10 Best 90s Toys That Every Kid Wanted & You Can Still Buy Today

Are you looking for the best 90s Toys That Every Kid Wanted? 

Over the past few weeks, we have done thorough research about 90s Toys That Every Kid Wanted and analysed positive and negative customer reviews online.

The following is a list of the 10 best 90s Toys That Every Kid Wanted and You Can Still Buy Today.

10. Game Boy

Handheld Game Console Retro Mini Game with 500 Classic Games Console Handheld Games 3.0-Inch Color Screen 1020mAh Rechargeable Battery Support for Connecting TV and Two Players for Kids Adults

How many chores did you pretend to do while secretly playing with your Game Boy? This toy that resembles a Game Boy comes pre-loaded with 400 classic games. It has a color screen and is rechargeable. The battery has a lifespan of 5 hours.

9. Vintage 1990s Candy Box

VINTAGE CANDY CO. 1990s RETRO CANDY GIFT BOX - 90s Nostalgia Candies - Flashback NINETIES Fun Gag Gift Basket - PERFECT '90s Candies For Adults, College Students, Men or Women, Kids, Teens

The 1990s gave the world some unusual and delicious candies. This candy box from the 1990s contains 67 pieces of the best candy available at the grocery store checkout. Bubble Tape, Crybaby Tears, and Push-Ups are among your favorite songs from the era. Which is the best? You don’t need to ask Mom if you can eat it.

8. Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 System - Video Game Console (Renewed)

If someone says “Nintendo 64,” you’re likely to recall at least ten games you enjoyed playing on that system. On this original console that connects to your TV, you can play games like GoldenEye, Super Mario, and The Legend of Zelda.

7. Talkboy Tape Recorder

Talkboy Tape Recorder and Player As Seen in Home Alone II (Tiger Electronics 1992)

Are you home alone? It’s a great time to pull out your Talkboy tape recorder and experiment with all of its cool features. This toy is identical to Kevin’s in Home Alone 2. You can use it to record your voice and then play it back at normal or slow speed to hear how you would sound in slow motion.

6. Power Rangers Megazord

Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Megazord Megapack Includes 5 MMPR Dinozord Action Figure Toys for Boys and Girls Ages 4 and Up Inspired by 90s TV Show (Amazon Exclusive)

The Power Rangers gathered before the Avengers. Megazord armor is much cooler than Hulkbuster armor because it has a large sword and is made of various colors. The action figure set includes 5 Zords from the TV show that can be assembled to form the big man.

5. Sky Dancers

Hatchimals Pixies, Crystal Flyers Starlight Idol Magical Flying Pixie Toy with Lights, Kids Toys for Girls Ages 6 and up

You knew you were in for some scary but magical fun when Sky Dancers flew through the air. Even though they were discontinued a few years later, the tough kids were always up for a game of chasing the fairy helicopters through the sky.

4. Dear Diary

VTech Kidi Secrets Notebook, Pink

A girl in the 1990s needed a safe place to record her thoughts, dreams, and crushes. The Dear Diary was the only place where siblings and parents couldn’t pry. The pocket typewriter was technologically advanced for its time, and girls in the twenty-first century can still use it to record their deepest secrets.

3. Nickelodeon Gak

Nickelodeon Slime Rainbow Slime Making Kit

Nickelodeon’s Gak is the only squishy, squeezable, ooey, gooey, fun gunk that can Frrrt. The network’s most famous toy is available in a variety of fun colors, including “Goo Green” and “Outrageous Orange,” and is safe to eat, though you shouldn’t.

2. Super Soaker Water Gun

Nerf Super Soaker XP100 Water Blaster – Air-Pressurised Continuous Blast – Removable Tank – for Kids, Teens, Adults

This Super Soaker Water Gun is a throwback that will help you win a water gun battle. The XP100 is a throwback to the 1990s. The flow is maintained by a pressurized pump system. Do you need to start over? Don’t worry, simply remove the tank, fill it with water, and continue. Your platoon requires you!

1. Moon Shoes Trampoline Shoes

Moon Shoes Bouncy Shoes, Mini Trampolines For your Feet, One Size, Black, New and improved, Bounce your way to fun, Very durable, No tool assembly, Athletic development, up to 160 lbs

You can have an adventure in the sky on Earth with a pair of moon shoes on your feet. Every shoe has 37 bands that give the wearer a big bounce with every step. The shoes can support up to 160 pounds and fit up to an adult size 9 shoe.


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