Ana Luisa vs Mejuri – Which One is Better?

Ana Luisa vs Mejuri. Have you ever wondered how these two brands compare? Read on to find out what we think of Ana Luisa and how it stacks up against Mejuri.

I think we can all agree that jewelry – whether it’s a subtle touch of gold or silver, a hint of blue or purple, or a big statement piece – is the perfect complement to any ensemble.

The right piece of jewelry can elevate even the plainest attire to the level of haute couture.

However, buying fine jewelry can add up quickly and not everyone can afford to store only at upscale retailers. Companies like Ana Luisa and Mejuri will have their say at this point.

Everyone should be able to feel comfortable in their skin, no matter what they wear. That’s why both companies are committed to making high-quality jewelry affordable and easy to get.

Ana Luisa and Mejuri are two companies that are often promoted by influencers on social media. The question now is: which of the two companies lives up to the reputation? 

For more information on which brand is better, check out our in-depth comparison of Ana Luisa and Mejuri.

Ana Luisa vs Mejuri Overview

Ana Luisa is a very new brand that was founded in Brooklyn. One of the main attractions of this company, founded in 2019 by David Benayoun and Adam Bohbot, is that it offers carbon neutral jewelry.

To achieve carbon neutrality, you simply have to absorb as much carbon dioxide from the air as you release. That’s why Ana Luisa is so open about where they source their products and how they are tracked down. They boast that they make their rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings from recycled materials whenever possible.

Noura Sakkijha founded the jewelry brand Mejuri in 2015 with the tagline “Jewelry for every day, for our darn selves.”

Sakkijha claims that her goal was to create a jewelry market where women and men buy jewelry for themselves as a means of self-expression and self-determination, rather than as exchange items between partners. Thus, Mejuri was born.

While Ana Luisa and Mejuri have some things in common, they both have their own unique characteristics.

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Ana Luisa vs Mejuri: What They Have to Offer

Now that we have covered the basic differences between the two marks, we can turn to a more detailed comparison.

Ana Luisa

Because of its modest cost and fashionable, delicate style, Ana Luisa soon gained a large following on social media. Usually prices range from $30 to $300, but in the latest sale there are massive discounts that bring the price down to $20!

Ana Luisa has up to 40% off select pieces in all categories on BOGO in addition to clearance prices.

The brand’s weekly drop system allows for such fantastic discounts. For both environmental and relationship-building reasons, Ana Luisa does not release new collections at specific times of the year, but instead releases small batches on a weekly basis.


Mejuri is another brand that is widely used online because it uses jewelry as a means of self- and community-improvement.

Current trends are always considered at Mejuri, allowing customers to build on their personal preferences and expand their jewelry collection without breaking the bank.

In fact, Mejuri also operates a number of retail stores where you can browse and buy, as well as an affiliated piercing studio where you can make an appointment.

Ana Luisa vs Mejuri: Quality

Ana Luisa

Each piece of jewelry is made after being developed by a group in New York.

This company places great emphasis on absolute honesty with its customers, and therefore subjects all of its products to rigorous chemical and physical testing, as well as on-site inspections to ensure that you get exactly what you pay for.

These checks are done so that you can be sure that the jewelry you are wearing is free of nickel and other allergens.

Customers are generally satisfied with their purchases from Ana Luisa, while some reviews have mentioned problems with certain pieces, such as the Chloe ring deforming easily. Some shoppers have criticized the light, cheap-looking quality of the merchandise, but many were satisfied with the durability of the jewelry.


Mejuri’s in-house design team is responsible for developing new concepts, and each piece must pass rigorous quality control to ensure it is suitable for everyday use.

Because of its durability and scratch resistance, 14-karat gold is used for many of the best-selling items.

The 14-karat gold and sterling silver plating provides durability.

However, not everyone who bought from Mejuri was satisfied with their items. Customers complained that the jewelry had tarnished after just a few times of wear. Even parts of the 14-karat gold began to rust, and the vermeil pieces quickly fell apart.

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Ana Luisa vs Mejuri: Materials

Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa is committed to being honest with her customers about the origin of the components of her jewellery. Ana Luisa’s material glossary lists all the materials used, from gold-plated brass to sterling silver to pearls, along with a description of their origins.

The company sells both natural and man-made stones, including black onyx, red jasper, synthetic opal, and lab-grown diamonds.


Mejuri’s in-house designers conceive each new product from scratch. The brand frequently uses materials such as 18k gold vermeil, AAA -gemstones, 14k gold and sterling silver.

All diamonds used by Mejuri do not contribute to armed conflicts in high-risk countries, as they are sourced in accordance with the Kimberley Process.

Not only does Mejuri strive to use only diamonds from ethical sources, but it also only works with suppliers accredited by the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council). 

Those who have received this certification know that their suppliers adhere to social responsibility standards, including those related to worker safety, environmental protection, and respect for human rights.

Ana Luisa vs Mejuri: Sustainability

Ana Luisa

As mentioned above, Ana Luisa is a fully self-sufficient company that consumes no fossil fuels and produces no wastewater. In 2021, the company will be officially designated as a “carbon neutral” company.

In fact, the use of synthetic diamonds is a major selling point for the company’s green marketing. These diamonds are better for the planet and cheaper for consumers because they do not have to be mined or dug.

To foster trust between the company and its customers, the brand posts information such as an impact report, a glossary of materials, a methods report and a list of production partners on its website.

As part of its commitment to circularity, Ana Luisa donates any damaged or unworn jewelry to Dress for Success, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide professional clothing and career development resources to disadvantaged women.


Eighty percent of the gold used in Mejuri jewelry comes from SCS- (Scientific Certification System) or RJC-approved recycled sources (Responsible Jewelry Council). The remaining 20% comes from RJC-certified newly mined gold.

Mejuri is working to create the framework and methods that will allow them to achieve their long-term goal of full traceability of materials.

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Ana Luisa vs Mejuri: Customer Reviews

Here you will find a selection of quotes from customer reviews that we think best summarise what people have to say about Ana Luisa and Mejuri.

  • Ana Luisa jewelry is a cheaper alternative to luxury brands in terms of quality and style.
  • The gold-plated jewelry from both companies is not worth its price, as gold-plated pieces wear out over time.
  • The quality of materials at Mejuri is inconsistent.
  • Mejuri offers several attractive and modern patterns.

Final Verdict: Ana Luisa vs Mejuri

We have done some serious comparisons, and the question still stands: Ana Luisa or Mejuri? Both are fast-growing, well-known brands on social media, but we recommend Ana Luisa.

When it comes to how their products are made and sourced, Ana Luisa is as open and honest as can be about their eco-responsibility efforts.

The jewelry is just as sweet and delicate as Mejuri’s, but often available at a more affordable price. Ana Luisa replenishes the site weekly with new and popular items, and judging by the reviews, the products are of high quality.

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