Amyl Guard Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Are you looking for an Amyl Guard review? Is Amyl Guard a scam? 

Extra fat around the hips, arms, and thighs is dangerous and can lead to serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The best way to get rid of the stubborn fat in these areas is to purchase something that naturally burns fat.

Many people want to regain the tight, toned bodies they had in their twenties. They want to feel good about their bodies regardless of their age. The Amyl Guard formula from Nutraville is the best way to accomplish this.

Since there are many scam supplements on the market, it is important to do some research before investing.

Over the past few weeks, I have done thorough research about the Amyl Guard supplement to help you make an informed decision. I can tell you everything you need to know before you buy. 

In this Amyl Guard review, I’ll cover the following topics to assist you in making an informed decision:

Amyl Guard Review – Key Takeaways 

Product Name: Amyl Guard Supplement
Official Website:
Price: Get A Special Offer Here
Benefits: Appetite suppression; effective for weight loss; helps improve health; enhanced metabolic rate; increased energy level.
Side Effects: Since Amyl Guard is made from herbs, there is little chance that it will make you sick. However, there is still the possibility that Amyl Guard supplement is used incorrectly.
Review Rating: 4.9/5
Verdict: The best blood sugar support supplement I’ve seen. Highly recommended.

What is Amyl Guard?

Amyl Guard is a formula that inhibits the activity of amylase. Lauren Wilson, a nurse, created it for Nutraville. A Japanese appetizer inspired many of the dietary supplement’s concepts. The supplement, among other things, helps people lose weight and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

The Amyl Guard formula contains four tried-and-true ingredients that work together to reduce the production of amylase enzymes. According to the creator of the supplement, the amylase enzyme is the primary cause of most adults over the age of 30 being overweight or obese.

Before the formula is made available to the public, it is subjected to a battery of tests in reputable laboratories to ensure that it is genuine, effective, and safe. Amyl Guard contains no addictive or artificial ingredients that could be harmful to the user’s health. Overall, the company that makes it claims that it is safe for all adults over the age of 30 who are trying to lose weight.

According to the product’s official website, people can continue to eat their favorite carb-heavy foods without gaining weight. Amyl Guard prevents the body from producing amylase enzymes, which prevents fat from accumulating in the body.

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Amyl Guard Ingredients

Amyl Guard supplement contains the following ingredients:

  • Bitter Melon
  • White Kidney Bean Extract
  • Chromium
  • Berberine

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Bitter Melon

Bitter melon — also known as bitter gourd or Momordica charantia — is a tropical vine that belongs to the gourd family and is closely related to zucchini, squash, pumpkin, and cucumber.

It’s cultivated around the world for its edible fruit, which is considered a staple in many types of Asian cuisine.

The Chinese variety is typically long, pale green, and covered with wart-like bumps.

On the other hand, the Indian variety is more narrow and has pointed ends with rough, jagged spikes on the rind.

In addition to its sharp flavor and distinct appearance, bitter melon has been associated with several impressive health benefits.

White Kidney Bean Extract

White kidney bean extract, also known as Phaseolus vulgaris extract or common bean extract, comes from the white kidney bean, a legume native to Central America and South America. White kidney bean extract is sold as a weight-loss supplement that blocks the absorption of starch in food—carbohydrates.

The extract stops the actions of alpha-amylase, which is the enzyme the body uses to break down carbohydrates. Stopping the enzyme prevents the breakdown and absorption of starch in food.


Chromium is a trace element found in certain foods and the environment. There are two known forms: trivalent (chromium 3+) and hexavalent (chromium 6+). The trivalent form is found in foods and supplements, while toxic hexavalent chromium is found in industrial pollution. Due to its effects on insulin action, chromium is an essential nutrient.

Some people take chromium to manage diabetes, weight gain, metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and blood cholesterol levels. While some evidence supports some of these claims, there is not enough research to recommend chromium supplementation for any specific health benefits.


Berberine is a bioactive compound that can be extracted from several different plants, including a group of shrubs called Berberis.

Technically, it belongs to a class of compounds called alkaloids. It has a yellow color, and has often been used as a dye.

Berberine has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine, where it was used to treat various ailments.

Now, modern science has confirmed that it has impressive benefits for several different health problems.

Amyl Guard Benefits

1. Can Help Reduce Blood Sugar

Amyl Guard supplement contains bitter melon. Thanks to its potent medicinal properties, bitter melon has long been used by indigenous populations around the world to help treat diabetes-related conditions.

In recent years, several studies confirmed the fruit’s role in blood sugar control.

A 3-month study in 24 adults with diabetes showed that taking 2,000 mg of bitter melon daily decreased blood sugar and hemoglobin A1c, a test used to measure blood sugar control over three months.

Another study in 40 people with diabetes found that taking 2,000 mg per day of bitter melon for 4 weeks led to a modest reduction in blood sugar levels.

