Away vs Monos vs Beis – Which One is Better?

The last two years have been very difficult for us. Our daily routine has changed a lot, and we have been forced to shut ourselves off. But when the situation improves, the restrictions will be relaxed.

Many people think about travelling, but when was the last time you bought travel bags? When was the last time you bought a brand new suitcase or travel bag? To be honest, we did not just think about suitcases.

But now it’s time to think about it.

Every day we are bombarded with advertisements for new bag designs, all promising to revolutionize the way we travel. One thing is for sure, change is happening in most countries around the world. Brands like Away, Monos and Beis are revolutionizing the way we express our individuality through our luggage.

They are developing bags that are like an extension of ourselves because of the personal touch they add to the design. Yet, few of us look at our suitcase in this way. The more important question is: why not take a luxurious vacation?

With these three suitcases, you actually can. But how do you choose?

Why Do People Buy From Away, Monos, or Beis?

This is a valid question that many people ask themselves after seeing an enticing advertisement for a brand that sells directly to customers. However, this is nothing unusual, even if you are used to buying your bags through conventional channels.

We were surprised to find that this form of buying luggage is actually preferable to conventional buying methods. A few variables contributed to this result.

First, this offers a higher degree of customization than the alternative. That is, if you find a model you like but want to tweak a bit, you can do so with any of the three manufacturers. You get exactly what you see when you shop.

Second, it’s incredibly practical. These days, it’s hard to argue that shopping has not become easier. It’s easy to see why companies like Away, Monos and Beis have become so popular in the luggage industry; the ability for customers to design their own bags online and have them delivered right to their door is an attractive proposition.

Another intriguing aspect of these companies is that they offer trial periods. If you are still on the fence about buying luggage from these companies, you have a full 100 days to decide. Although Beis also offers returns, this feature is only available with Away and Monos.

So you have nothing to lose by trying these products for a while.

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Away vs Monos vs Beis Luggage: Key Differences

Even if every company offers a wide range of products, they may all look the same.

However, the opposite is true.

Despite the fact that they sell largely similar items, each company has its own unique focus. While Away and Monos specialise in making the best carry-on luggage, Beis is an attractive label that also makes a variety of bags and pouches.

Away is best known for its carry-on luggage and compact but impressive backpacks, but it also makes other types of luggage.

To begin, I will briefly describe the types of Away products that may interest you:

  • Carry-ons – They offer many options, including lightweight aluminum suitcases in various sizes, in addition to standard suitcases, luggage specifically for children, and more.
  • Handbags
  • Pet Carriers
  • Backpacks
  • Laptop Bags
  • Sling Bags, and more.

They also offer other accessories like purses, pendants, bags and more. It would be a mistake not to try them out. The products that Monos focuses on are very similar to each other.

  • Carry-ons – A wide selection, including hybrids, disposables, a range of sizes, a selection of useful options, and much more.
  • Duffel bags – The Metro Duffel is one of their best products.
  • Backpacks
  • Packing Cubes
  • UVC Sterilizer
  • More accessories.

Bags are the bread and butter of Beis. That’s why you’ll find some truly unique handbags in stunning designs. Even though the selection is not very large, the quality of the handbags is on par with the quality of the handbags.

However, unlike Away and Monos, they do not offer as many options for customising their carry-ons.

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Away vs Monos vs Beis: Reviews

The saying “It depends on personal preference” is one of my favorites, but in this case it is not relevant.

Each of these brands has a unique story and operates in its own style. Some of them may not be for you because they are not tailored to your specific travel needs. However, I was a little shocked at how similar the designs were. In other words, most of the carry-on alternatives have the same basic colour and the locks are all very identical.

However, there is another brand that is perhaps more fashionable and sophisticated, and that is Beis. If aesthetics are really important to you, then you can consider Beis a “designer” company. The designs of the other two are also impressive, but not quite as refined or eye-catching.

Either way, the aesthetics are meaningless until all the functional concerns are met. One advantage is that you can achieve your goal without worrying about extra space or compartments.

Brands that sell directly to customers online tend to be more innovative than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. That’s why you are likely to attract attention while waiting for a flight or a bus.

There is a wide range of quality among these brands. The advantages of some are considerable, but they are not without drawbacks. We need to get to know you better before we can say which of these companies you actually prefer.

Away Luggage Review

There is one point to be emphasised. Away has been around for some time, making it the most established and trusted option. However, its much lower cost sets it apart from the other two.

