in place and wash the cover when necessary. This will not only help you save time, but it may also help your duvet last longer.

How We Chose The Best Duvet Inserts?

To ensure we’re aware of all of the brands out there, we do extensive research online and at the industry’s leading online retailers before making a final decision. 

We consider many factors, including consumer feedback, star ratings, brand philosophy, production methods, raw resources, and ease of access. We take the time to think through the benefits and drawbacks so that you don’t have to.

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