What’s more, the supplement significantly decreased levels of fructosamine, another marker of long-term blood sugar control.

Bitter melon is thought to improve the way that sugar is used in your tissues and promote the secretion of insulin, the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels.

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2. May Aid Weight Loss

Amyl Guard supplement contains bitter melon. Bitter melon makes an excellent addition to a weight loss diet, as it’s low in calories yet high in fiber. It contains approximately 2 grams of fiber in each one-cup (94-gram) serving.

Fiber passes through your digestive tract very slowly, helping keep you fuller for longer and reducing hunger and appetite.

Therefore, swapping higher-calorie ingredients with bitter melon could help increase your fiber intake and cut calories to promote weight loss.

Some research also shows that bitter melon can have beneficial effects on fat burning and weight loss.

One study found that consuming a capsule containing 4.8 grams of bitter melon extract each day led to significant decreases in belly fat.

Participants lost an average of 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) from their waist circumference after seven weeks.

Similarly, a study in rats on a high-fat diet observed that bitter melon extract helped decrease body weight compared to a placebo.

3. Lowers Cholesterol and May Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is currently the world’s most common cause of premature death.

Many factors that can be measured in the blood are associated with an increased risk of heart disease.

Amyl Guard supplement contains berberine. As it turns out, berberine has been shown to improve many of these factors.

According to a review of 11 studies, it can:

  • Lower total cholesterol by 0.61 mmol/L (24 mg/dL).
  • Lower LDL cholesterol by 0.65 mmol/L (25 mg/dL).
  • Lower blood triglycerides by 0.50 mmol/L (44 mg/dL).
  • Raise HDL cholesterol by 0.05 mmol/L (2 mg/dL).

It has also been shown to lower apolipoprotein B by 13-15%, which is a very important risk factor.

According to some studies, berberine works by inhibiting an enzyme called PCSK9. This leads to more LDL being removed from the bloodstream.

Keep in mind that diabetes, high blood sugar levels and obesity are also major risk factors for heart disease, all of which seem to be improved with this supplement.

Given the beneficial effects on all these risk factors, it seems likely that berberine could drastically reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Amyl Guard Cons and Complaints

1. Potential Side Effects

Although Amyl Guard is all-natural, meaning they don’t contain any chemicals with crazy names that no one can pronounce, side effects are still a possibility. This is one reason why you should always consult your physician before taking them. He or she will help you determine which supplements are the safest for you.

2. No Safety Regulation

Unlike prescription medication, which is heavily regulated by the FDA, over-the-counter dietary supplements don’t have any standards that they must meet and don’t require their approval. However, the FDA does monitor the safety and efficiency of each supplement after it’s been released. If one is found to be unsafe, they will issue warnings or ask that it be taken off the market.

3. Only available on the official website

Amyl Guard can only be purchased through the official website, not through other eCommerce platforms like Amazon. Therefore, it may not be convenient for people.

However, I completely understand why Amyl Guard only sell on its website. By following this practice, a counterfeit product can be prevented and product quality ensured.

4. Insufficient information about the manufacturer of Amyl Guard

In order to prevent copying, the Manufacturer does not disclose too much company information. However, Amyl Guard’s address can be found at the bottom of their website. This means you can contact the company if there is a problem with the product.

5. Amyl Guard does not work for some customers

There are a few customers who have called Amyl Guard a scam after not seeing results after a few weeks.

Amyl Guard researchers thoroughly researched their formula, which is designed to help people in a safe and effective way.

Because each person’s body is unique, there are many uncontrollable factors.

6. Amyl Guard is not cheap

As with many natural supplements, Amyl Guard isn’t cheap. Manufacturing costs and quality control are responsible for this. Since Amyl Guard uses natural ingredients, they tend to be more expensive.

It really depends on how important your health is to you. If you are willing to invest in your health, Amyl Guard is definitely worth the price.

7. Delay in delivery

Delivery delays are a common complaint among customers in remote areas or in developing countries.

eCommerce products commonly experience this issue. Global logistics is also affected by COVID 19. There are some areas that are blocked and fewer airlines flying. As a result, customers will experience shipping delays.

As good news, if you really can’t receive an order, you can request a refund. 

Generally, logistics shouldn’t be a problem if you live in a well-developed country, such as the US, United Kingdom, or Canada.

8. Unsuitable for children, pregnant women, or breastfeeding women

Amyl Guard is not for everyone. It contains natural ingredients that do not usually have any side effects, but it should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Most other types of people are safe from Amyl Guard. All you need to do is follow the dosage instructions.

9. Amyl Guard is not a miracle cure

Don’t expect extraordinary results from taking just one Amyl Guard pill. They aren’t miracle cures.

Even if you use Amyl Guard, you need to maintain healthy eating habits.