Opting for Away comes with a hefty price tag. The custom order tag with your initials will not come close to filling that gap.

However, a plus in quality can make up for it. The bags appear to be more durable, smaller, and come in a variety of styles to suit a variety of travel situations and preferences. While the overall carry-on is remarkable, the quality of the lining leaves something to be desired.

If you can overlook the fact that it’s significantly more expensive than Monos or Beis, it’s a great package overall. If you travel frequently (more than once a month) and need sturdy bags, this brand is your best bet.

Monos Luggage Review

We were impressed by Monos’ internal storage. The positioning is excellent and the number of storage spaces is sufficient for most purposes. Socks, underwear and other personal items fit in the three front compartments.

The design is also far more exciting than Away’s, being sleeker and more modern than the latter.

The handle, which is a special detail, is unusually flimsy. However, it’s important to note that, to our knowledge, there have been no complaints that it breaks or does not hold particularly well. The quality is not quite on par with Away, but it comes pretty close, which is an achievement in and of itself.

There are also a variety of sizes to choose from. Even if you like to pack a lot, you should be able to find a suitcase or bag that will fit your belongings.

Beis Luggage Review

When it comes to high-end designers, Beis is your first stop. While it’s true that they make some fantastic handbags, they also offer a fantastic selection of carry-on luggage. The luggage seems to be more aesthetically pleasing in design, but there is one major drawback.

Possibly the quality is on par with shop-bought luggage, but it certainly can not compete with high-end brands like Away or Monos. Maybe with their purses, but the luggage, as nice as it is, is a disadvantage.

The contents of a Beis bag, on the other hand, are a complete mystery until you open it. The interior compartments are strategically placed, just like Monos, but Beis offers far more than Monos or Away.

And they tend to feel comfortable, unlike the scratchy lining materials found in standard suitcases. Since the contents of your luggage are probably the least important parts of your trip, this is good news for Beis.

There are a few drawbacks to using Beis, but the price is attractive and it’s perfect for people who do not travel that often.

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Away vs Monos: Which One is Better?

These two things are quite remarkable. Compared to other brands on the market, they can keep up with the high-end luggage available in stores.

However, there is a little difference in terms of utility.

First of all, I would recommend Away to people who are constantly on the go. Thanks to the various options, such as expandable and non-expandable cases, lightweight aluminum carry-on bags, and more, you may find the perfect bag for your next trip. Plus, they look and feel solid, and if you plan to use them often, the price is manageable.

However, if you are concerned about cost and do not travel frequently, Monos is your best bet. The price difference between the two bags is significant, and it would be hard to argue that Monos does not offer what Away does.

This bag is great for a weekend getaway or a short trip in the summer because of its many features and well-organized interior compartments. Both are very well matched and should satisfy a wide variety of users.

Away vs Beis: Which One is Better?

If you compare Away and Monos, the situation is very similar. Since the price difference is significant, Away is the better option for frequent flyers.

Still, it’s hard to overlook the fact that while Beis’ luggage is wonderful, it’s not as durable as Away’s. In other words, it seems like you can really beat up on an Away suitcase before it breaks for good. That’s why they are ideal for use in airports.

If you are not an adventurer, but still looking for something with character and street cred, Beis is a solid choice.

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Monos vs Beis: Which One is Better?

Of these, Away is undoubtedly the best known. One thing that cannot be denied is the attractive prices of Monos and Beis. Which of these providers is the best if you want to save money?

In reality, both of them are excellent choices. But if the whole “good looks” debacle does not bother you, I’d say Monos has everything you could want.

It’s just a bit more expensive than Beis, but it’s much nicer to store your stuff in. Beis is also a great package, but it’s not quite as high-end as Monos.

Still, Monos offers some fancy designs, so “looks” should not matter too much. Still, I think Monos is worth considering in this case.

Away vs Monos vs Beis: Final Verdict

Now that it is easier to get to some destinations, you can trust any of these three brands with your luggage. Even though, as we mentioned earlier, each of them may be best suited for a particular way of life.

It’s not hard to see why Away has made such a lasting impression on people all over the world. It is a premium brand designed specifically for frequent flyers, with features and amenities tailored to their needs. A robust and useful product, perfect for frequent flyers.

The budget alternative for frequent or occasional travelers, Monos is also quite excellent. It’s also much more stylish than Away.

Beis might be of interest to people who are not afraid to speak their mind. It’s for those who appreciate the niceties of everyday life and who ultimately just want to travel in style.

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