10. Amyl Guard requires regular intake

Amyl Guard does not produce results after a few doses, as with all supplements. In order to produce noticeable results, Amyl Guard must be consumed before bedtime every night.

Thus, if you want to get obvious results, you should not just buy one bottle. It’s not enough.

11. Several exaggerated claims have been made

Reviews of Amyl Guard sometimes exaggerate the benefits of the product in order to convince people to buy it. These are not reviews, but sales promotions.

It does not mean that Amyl Guard is a scam. Some marketers employ these tactics as part of their marketing strategy. Amyl Guard’s ingredients and the science behind them remain trustworthy.

Despite the complaints, Amyl Guard has a lot of positive testimonials. There is a high level of customer satisfaction with Amyl Guard.

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Scientific Evidence for Amyl Guard

Nutraville has not published any clinical trials on Amyl Guard in a peer-reviewed journal or shared any research online. However, the company has a page with numerous references to support each ingredient in Amyl Guard.

To begin with, bitter melon extract has become one of the most popular ingredients in diet pills in recent years. Researchers examined the evidence regarding bitter melon extract and how it may aid in weight loss in this 2015 study. 

Because it helped animals and people with metabolic problems caused by diabetes and obesity, researchers concluded that bitter melon extract could be used as a therapy. Bitter melon extract is thought to work by activating genes that break down lipids and fats, as well as improving the function of AMPK and PPARs. This is a fancy way of saying that bitter melon extract aids in fat burning.

White kidney bean extract has also grown in popularity in recent years. Researchers discovered that extract from white kidney beans may aid in weight loss. Researchers examined the evidence for white kidney bean extract in this Nutrients study from 2020. Researchers discovered that extract from white kidney beans aids in weight loss, with small but significant effects on people (with an average weight loss of around 2.6kg or 5.7lbs).

Many supplements containing white kidney bean extract claim to inhibit the enzyme amylase. It’s unclear whether white kidney bean extract truly inhibits the enzyme or if it aids weight loss in other ways, such as improving digestion. 

Nonetheless, white kidney bean extract resulted in statistically significant weight loss and other benefits, and it may inhibit carbs by inhibiting amylase or in other ways. The majority of studies used doses of white kidney bean extract ranging from 750mg to 1,500mg, which is higher than the 300mg dose used in Amyl Guard.

Some people attempt to lose weight by taking chromium picolinate on a daily basis. Some people take it to help them control their blood sugar levels. 

In this 2010 study, researchers examined what was known about chromium and weight loss. Overweight adults who took 1,000mcg of chromium picolinate every day for 24 weeks lost no more weight than those who took a placebo. 

However, other studies have shown that chromium can help control blood sugar, making it easier to control hunger and cravings.

Amyl Guard may help you lose weight by utilizing natural extracts such as bitter melon extract and white kidney bean extract.

 These ingredients may prevent amylase from preventing carbohydrate formation, or they may do something else. More research is needed to confirm the weight loss effects. 

Even though the doses appear to be slightly lower than in previous studies, Amyl Guard may still help you lose weight if combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Amyl Guard Side Effects

When taken at the recommended doses, the ingredients in Amyl Guard supplement are generally safe to consume. However, you should bear in mind that some may cause side effects when used improperly.

For example, Amyl Guard contains bitter melon. Bitter melon can be a healthy and nutritious addition to your diet. However, consuming high amounts of bitter melon or taking bitter melon supplements may be associated with several adverse effects. In particular, bitter melon has been linked to diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain

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Amyl Guard Real Customer Reviews

You can usually tell how popular a product is by reading what customers have to say about it. Amyl Guard has received positive feedback from customers all over the country.

According to several Amyl Guard reviews, people who used the product for a few weeks saw results.

Many people reported having more energy, better eyesight, and a faster metabolism in their daily reviews. Many people have lost weight in a healthy way by taking Amyl Guard every day.

Does Amyl Guard Really Work?

Amyl Guard is said to be a supplement that helps you lose weight quickly, especially in areas where fat is difficult to get rid of. It is a weight loss supplement that can help you lose belly fat and get back into shape.

According to research, the amylase-like ingredients in this product help the body store fat. People claim that the weight loss capsule helps them lose weight because it inhibits the action of a certain stimulant.

This is not done because it contains four amylase inhibitors, which are nutritionally equivalent to the 5-second Japanese appetizer.

It prevents the molecules from producing too many and assists the body in breaking down fats and carbohydrates in a healthy manner.

This means that instead of storing fat, your body can use it as energy. It also reduces chronic inflammation, which saps your energy and makes you unhappy.

It has been discovered that the best way to lose weight is to consume four foods that inhibit amylase’s function.

According to scientists and doctors, the most important cause of adult obesity is an excess of the amylase enzyme.

Amyl Guard users report that their weight loss is consistent and continues even after they stop taking the supplement.

Amyl Guard Dosage and Results

Amyl Guard’s manufacturers recommend taking two capsules of the supplement 15 to 30 minutes before a carb-heavy meal.

Some people use Amyl Guard every day to keep themselves from eating carbs all day.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer of the Amyl Guard supplement guarantees results and will refund your money if it does not help you.

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Is Amyl Guard a Scam?

Amyl Guard is unquestionably not a scam. It’s a legit supplement that you can trust.

Frankly, it’s not always easy to tell the difference between beneficial products and scams. Don’t be a victim of clever marketing tricks that don’t deliver actual results. 

Sometimes, the same advertising messages that make us feel good about a product are red flags to watch out for.

The manufacturer of Amyl Guards advocates for clean, natural products produced with transparency. That being said, reading a supplement label can be overwhelming.

Where do you start? How can you see through a supplement scam?

You can tell if Amyl Guard is a scam by looking at the following three things:

Does Amyl Guard Brand Make Its Supplements In The United States?

An important indication of the quality of dietary supplements is whether the company selling the product manufactures it in the United States. Production in the United States is a clear sign that the manufacturer’s top priority is high quality. Companies that move production overseas usually do so because production costs are much lower there. 

However, once a company outsources production, it loses control over the product. It’s no insight into the methods and materials used to manufacture it. All knowledge about the quality of the product is limited in favor of saving money on production.

However, when companies manufacture products in the U.S., they’ve complete control over every aspect of the product, from the design to the materials used. At every step of production, the company knows how the compound is made.

The Amyl Guard dietary supplement is manufactured in the United States in an FDA-approved facility in accordance with GMP standards. This shows that the company is committed to providing consumers with the highest quality product available. They’ve sent a message to consumers that price will never be more important than quality.

Does Amyl Guard Contain Artificial Ingredients?

Artificial ingredients are produced by chemical reactions that occur at high temperatures or high pressures. The compounds used to make artificial ingredients are not derived from natural foods but from chemicals. They can be harmful to the human body. 

You should be especially careful with artificial colors and flavors. Also, check carefully for

  • Rice flour (filler to make the capsule look full).
  • Gelatin (cheaper capsules that come from animal sources).
  • Carmine Color (used as a dye).

On closer inspection, we found that Amyl Guard contains only natural ingredients. No artificial colors, preservatives, or antibiotics are used in its production. 

Does Amyl Guard Use 3rd Party Testing?

A quality brand should have some type of third-party testing to verify its product. Third-party testing provides honesty and gives you, the consumer, peace of mind.

Amyl Guard has been tested for purity as no artificial colors, preservatives, or antibiotics were used in the manufacturing process. In addition, third-party inspectors are used throughout the year at their manufacturing facility to ensure they meet all current regulations.

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Amyl Guard Pricing and Discount

Amyl Guard can only be purchased from the official website. 

On the official website, you can find the following prices:

  • 1 Bottle: $49 + $9.95 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $117 + Free Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $186 + Free Shipping

Amyl Guard offers a 180-day money-back guarantee on every order, allowing you to reclaim your money. You can return your bottles for a full refund if you are not satisfied with Amyl Guard for any reason.

Where to Buy Amyl Guard?

Amyl Guard is currently only available from the official website. It is not available on third-party websites or in stores. Purchasing Amyl Guard is a simple process on the official website.

Simply click “Order Now” on the Amyl Guard website, choose your pack, and click “Add to Cart.” 

Following that, you will be taken to a secure checkout page where you can enter your information and make your payment. 

You will receive your package within 5 to 7 business days after completing the transaction.

Is Amyl Guard on Amazon?

No, Amyl Guard is not available on Amazon. The company has eliminated all middlemen and resellers, so all of the Amyl Guard Amazon listings are false and fraudulent. They have not been independently tested for purity and potency by third party labs, and does not come with a refund policy. So make sure you only buy from the official website of Amyl Guard, i.e.

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Amyl Guard Customer Service

Customer service is always a plus, as we all know. Customer service at Amyl Guard is better than many other companies.

You can easily contact customer service within 180 days of receiving the product if it didn’t meet your expectations. They will be glad to give you a full refund if Amyl Guard doesn’t help you.

Amyl Guard Official Website

You can only buy Amyl Guard on the official website. Stay away from other websites or stores. The official website of Amyl Guard is

Amyl Guard Phone Number

If you want to contact someone at Amyl Guard, you have several options:

Amyl Guard Review: Final Verdict

Amyl Guard assists people who would not have been able to lose weight using other methods. This supplement does not need to be taken every day for weight loss. 

Instead, it should only be taken before high-carbohydrate meals. Carbohydrates are flushed out of the body before any enzyme can absorb them. With only four ingredients, this remedy can help people lose weight without having to make any other changes to their daily lives.

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